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The on-board speaker on a cell phone can only be so powerful, but external speakers can provide a much larger and fuller sound. If you enjoy listening to music stored on your cell phone at home or your office, the experience will be even more enjoyable when you have a great speaker to amplify the sound. The Audioengine A5+ comes as a pair of premium powered speakers to suit a variety of musical styles and genres.
Pricing: The black or white versions of the A5+ speakers have a retail price of $399, while the bamboo version costs $469. Providing a similar studio-like experience for audio aficionados, the M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 compact powered speakers provide a total power output of 40 watts, with 20 watts per channel.
If you're looking for a pair of stereo speakers that make a statement, the Edifier Exclaim e10 Bi-Amped 2.0 speaker system could be a fantastic choice. The larger options above are best suited for the home or office, but it is also possible to carry around a smaller, portable speaker for sharing music on the go. Pricing: Whether you go with the official-looking green or a less conventional blue, the GOgroove Pal Bot retails for around $40. An extremely affordable speaker that happens to be remarkably small too, the Scosche boomCAN comes in a number of different colors and features a rechargeable battery for up to 7 hours of continuous music playback. Available in blue, grey, orange, purple or yellow, the HMDX Burst portable speaker features a convenient, retractable 3.5mm cord for connecting to your music-playing cell phone. Geared toward people who value a trendy, fashionable appearance, the Go-Anywhere Mini Speaker features a unique vase-like shape and can be used vertically with MP3 players, smartphones or any other audio source via its 3.5mm input jack. Perfect for children, the Hi-Koala Huggable Portable Speaker may look like a simple stuffed animal, but portable speakers are integrated into the koala's feet for playing music.
Most modern cell phones come with Bluetooth connectivity and having a wireless Bluetooth speaker can be very convenient. Used horizontally or vertically, the versatile JBL Flip is a relatively compact speaker with an easy-to-access auxiliary input jack. Mobile phones are fantastic convergence devices that have effectively combined the functionality of so many separate devices, but their compact size has typically limited both the volume and quality of the sound their speakers are able to produce. The Boston Acoustics CS23B bookshelf speaker is the perfect addition to your home audio setup. The mini produces a large soundstage and impressive bass along with the true- to-nature sound for which PSB is known. The AM41 Side clamping bookshelf speaker wall mount has been designed for traditional wood cabinet bookshelf style speakers that were not provide with a standard mounting point by the manufacturer. Q: Hello, is there any way that I could get the dimensions of the base plate for the am-41 ?
Q: Hello, regarding the AM-41 speaker mount I need to know if the side to side swivel capability is 90 degrees total from side to side or is it 90 right or 90 left for a total of 180 degrees range? Q: I have been using this with a pair of Polk Monitor 40s for the past 3 years and they have done the job amazingly well! Pinpoint Mounts offers speaker and TV mounting brackets for home or commercial applications.

Having the right external speaker to go along with a cell phone is a critical decision for any music lover, whether they're listening to tunes at home or taking the jam on the road. Designed to work with a variety of iDevices like the iPhone, as well as with other smartphones, TVs, computers, or any other audio source, the A5+ provides great stereo sound to any room in your home. This means you get two stereo speakers, plus one central downward-firing subwoofer, all of which boast a transparent appearance. The base of each of the stereo speakers is spherical in shape, containing the main three-inch woofer, while the vertical upper sections contain two one-inch tweeters and a 1x3-inch passive radiator for added sound production.
The GOgroove Pal Bot is a portable sound system that takes on the appearance of the Google Android character. It measures less than two inches wide and under 2.5 inches tall, making it one of the smallest portable speakers for cell phones.
The retractable cable is very convenient, as you don't have to bring along a loose audio cable.
The arms can also be bent to "hug" the cell phone or MP3 player, amplifying tunes via the standard wired connection. Many of wireless speakers also come with a 3.5mm auxiliary jack for a wired connection as well.
This makes it a great wired speaker for any number of cell phones and it comes bundled with a neoprene carrying case for music on the go. Fortunately, many external speaker options are available, with selections in all sizes and price ranges. The deceptively small Imagine mini speaker makes a big impact on an already impressive range of award-winning Imagine speakers.
Using a solid platform with side clamps, the AM41 offers a 90 degree swivel, 10 degree tilt and can support a speaker 5.5 to 12" wide, up to 13 deep and a maximum of 50 lbs. I need to mount a pair of M&K S-125 on left and right side walls (can't do ceiling or back wall).
Depending on the width of the speaker, they may rotate more than 90 degrees, if the speaker is less than 11" wide.For most installations where the speakers need to be turned in, the AM41 should provide the needed angle adjustments. Looking at the measurements of the Pioneer speaker, you will have no problem using this mount.
More information on the AM41 can be found under the Manual & Downloads tab of the product page.
Most speakers that taper from front to back should have enough flat surface at the front of the speaker to allow proper clamping. You will not be able to use the center hole in the metal wall plate unless the wire pathway is made in the wood stud prior to installation. From speaker mounts like the AM-20 that can mount directly to an electrical outlet box found in today's home theater rooms to the low cost CM-560 universal flat panel tv ceiling mount. With 2200-Watts, and Sony’s Sound Pressure Horn Technology, you’ll feel the music instead of just listening to it. In addition to the pair of bookshelf speakers, the A5+ also features a remote control and a USB port to keep your smartphone charged while it is playing music through the provided auxiliary input jack.

The magnetic shielding virtually eliminates any interference and the built-in volume dial on the front makes it easy to adjust the sound.
The full integral digital sound processing provides excellent performance for any general of music with a total RMS output of 36 watts. The rubberized soft exterior provides some protection and the rechargeable battery can last up to six hours. As can be expected with smaller speakers, the low-end bass may not be earth shattering, but the rest of the range sounds great for its size. A wired speaker may be the ideal choice for you, or you may find that you prefer a wireless model or even a cell phone dock. The mini is a two-way design with 4-inch woofer, 1-inch titanium dome tweeter with ferrofluid, and rear port bass reflex. Side clamps have specialized non-marking, non-slip isolation pads to provide a safe and secure contact point for the speaker. I need to know if these will hold if mounted into a stud horizontally instead of vertically so I can aim the same speakers pointed down instead of vertically.
The wire cutouts on the AM41 wall plate are the curved areas on the sides, top and bottom of the plate that mounts on the wall. And if that isn’t enough with Party Chain you can easily connect two or more stereos together for an unbelievable mind-blowing sound experience. This requires a level of articulation and spatial representation that few movie theaters are capable of reproducing.
This universal connectivity means that wired speakers will work with just about any mobile phone. Conveniently, the 3.5mm stereo input jack is also located in the front, making it easy to connect your phone. In any case, the cute Android robot acts as a full-fledged speaker for your smartphone and it will even work with iPhones, Windows Phones, and other audio sources. You can even link together multiple boomCAN speakers via the audio output jack for even bigger sound. The AM40 comes with a decorative cover for the wall plate to conceal mounting screws for a clean installation. If the speaker tapers from front to back you may be able to secure the speaker without modifications.If this does not provide all information need, we will be happy to do more research for you. In some installations it may require cutting out areas of the drywall to allow the wire to pass. Studio speakers exceed typical high-end home theater sound by expanding the sheer size, scale and dynamics of the acoustic soundstage.
At lower volumes, the battery can keep the music going for over 24 hours and the retractable audio cable keeps everything neat and tidy.

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