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While I perused the Lenehan Audio site in preparation for this review I saw the following statement, ”The mission of Lenehan Audio is to provide high end audio leadership through the development of quality products that is value driven.
A beautiful plum finish, oddly nearly matching the coloration of the Sony SSNA5-ES speakers also on review, has a glossy sheen making the rounded corners glisten and softening the small speaker’s appearance.
Mike Lenehan, the owner and designer of this speaker line, began building speakers in 1971 after hearing a pair of JBL L55 Lancers. Based on the north-eastern shores of Australia in Queensland, Lenehan makes three speakers ranging in price from $2,750 to $15,000; two bookshelf models and one floor standing. The speakers arrived in individual flight cases, a wise choice for shipping considering the logistics involved in moving them from Australia to North America.
As an add-on to the review I was sent a pair Lenehan’s Ribbontek Speaker Cables which were said to be particularly efficacious with the speakers. The speakers were set up using my 24” high Target stands filled with sand, placed right at 8’ from the head wall and in approximately 24” from the side walls. Crossover construction: Full hardwire hand build, all joints are high pressure low contact area cold weld sealed with Teflon amalgamated wrap. Dale Vishay non inductive wire wound 6.5 watt to 13 watt and Mundorf 10watt metal oxide depending on location in the circuit.
The Ribbontek cables are also designed with a tell it like it is mindset, so were basically a follow on from the internal wiring used within the Loudspeakers themselves. Mike is a rare combination of passionate, incredibly capable, generous with his time and a genuine person to do business with. And here is the next photo, time for Witt Construction gives you nice reference so that your home office looks more traditional, formal from their home office picture as you can see before.
They are not the first person with this question so I decided to address this issue and what you can do to solve it. If you want to get audio out from your laptop, or desktop, to an external audio device like a sound bar or receiver, what can you do?
If you have a Bluetooth device with aptX, you may want to look for an adapter with support. As you can see there are a number of ways to get music from your computer to your sound bar. Finally, a good review that compares Home Spot and Logitech…been looking for this for ages.
These five words at the top of this page are the unwavering goal of Lenehan Audio!” I looked at the top of the page and it read, “Shopping Bag Drag & Drop Products”. They have to deal with a nasty arid geographic interior and a myriad of stinging, venomous critters. This bookshelf speaker with a wondrously dense cabinet may be diminutive in form but aspires to high end sound. When the magnetically attached black grill is removed the apparent quality and attention to detail is revealed in the coordinated plum hued Scanspeak 1” D2608 silk dome tweeter – a nice touch! According to Mike, “…Nomex sounds like paper in the midrange and retains the weight and drive of bextreme or plastic comes in the bass.” At the rear a single set of Eichmann Cable Pods (binding posts), spaced a bit too closely for my taste, ensure a tight connection for speaker cables.

All are available in two additional levels of modifications to materials used in the front baffle, variants of Duelund capacitors and resistors, and Ribbontek internal wiring. Even at that one case was damaged such that when I removed the figurative rolls of tape applied to the lid it pulled off completely when the latch was unsecured, having suffered a broken hinge. It would stand to reason a synergy would reveal itself considering the speakers used the Ribbontek product internally. So kudos for using high rez front end equipment for the review, particularly the Pass gear (very neutral electronics). How many other manufacturers will install and individually balance your speakers to the room they are to perform in ?!
When we talk about space design & style, with correct composition it is a good sample to combine formal with traditional. They purchased one of the sound bars I recommended at The Wirecutter and are happy with it. One of these will connect to a sound bar or receiver and then allow you to stream music via Bluetooth to it. It’s a special audio codec that can be used with Bluetooth and provides better audio quality than regular Bluetooth. There are a few on Amazon, but people have issues with it and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Counting the contraction of the word “and” that was six words; obviously I looked too high. One thing is certain, just because the origin of a product is a bit more obscure does not mean it is less worthy of use in a fine audio system. These speaker cables were flat 1” wide, wrapped in a tightly woven black nylon mesh jacket, like a half-width version of the lovely Magnan Audio Cables I so enjoyed reviewing years ago.
This affords a comfortable listening experience with minimal interference from the room boundaries.
Built-in bookshelf, shelve, rug, wood desk, corner shelf & seat are stuff we need to build good space as we can see at image above. A headphone jack has a variable volume control but you’ll control the sound bar volume on its own. Since every smartphone and tablet, as well as most computers now come with Bluetooth, this provides an easy way to stream music wirelessly to your sound bar. By tapping your phone to the HomeSpot, it will automatically pair over Bluetooth and be ready for your music. There currently aren’t many sound bars with it built-in, but there are a decent number of headphones that use it. Buying from Amazon where you can easily return it if it doesn’t work is a good option.
From a simple USB sound card, to going wireless with Bluetooth, you can easily get your music off your computer and into the whole room.
Dropping my gaze I encountered, “Build the word’s best loudspeakers.” That’s a fairly audacious goal for a small Australian company!

International products are popular for their extreme creativity, if not always reliability. Picking it up elicits a, “Woa!” The secret of its inertness is an internal sprung steel casing, a Lenehan hallmark, upgraded to a copper plate lining in the ML2 Limited speaker. However, I did not see the matching tinted tweeter on these others, so perhaps that is a special order item or only available with the Plum coloration. Lenehan Audio was officially started in 1994 as Mike designed a 6” two way stand mount speaker which had taken nearly two years to design. I typically remove the rear spikes from the stand to give the speaker a slight backward tilt, which I often find more appealing than leaving the speaker level and below ear height. In this traditional, formal home office, there are bookcase, wood floor, built in, area rug & wood desk examples may be helpful for us to change our home office looks awesome.
That headphone jack is noisier than a fixed volume line out and produces worse quality audio.
For $30, it is a simple solution to get higher quality audio from your computer to a sound bar. The high rating at Amazon after over 1,000 reviews indicates very few compatibility problems or other issues. If you often have friends and guests that like to share music, this feature might be worth it.
If you don’t have anything that uses aptX, the audio quality difference isn’t worth worrying about.
However, the Australian audiophile manufacturers and distributors in North America, few as they may be, like the indigenous wildlife seem to make up in intensity for what they lack in numbers. The steel casing seems to both deaden cabinet resonance and tighten up the bass response such that it sounds more like a sealed box design, though it has a small port at the rear.
Included terms: garage with office, conversion of garage to room, garage office, my paint color & home office makeover.
It only has a 3.5mm output so you may need an adapter cable, but otherwise looks like a solid option. Like so many little but deadly critters running around in that one time British penal colony the Lenehan ML1 Bookshelf Speaker presents itself as an unassuming but lethal package of performance, ready to slay the unsuspecting speaker shopper. Building new home office, lucky you, photo above also presents window, green wall, wood floor, paint placement ideas to prepare.Home home office design by Witt Construction. This model uses the latest version of Bluetooth, version 4.0, so it is compatible with anything.

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