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After Wolverine pulls Gambit out of a heist with the Thieves Guild, Polaris approaches him with a unique proposition: A corporation owned Superhero team.
Avengers World hits the ground running when Bruce Banner and Captain America meet with Director Hill for a briefing. This entry was posted in All New X-Factor, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Hulk, Marvel, Spider-Woman, The Avengers, X-Factor, X-Men and tagged avengers, Black Widow, bruce banner, captain america, comic books, comics, director hill, gambit, polaris, quicksilver, spider-woman, thor, X-Factor, X-Men.
This site is not sponsored, licensed, or approved by DC Comics, Image Comics, Marvel Comics, Top Cow Comics, Walt Disney Comics or any other comic book publisher. While we're celebrating the achievements of womankind this International Women's Day, we must not forget about the LGBT women around the world doing amazing things.
The sad truth is that LGBT women rarely get the recognition they deserve in mainstream media, so we decided to shine a light on just some of the fabulous women making the world a better place for all of us, regardless of our sexuality, gender or race.
Captain Hannah Winterbourne is a trailblazer for transgender women across the world, showing that you can unapologetically be who you really are, even in industries such as the army, perceived by many as traditionally conservative and rigidly masculine.
She realised she was a woman while at Sandhurst at the age of 23 and now sets an amazing example to trans people around the world to be courageous and honest.
Presenter and author Clare Balding has been outspoken about the need to take women's sport just as seriously as men's. On top of that, she stood her ground and presented at the Sochi Winter Olympics, despite Stephen Fry's suggestion that Britain boycott it. Earlier this year, Vicky Beeching - Christian rock star, theologian and broadcaster - came out as gay in an exclusive interview with The Independent.
Last year, Juno and Inception star Ellen Page came out during a 'Time To Thrive' Conference for LGBT youth in Las Vegas.
Cartoonist Alison Bechdel originally shot to fame for her comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For, but these days she's perhaps more well-known for creating The Bechdel Test.
A piece of fiction passes The Bechdel Test if there are at least two female characters who talk to each other about something besides a man. Sounds simple, but it's certainly helped to highlight some of the sexist practices in Hollywood. Despite being catapulted into the world of high fashion at a young age, Cara has never lost her sense of identity and has managed to retain her defiant sense of humour.
As the first supermodel to properly embrace social media, she has used her fame to draw attention to LBGT awareness campaigns such as National Coming Out day, which she supported by sharing a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a 'We Are You' T-shirt, along with the caption: "Doesn't matter who you are or what you believe it, we are one!
Author Alice Walker was the first black women to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction was she received the accolade for her novel The Color Purple in 1983. She has spoken openly about being bisexual and continues to be a forthright feminist and civil rights activist. Andreja Pejic made her debut appearance as a woman on the catwalk in Giles Deacon's London Fashion Week show in February. The model, who was formerly known as Andrej, previously modelled both male and female collections, including for designers Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. Kellie Maloney bravely didn’t pull any punches when she opened up to the public about her battle with depression. For a former boxer to speak about their emotions in such an open and honest manner, was a real first – and it will hopefully lead to more open discussions about mental health in the world of sport.
Jack Monroe is an inspiration for her energy alone, she never tires of campaigning for the issues close to her heart such as food poverty and equality, and she refuses to be silenced either by twitter trolls or heavy-weight columnists such as Richard Littlejohn or Sarah Vine. But it is her HuffPost UK blog about why it IS fair that there isn’t a Straight Pride, which earned her an extra special place in our hearts. As an acclaimed transgender rights activist Paris is determinedly changing media representation of transgender people like herself. She advocates the idea of family but also is happy to talk about her own set up - brother Lawrence was the sperm donor for their son Horatio - to help other people feel less marginalised.

Sandi also devotes time to speaking about gender equality at secondary schools, and has written a book for children called Girls Are Best, which encourages readers to take a question approach to history books that ignore the contributions of women.
She performed at Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Tribute, which raised money for South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Movement and AIDSLifeCycle. Meanwhile, Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and baby Sam are nearly at Horn Hill, Sam’s ancestral home. The episode ends with Daenerys still leading her new Khalasar back to Meereen, where she is the ruling Queen. With only 10 episodes for Season 6, it seems like wasted time to have these characters reiterating the same stuff they’ve been spewing for years now. Look, just get us to Winterfell and show us Sansa giving Ramsay a Burning Bed death or something equally as justifiable, and also vision us back to the Tower of Joy and give us the Jon Snow origin story we all so desperately want. This New Comic Book Wednesday we’re going to focus on the new #1 issues to get you started off right this new year. The first Black Widow of the year brings back Russia’s best assassin on a mission of atonement for her past. Serval Industries bought the rights to the name X-Factor and have assembled their own team, currently comprised of Gambit, Polaris, and Quicksilver.
Three emergency situations all happen at once, sending three different teams of Avengers out to deal with them. She hasn't identified officially as being lesbian or bisexual, but has been outspoken about the subject. But beyond the amazing clothes those two wear, they were among the first to get married after legislation passed and Portas considers herself a role model for the gay community.
She is a writer, broadcaster, comedian, actress and producer and as an openly gay woman, she has had to fight against prejudice to make her mark in all of these professions.
Not one,” she said, speaking on This Morning about the progress made by the LGBT community over the past 20 years. His father, Randyll, dislikes Wildlings and had wanted his son to become a man at the Wall by killing them, so Sam instructs Gilly to keep her heritage a secret.
To the Riverlands, where he has to help Walder Frey, the Tully bannerman who allied with the Lannisters to kill off the Starks at the Red Wedding. Now, she’s supposed to be giving up her entire identity to become one of the Faceless Men.
Yes, Daenerys will cross the sea and take over Westeros, we know, we know; Cersei and Jaime will crush their enemies! Their first mission: To stop a dark organization who vivisects mutants in the name of science.
The mysterious disappearance of an entire town’s population, an island whose climate is fast-forwarding, and a city whose foundation is not as stable as it seems.
I think the best way of enlightening societies that are not as open-minded as our own is not to be cowed into submission," she said. But while some people from the Christian community boycotted her music, countless others rushed to support her and commend her bravery. He also is claiming baby Sam as his own, that way his family will raise the baby after he goes off to the Citadel to study to become a Maester.
The High Sparrow has seemingly brainwashed her into believing that she’s a sinner who needs to atone, and as far as the viewer can tell, she means to do so. Catelyn’s brother Edmure was married to a Frey daughter at the wedding, but we never knew what happened to him. The art is gritty and surreal, the perfect setting for Natasha Romanova’s stab at redemption. But, the last time we saw her locked away in the dungeon, we saw someone with a strong will who knows there’s a game to be played.

Turns out, the Freys have been holding him captive all this time, and had taken over the Tully home, Riverrun. It seems like there’s no hope for them, until a cloaked figure on horseback arrives and saves them! Outside the Sept, Jaime arrives with the Tyrell army ready to slaughter all the Faith Militant soldiers.
We finally see Edmure for the first time since the wedding night, where he went off to be with his new bride, and his family and their men were slaughtered, including his sister Catelyn and nephew Robb Stark, the then King in the North. During dinner, Lord Tarly repeatedly insults his son, but Gilly jumps in to defend him, revealing that Sam knows how to use a sword and even killed a White Walker, which his father finds hard to believe. Interestingly enough, Arya returns at the last second to knock the cup out of the women’s hand and warn her that her understudy wants her dead. Drogon has returned to his mother, who then rides him back to her people, where she then gives a rousing speech in Dothraki about how they’re going to ride wooden ships across the sea to take over Westeros. Unfortunately, Gilly revealed a little too much, as it becomes obvious that she’s really a Wildling. This was a juxtaposition to Mace Tyrell’s speech earlier to his calvary that fell completely flat.
We learn now that Benjen was killed by White Walkers, and then revived by the Children of the Forest via dragonglass. This really sets Lord Tarly off — he says Gilly can stay and work in the kitchen and baby Sam will be raised there, but that night is the last one Sam is ever to stay there. Unbeknownst to the Lannisters and the Freys, the Tully armies will soon be aligning with Jon Snow and Sansa Stark to retake Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton. Daenerys sure does know how to inspire, but seriously, HOW MANY OF THESE SPEECHES DO WE NEED TO HEAR ALREADY?
Will she manipulate her young husband into giving her more power once they are back at the Red Keep? He gives the Waif the go-ahead to deal with Arya, instructing her not to make the girl suffer.
Oh, and Bran is now officially the new Three-Eyed Raven, even though he’s not quite ready for the responsibility.
But for now, back at the Red Keep, King Tommen relieves Jaime of his position of Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and orders him to head their armies to help the Frays retake Riverrun. But, Arya has returned to where she hid her sword Needle, and is seemingly waiting for retaliation.
But, before they go, Sam takes Heartsbane, his family’s ancestral Valyrian steel sword, off the wall. When Jaime and Cersei talk, she tells him to go lead the armies and that they will eventually have some no-mercy revenge on their enemies.
We see her blow out a candle, leaving herself in darkness — perhaps this is so that she can face the Waif in the dark, since she had learned to fight while blind and would have an advantage over her opponent in this scenario. We have no idea, because the Citadel doesn’t admit women, but I trust Sam just as much as Gilly does. I hope Jaime leaves and then realizes what a cunt his sister is and what a moron his son Tommen is and joins forces with the Starks.

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