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Mike: Agreed, but wouldn’t an attractive person find an equally attractive person average? Mike: Neanderthals need love too, I guess, but I joking aside I think the right side faces are average looking. During September 2011, DC Comics took one of the biggest gambles in comic book history by canceling their entire line and relaunching it with 52 new titles. The State of DC Comics and The New 52Over the next few weeks and months we’ll be publishing a series of articles discussing the general state of a variety of families of titles or of major comic book initiatives. DC’s New 52 Week Four – What to Buy This Wednesday!Once more DC is releasing 13 new number one issues this week. New 52 Week Three Predictions: How’d I Do?Last Wednesday, in recognition of the second full week of DC Comics’ New 52 promotion, I recommended the seven new DC titles that I thought were most likely to be worthy of your attention and your money sight unseen. DC’s New 52 Week Three – What to Buy This Wednesday!Once more DC is releasing another 13 new number ones this week. New 52 Week Two Predictions: How’d I Do?Last Wednesday, in recognition of the second full week of DC Comics’ New 52 promotion, I recommended the five new DC titles that I thought were most likely to be worthy of your attention and your money sight unseen.
REVIEW: Flashpoint #4The cover to Flashpoint #4 makes it abundantly clear that Barry Allen is about to encounter more familiar faces that have been drastically altered in the Flashpoint timeline. Those of you with a 2013 resolution to improve your political, legal and aesthetic knowledge, for free, please read on.
The Court of Appeal of England and Wales and the High Court of Justice of England and Wales are housed in impressive Victorian Gothic buildings off the Strand.
We read about record-breaking art prices in London and New York the morning after but have you ever thought about attending those auctions? For the busiest sales you need to register for a paddle in order to be in attendance.
The fantastic thing about these auctions is that there’s still the chance to look at the items up for the bidding before the sale takes place. As well as having the chance to see works that are in private collections and might not enter public galleries or museums, it is also a fantastic opportunity for some people -watching as you try to spot the potential buyers. Make sure you treat these visits with the respect they deserve; at worst causing a distraction in a courtroom will see you investigated for contempt of court.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You will be able to request a discount for any product you like, whether you found it online or in your feed added by another user. You can’t beat it when the weather’s lie this and the weekend is looming can you! Each week in September, MLD took a look at what titles DC was shipping and placed our bets on which series we thought would be good.After the books shipped we also took a closer look at those series to see how our recommendations turned out. Previous FCBD comics have focused on series such as Blackest Night and War of the Supermen.
With superstar DC executives Geoff Johns and Jim Lee behind the series, it was guaranteed to be a sales phenomenon. After months of assembling DC Comics’s most recognizable heroes, the fully formed Justice League of the New 52 universe is set to work together and their first opponent, the malevolent Darkseid. The title has become one of the best selling in years with two of the companies top creators telling a reimagined first meeting of DC’s mightiest heroes.
How can anyone possibly be expected to determine which of these new books they should really buy?
DC is releasing another 13 new number ones this week, but absent are titles that I have real confidence in like I had with Swamp Thing and Action Comics. I sacrificed some sleep to get my hands on it (along with Flashpoint #5) and overall it’s a decent issue that is very new reader friendly. Despite this being the first major appearance of Wonder Woman and Aquaman in the main Flashpoint series, everything comes together very nicely. Flashpoint has perhaps become the most important series in the DC Universe with the announcement that every DC Comics title will relaunch after Flashpoint #5. It’s time to make the most of The Houses of Parliament, Royal Courts of Justice and auction houses; pop into their rooms and enjoy the view. Since 1558 a Christian prayer has opened the sitting and although no multi-faith element is available, attendance is voluntary for MPs and Lords. The architect, George Edmund Street, appropriately a former solicitor, included a hall Harry Potter would be proud to dine in.

Look out for cases where you can see the Lord Judge, which is as brilliant a case of nominal predeterminism as I can think of – Judge is his surname not part of his title.
Unless you fancy swapping a couple (or several) million for a painting you can watch these online. Day sales generally offer lower value lots and are less busy, so you might have the opportunity to witness the theatre of a sale in person.
Enjoy watching the drama that unfolds in these different realms of life; all the world’s a stage and there are plenty of rooms with a view. If you're new to the DC Universe, these articles are the perfect resource to determine where to start with DC's New 52. MPs and Members of the House of Lords question government ministers while indulging in some playground taunting. According to the parliament website those present face the wall behind them as kneeling would be too difficult whilst wearing swords.
The Supreme Court is based in buildings in Westminster and generally sits Monday to Thursday.
I started reading it again the other day while The Beast was off sick, and have to say it’s just as magic go download it now!
Whilst you’re writing your request you might also want to request a trip up Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) – it’s often fully booked months in advance. Nothing too intense, sometimes even just downing tools and doing ironing with a bit of Pixar, but then I get him for the rest of the day!
Getting a ticket to the public gallery is a privilege only open to UK residents only but overseas visitors can turn up on the day and, indulging in some British culture, queue to gain entrance if there is space. The Beast comes home from school ready for the weekend so obvously that usually means treats (tonight Daisy Made I think!) and then Mr Aimee gets home in time for #FizzFriday !

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