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I always love the first 2 weeks of school as a teacher because the kids are so eager to learn and everything is new to them. Football Line Up Bulletin Board – Awesome idea to write the student’s names on each football jersey! Make sure to follow Crafty Morning on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram or subscribe to our Weekly Newsletter! The Shakespeare First Folio (First Collected edition of his plays) is one of the Western world’s best-known and most iconic books.
This exhibition was part of the Shakespeare Onstage-Offstage community celebration of the Bard. This entry was posted in Legacy Downtown, Online Projects, Past Exhibition and tagged Books, Europe, History, Poetry, Theatre on 21 September, 2013 by curator.
Many books have clever strap-lines, usually claiming their contents will either change your life or be the best thing you will read this year. Skloot’s story-telling is divine, her descriptive prose transports you back in time to the tobacco fields of Clover, Virginia, and she shows a real understanding of both the human and science sides of the tale. Similarly, she describes Henrietta being physically strapped to the bed to stop her falling to the floor during convulsions of pain in a way that is honest and without sensationalism. While the graphic scenes make for uncomfortable reading, the most harrowing parts of the book are the reminders of how black people were treated in the all- too recent past. In 1950’s America, most hospitals were only for whites and would refuse to treat black patients.

A researcher at the Hopkins hospital where Henrietta was treated used blood samples of local, poor and predominately black children in 1969 without their consent.
Equally, the treatment of Henrietta’s daughter and others at the Crownsville Hospital for the Negro Insane was horrific. Over in Tuskegee, black scientists were using cells from a black woman to successfully test the effectiveness of the first polio vaccine.
Indeed, many of the scientists involved ended up winning Nobel Peace prizes while Henrietta’s family remained oblivious. It clearly became more than just a book to the author and her determination to discover and share the truth of this extraordinary story is etched into each page. The result is part science and part history lesson, documenting harrowing treatments and shocking racism, yet celebrating the tremendous legacy of one woman’s contribution to a crucial scientific breakthrough.
It is hard to compare The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks to other books as I have not read anything quite like it.
More importantly, she successfully tells a truly remarkable tale; one that should be shared as widely as possible to gain the recognition it deserves.
This article forms part of our 2011 editorial campaign in support of the UN International Year for People of African Descent. About James CorkeJames is currently studying for a Certificate of Higher Education in Journalism at Birkbeck, University of London. Allowing some back story, considering Henrietta was born in 1951, that is 70 years, not 80 years.

Discover why these folios have held people’s fascination through the centuries and enjoy and opportunity to see all four 17th century folios together for the first time in BC. Often this blurb is exactly that: a marketing tool designed to grab your attention and pull you in on an over-inflated promise.
The science is explained clearly and concisely throughout; leaving you wishing Skloot was around during your time in the classroom. Those that did, kept black and white patients segregated, with white-only water fountains and separate freezers in the morgue for black people. Patients were used for painful brain x-ray experiments where the side effects lasted for months. Pharmaceutical companies have made a phenomenal amount of money from selling Henrietta’s cells, yet her family remain poor and unable to afford their own healthcare. Skloot turns the writing of it into a personal journey, ending up as one of the key players in a story you have to remind yourself isn’t fiction.
He has built a solid portfolio of feature articles and commentaries largely focused on arts, culture and sport at People with Voices, and has also freelanced at the BBC’s Match of the Day magazine. However, the cancerous cells doctors removed without her knowledge changed that, leading to one of the most significant and profitable scientific discoveries of the 20th century.

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