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After reading my post about my favourite digital marketing blogs a friend asked me which books I’d recommend for someone wanting to get into digital marketing. For me digital marketing strategy starts with trying to understand who your customers are and what makes them tick and only then, deciding how we can design plans to make meaningful impacts on business around their behaviour.
Digital strategy totally has it’s roots in psychology, behavioural economics and data. This book is probably the grandfather of all bestselling sales, marketing and psychology based business books. This book (which was on my University reading list) is responsible for me getting into the industry.
A well researched book which focuses on how to make your website more engaging – helping you to find out what makes your audience click.
Hugely insightful strategy book, which doesn’t really cover much in digital marketing. From Survival to Significance by Jeremy Waite combines strategy and story telling to look behind the scenes at some of the world’s most valuable brands – exploring the 5 Levels of Brand Leadership and offering practical advice that you can quickly apply in your own organization.
The Brand Bubble gives insights as to how you may recover a brand when it goes into decline. This book focusses around Word of Mouth and what that means in a world embracing technology.
An introduction to the types of platforms we all take for granted now, with a bunch of practical and effective tactics from practitioners that are still highly relevant today.
This book still has some of the most interesting digital case studies from around the world and applications despite being several years old now, still thought provoking. Brian Solis looks at how building relationships with customers (and providing services they want) can create positive feedback loops that make lasting impressions on a business. Great list Charlie, some of these I actually listed as well in an upcoming State of Search blog post.

Connect with charliesaidthatGet in touch if you are looking for SEO or Social Media advice for your business, a speaker or a live tweeter for your event. I will talk to you about how you can measure success, and help build strategies that resonate with audiences and generate ROI. This often means using Web Analytics, SEO and Social Media to make campaigns more successful. This is our second set of inspirational reading quotes (because once we started we just couldn’t stop), and there is still another post to come. About UsFrom targeting your audience and marketing strategies to bringing your book cover vision to reality, Adazing is here to guide you through the process of making you book a hit.
Testimonials"I recommend Adazing for any author looking for a highly skilled team to design their cover. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Some titles may have had more copies printed than some of these books, but a vast number of those books were not sold, so we'll assume that they did not get read. Instead of re-writing this list the next time someone asks and sending it privately I thought I’d open it up for discussion too. It took standard theory and helps apply it to what seemed like common sense to me and my fellow students. It is very easy to understand for non-technical people, full of live examples and really gets to the bottom of the psychology behind successful websites.
Richard Rumelt summarises his experience in the world of business strategy and outlines several types of bad strategy that I’m sure we have all experienced. If you are starting out as a digital marketer, web designer, SEO, UX, CRO or just about any other role related to websites… YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THIS STUFF! Ariely, takes a look at patterns that we fall into with our unconscious self, leading to predictable decisions that a) we can design for and b) perhaps we can occasionally spot before we fall for them.

It has some really interesting case studies that may give you ideas about how to re-invigorate your work. Not sure if you’ve found the time to check them out yet, but I wanted to throw in my +1 for them both.
It’s basic suggestions are always good to keep in mind, and then execute via digital. With so many other things competing for our attention, it is hard to find the time to read a good book. His family owned a small bookstore throughout his early childhood, and he would spend weekends flipping through book after book, always sure to read the ones that looked the most interesting.
We are the creative team behind authors of New York Times #1 Bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers and virtually every other bestsellers list on the market. As an indie author I understand how hard it is to stand out amongst professional covers of traditionally published authors. But it meant we could talk about digital marketing in a way that other businessmen may understand us.
This talk he gave covers most of the points in his book if you prefer to consume content in video format. Not much has changed since then, except now some of those interesting books he picks off the shelf were designed by his company! But most importantly it has tons of fully actionable things you’ll want to start implementing immediately.

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