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Aaron Bruno can be found far away, high in the Malibu hills, in a small barn studio with the curtains closed as the California sun beats down on the dogs and horses outside. On Adblock Plus click "Enabled on this site" to disable ad blocking for the current website you are on. If you are Private Browsing in Firefox, "Tracking Protection" may cause the adblock notice to show. Then click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site.
To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. A family with the wrong members in control – that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England in a phrase.
Does all this suggest that Blyton is enjoying a renaissance and we are celebrating her as never before?
Her first readers were straight on the telephone if the next episode was late, she tells me. In 1982, 20-year-old Nina Stibbe moved from Leicester to London to take up a post as a nanny. It's a quiet place, a necessary retreat for a man who has spent the past three years riding a monster.As Awolnation, Bruno released his single Sail in January 2011. For the forthcoming school year she would follow, month by month, the advice prescribed in Betty Cornell’s Teenage Popularity Guide, a self-help manual written in 1951 for young women, on such topics as posture, grooming, the necessity of girdles and the appropriateness of pearls.
It first entered the US Hot 100 that September, and only departed 79 weeks later — the second-longest American chart run ever. They were the children of Mary-Kay Wilmers (editor of the London Review of Books) and her ex-husband, the film director Stephen Frears.
This was the quest Van Wagenen set herself, each night reporting on her progress in her diary, no matter how painful or humiliating. I got really lucky on that one,” the 35-year-old tells me of a simple tune that has been a literal life-changer.Everyone I tell that I’m going to meet him can’t place the band name but knows the song as soon as I start humming its stark electronic melody.
Alan Bennett lived over the road and regularly popped over for supper (sometimes clutching a tin of lager). This month Tony Ross has illustrated new editions of the Secret Seven books (in print since 1949) with extra features such as quizzes and Blyton’s handwritten plot edits.

It’s become ubiquitous despite being strikingly different from everything else on the radio, with its hip-hop beat, screamed vocal, minimal digital backing and no obvious chorus.
Her memoir, Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek, has sold in large numbers in both Britain and America, foreign language rights have been sold in 20 countries, and the book recently reached the New York Times bestseller list for Young Adult literature. It’s also increased the demands on Bruno’s time in his home country to such an extent that he’s only now getting around to playing his first major London gig, more than three years since his band’s debut album, Megalithic Symphony, was released.“I think most people would agree that if you listen to the whole album, that’s the last one you would think would be the hit song,” he says.
At 15 Van Wagenen is now the youngest non-actor to make a feature deal with a film studio and has been hailed by Time magazine as one of the most influential teenagers in America. Had it been one of the more obvious ballads then I would be that guy but there’s danger in our music thanks to that song. It is a dizzying turn of events for a girl who says she thought the best-case scenario was that her journal might, one day, be published as an essay.
We’re the only platinum-selling underdogs I know.”Sail has given him an enviable lifestyle. As her mother, Monica, says with some trepidation, ‘Never in a million years would I have dreamt all this.
PHOTO: Poppy de Villeneuve Van Wagenen is an intelligent and at times achingly funny observer. Having grown up in comfortable Los Angeles suburbia, now he lives as a virtual unknown with his non-celebrity girlfriend among the stars of Malibu, and stays clear of red carpets.
What is really at issue is the right to report events truthfully, or as truthfully as is consistent with the ignorance, bias and self-deception from which every observer necessarily suffers. She is too bookish and too unfashionable in her unnamed brands culled from thrift stores and Walmart supermarkets to be accepted by the Volleyball Girls (10) and Football Faction (nine). He and his sound engineer start work on the second Awolnation album earlier or later each day, depending on what the waves are like for this lifelong surfer. He has long, sun-bleached hair, a deep tan and a serious air.A tattoo reading “GRACE” runs up the inside of his right arm, after Jeff Buckley’s classic 1994 album. He made me feel it was OK to sound feminine when you sing and still be a man.”Nineties music still seems to be his touchstone. I hear a poppier take on the misanthropic electro-rock of primetime Nine Inch Nails in the rest of his music, and he compares Sail to Radiohead’s Creep, in that no one remembers the album the hit came from but it led to much greater things.That’s the plan, anyway.
A follow-up album is due later this year, which he intends to establish him as a long-term artist. Perhaps worryingly for his career prospects, it doesn’t sound like he’s making 10 more Sails. By this time Maya was 11 and had a brother, Brodie, then seven, and a four-year-old sister, Natalia.

They were more interested in me than I was in them: constantly asking which wife my dad was on and how many brothers I had. I have so many songs in me, it’s only a matter of time before another catches but I don’t know if it’ll be on this second record or the third. Some editions tweak the attitudes of Blyton’s time that now seem snobbish, or unsound about gender roles. Brownsville is a large city located on the southernmost tip of America next door to Mexico, and at her large middle school (for 11- to 14-year-olds) Maya, who had always been a loner, felt completely out of her depth.
I don’t know if every soccer mom in the world will know one of the new songs like they do Sail.”If he doesn’t end up catching the public imagination again, he only has himself to blame. Although he has a band when on tour, some of whom have worked with him for years in earlier groups, he’s making the new album entirely on his own for the first time, playing every instrument, producing and mixing. To the horror of Kenzie and her Social Outcast friends, first she joined the Spanish Club (four to five on the popularity scale), next it was the Choir Geeks, in sixth position (where she got on so well with one member they swapped email addresses), followed by the seriously terrifying all-guy table of Band Geeks and Rich Gang Members, and finally the tables in pole position, Volleyball Girls and Football Faction. It was here that she had her biggest success when a popular jock, with sincerity, asked her out on a date, facilitating a panic attack. I’d rather be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘You f***ed up, man’.”He displays a healthy ego for one whose music career has largely been comprised of knockbacks.
Two subsequent albums with rock group Home Town Hero and two more as Under the Influence of Giants, who sounded similar to but lighter than Awolnation, almost made it but didn’t.“I’ve been through all the ups and downs, been chewed up and spat out, and I feel grateful that it happened that way,” he says. I think I had to experience more of life and learn true pain and suffering, and be broke and not know how I was gonna buy my next burrito.
In times of falling reading levels and limitless other distractions, we grasp at any author who has that turn-the-page quality. It gave me that chip on my shoulder, so I had a voice to speak on behalf of the people who feel the same way.”As a shy teenager, he acquired the nickname “AWOL” for his habit of leaving parties without telling anyone. He surfed, played drums and until he was 21 was a part of the straight-edge subculture — people who listen to punk and abstain from drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Nirvana inspired him to pick up the guitar.It was never his dream to be centre-stage, yet he has been the frontman of all of his bands. I still envisioned a sea of people even though there was no one there.”Now there really is a sea of people watching, so much so that his gig gimmick is to get out a surfboard and ride across the crowd.

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