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Yes, I know it is the Caldecott Medal winner as "The most distinguished American picture book for children in the year of its publication" (1941). But still, I was interested how would this 70-year old black and white favourite fare in the eyes of my three-year old twins. They had seen many colourful and flashy children's books prior to getting to know the elegant pair of ducks - the Mallards.
To my surprise, my car-crazy, truck-loving three-year old son was immediately fascinated by the story of a pair of ducks flying over Boston, looking for a good place to nest, lay eggs and create a family. They draw themselves and label the parts of the letter and on the inside they write their address, various headings, closings, practice their signature, and write prompts to help them when writing the body of the letter. I hope this gives you a little insight into our friendly letter unit, and maybe a new idea or two!  I'd love to hear about your favorite books, songs, or activities for teaching friendly letters! The programs provide instruction in two languages to help students develop proficiency in both and ready them for jobs. Public School 73 dual-language teacher Frances Marte said her students' socioeconomic position impacts their learning. At Public School 73 in the South Bronx, 8-year-old Arlette Espallat is reading aloud in Spanish about animals found in "el bosque," the forest.
Ask the chatty third-grader which language she likes best and she gives a thoughtful answer. While dual-language programs all aim for proficiency in two languages, the programs vary depending on models selected by the teacher or school.
Despite the increase of dual-language programs for English learners, statewide assessments show that a wide achievement gap continues to persist with English language learners lagging behind their English-speaking peers, according to the New York State Education Department.

In New York City, 30 percent of students achieved proficiency in last year's English Learning Arts exam. The Common Core State Standards aim to raise student achievement by standardizing what's taught in schools across the United States, but have sparked controversy among educators, parents and politicians.
Her voice rises as she brings the faraway images to the noisy classroom.Later in the week, Arlette and her classmates will read in English about the life of Olympic medalist Wilma Rudolph.
That's because I know if I learn my own language, then I will be better in reading and writing English," she said.
In New York City and other parts of the nation, dual-language schools and education programs are on the rise as a way to better prepare students for jobs in a globalized economy. 73 and 14 other schools with existing dual-language programs to receive $10,000 for multilingual instructional materials and ongoing professional development for the 2015-16 school year. 73 principal Vivian Bueno says the model designation is a testament to the hard work of teachers and support of the parents who assisted in the recent expansion of the school's Spanish dual-language program. The rise stems from a need for more bilingual people in the workforce and some research that shows dual-language programs also benefit English-speaking students.
Some programs teach in English one day and the second language the next day, while others alternate the language by subject.
In contrast, only 4 percent of English language learners in New York City passed the ELA exam.
While my son got attached to the ducks, my daughter forged a special bond with the policeman in the book - transposing his character onto me, and vice-versa.
Mallard" and I get a coy smile from each of them followed by an outburst of laughter and activity.

The programs provide instruction in two languages in order to help students develop proficiency in both.
These "Model Dual Language Schools" will host visits from other school leaders and staff to share best practices and strengthen the programs. A 2013 Michigan State University study found Texas elementary school English speakers who were enrolled in schools with bilingual education programs performed better on state math and reading tests than English-speaking students at schools without those programs.
Unlike transitional bilingual education where teachers develop proficiency by gradually reducing the use of the native language, dual language advances reading, writing and speaking in both languages. Mallard, decide to make a rest stopover in the pond of the Public Garden in Boston, hoping that there are no foxes or turtles in the surroundings.
Six months have passed since we started reading the book and it remains a firm read-aloud favourite. In December, the New York City Education Department announced plans to create or expand 40 dual-language programs for elementary, middle and high school levels in Mandarin, French, Haitian Creole, Hebrew, Japanese and Spanish. 73, only 7 percent of all students reached proficiency in ELA, with just over 2 percent of English language learners at the school passing the exam. Although the Public Garden seems like the ideal place for raising a family, they change their minds after encountering speeding bikes in the park.

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