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Which is why we were heartened to learn Tuesday that the Library of Congress has accepted its first book written entirely in Emoji — those fun and versatile little pictures you can add to text messages on your smartphone. The book takes one of those classic works you've always meant to read — Herman Melville's Moby-Dick — and transforms it into Emoji Dick. With the news Mark ‘Chopper’ Read has passed away after losing his battle with lung cancer, we count down the best quotes from the film inspired by his life. We went after blogs that address interesting and timely issues and feature useful, upbeat (but never in an annoying way) posts that reflect Greatist's mission of making healthy living a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Delivery LocationsWe deliver across Australia but are unable to deliver to Islands, PO Boxes, Parcel Lockers or Post Offices.Delivery PriceFor purchases at Toys'R'Us and Babies'R'Us the delivery prices are based on a real time quote with multiple courier companies. We will gladly issue a refund or exchange when goods are faulty, do not match the description or purpose or if you have simply changed your mind.
Preparations for the show are coming along well until a series of thefts rocks the community.
Have you ever been to a horse race or owned a horse or do you love books that are about solving crimes that keep you guessing?
Author Jacqueline Harvey’s resilient heroine, whose persistence and determination wins the day every time, is back in a new adventure.
Birthdays and village shows, a Queen’s Cup Horserace and Rockstar the naughty racehorse – it’s all in this sweet book.

Which got us wondering: What would other literary landmarks look like if you translated them into Emoji?
Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Why would I shoot a bloke ‘BANG’, then drive him to the bloody car and wizz him off to the hospital at a hundred miles an hour? But it's hard to know which sites are truly trustworthy, entertaining, informative, and Pinnable. We then looked at a variety of factors, including frequency of posts, comments and engagement with readers, number of social media followers, and design quality to narrow down the list to these rock stars. You can pet his back to answer questions, kiss his cheek and hear him say you're his best friend, press his left paw to hear songs, and press his right paw for more responses. Simply please take your purchase to your local Toys'R'Us and Babies'R'Us store with your tax invoice or visit our online Help Centre. Things quickly go from bad to worse when Alice-Miranda’s beloved Bony is horse-napped. If so you will love Alice-Miranda Shows The Way by Jacqueline Harvey… I loved the character of Alice-Miranda best because because, even though she has the perfect life, she doesn’t act spoilt.
It's always lots of fun and this time was no exception - although they did have me a little bit worried as everything was a surprise!

What about those poor bloody academics, those college graduates, battling their guts out to write some airy-fairy piece of exaggerated artwork?
Being soft and chunky for little hands, she carried out her first task perfectly.Violet comes with 5 sturdy, colourful and educational board books featuring Violet and Scout, which my little miss also couldn't wait to get stuck into.
Can Alice-Miranda uncover the culprit and get her horse back in time for Rockstar to compete in the race?
They're keeping it real (no #fitspo here), using science to back up claims, always staying positive and inspiring, and delivering content we can't stop reading and sharing. She was completely enthralled after asking mummy if I would read them to her, being told that Violet would read the stories to her instead. As she reads the stories, Violet captures children's attention by asking questions and asking children to engage with her 5 interactive spots on her paws, cheek, back and head.Violet also features a bed time mode which disables her question functions, some interactive features and softens her sound settings for winding down with a bed time story.

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