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I am studying java by my self by reading books (self study) but i need to know where can i find simple applications so that i can apply what i have learned and hence improve my programming skills in java. These are the types of sample applications that you can build or practice with and ultimately gain or demonstrate mastery of Java. Build a few, well-normalized set of tables and then create a Java web application that allows you to Create, Update, Insert and Delete data from the tables in the new database using the new Java-based application. Build a Java web application that allows you to exercise basic, Java language syntax programming skills. You need to practice building Java applications that require you to exercise object oriented analysis and design skills.
You may re-design any previous Java applications you have previously written and rewrite it paying explicit attention to the object oriented design of the software.
Practice incorporating basic Java software testing skills including the ability to write unit tests, write test plans and test cases.
The ability to write software that is defect free or is as bug-free as possible is an important skill for a software developer as no one appreciates buggy software.

Take the sample Membership Website you built and write either unit tests or test cases for it.
Learn how to document both the scope and the requirements for your Java software first before you start writing any code.
In the real-world, you will almost, always be given requirements first before you are asked to start coding. It is time for you to graduate by building a more complex java application using a more sophisticated approach. Database: design and develop a fully, normalized database system that supports all the features listed above. As a final exercise, keep improving the Java-based forum software using features found in other forums. Post your project as an open source Java web application for people to download, distribute and use. Include a list of the names of people who are helping you as business analysts, software testers, project managers, program managers, etc.

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If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the Newsletter for new updates on this topic. For example, build a Java application that allows you to read data from flat files and manipulate them in memory. For example, build a Java web application that allows you identify the abstract and concrete classes, virtual methods, polymorphic objects, etc. It helps keep everyone (Software Testers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers) on the same page as to what is being developed and what is not! You also want to practice writing Java applications that use loops, switches, if-else statements, etc.

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