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When it was released 18 months ago, the Eee PC 701 was the cheapest netbook on the market priced $363. Both Linux and Windows Xp version were made, however the Linux version included a larger solid-state disk, making more expensive – $472 compared to $436. HP was the next company to jump on the netwbook bandwagon, and it’s first release, the 2133 Mini-Note PC, was aimed at the business user. Asus quickly stepped up their game after HP made its move on the market, revising the price of its Linux Eee PCs down to $349 and making them in a number of colors including Lush Green. The company also released the weightier, but more powerful and robust model, the Eee PC 901.
The Mini 9 was know to generate quite a bit of heat, but due to its 3G slot, mobile vendors offered the model as part of their mobile broadband plans. Released in 2008, the Lenovo IdeaPad S10 has become the laptop of choice for the Department of Education and Training’s notebook deployment for teachers and students. Unlike other vendors who opted for larger screens, Fujitsu kept its M1010 small, but still managed to cram in the features. The higher cost of the Mini 12, priced at $618, is mainly due to the larger screen which sports a resolution of 1280×800. This classy designer netbook saw what was once a device aimed at the student market, develop into a device wanted by fashion enthusiasts.
Priced at $581 the battery life could be a little better, but it’s possibly the best netbook for watching films on.
I am a firm believer that when it comes to fitness, you should just focus on being better than you were yesterday. It makes sense to start off with one of the most prominent people in the history of figure modeling and bodybuilding.
She’s considered to be one of the leaders of African American women in the fitness industry, almost like Jackie Robinson was for baseball. She has been featured on over 30 fitness magazine covers, and 10 times on Oxygen, making her one of the biggest global fitness icons in history.
Lazar is a Bulgarian fitness model who found his passion for the sport when he was an 18 year old in the military. At 6 feet tall and 195 pounds he owns one of the most well defined sets of abdominal muscles around. He’s won fitness model competitions in Europe and the united states starting in 1995. JNL has been featured on over 30 fitness magazine covers and television programs like Oprah, CBS Early Morning Show, and Inside Edition.
This is obviously not a complete list of all the talented, hard working, and genetically gifted athletes out there.
This website is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as medical counseling or medical advice. It’s funny; I don’t particularly enjoy playing as Lucio but I do a lot better with him than I do with Pharah. I have fun playing as Genji – the thing is that he moves too fast for me to really learn how to control. I would play as Roadhog a bit more in this game if I wasn’t so turned off by his character design. You would think that as a western fan and a fan of numerous FPS games that I would jump at the chance to play as McCree but I really hate that he uses a six-shooter as his weapon of choice, even if they are heavily overpowered.
While Winston’s Primal Rage Ultimate is pretty cool and certainly lets the character really tank around the map for a bit, I am not as enamored with his Tesla Cannon weapon. Zenyatta is perhaps the squishiest character in the game, but damn it if I don’t like playing as the character from time to time. When I first saw the reveal trailer for this game I had a feeling that I would be playing as the character Tracer almost non-stop because I loved what I saw of her in the trailer. Almost since day one, when I saw the design of Reinhardt in the game I knew I would be in for a treat. Yes, I will admit that when I am playing as Bastion I camp out at the defensive or hold points and just reign down an insane amount of firepower in his sentry mode. I hate being on the opposite side of Hanzo’s Dragonstrike Ultimate, but when I get the chance to unleash it I sure as hell think it’s a thing of beauty.
Symmetra has quickly risen from one of my least favorite characters in the game to one of my favorites: particularly now that I understand how to utilize her sentry turrets more efficiently now.
My favorite support class character since I first started playing the game, Mercy may not be the most powerful player, and if left alone can be taken out fairly easily, but what she lacks in offense and defense (cause let’s be honest here, that blaster of hers really isn’t doing much), she makes up for in healing and buffering her teammates. Soldier: 76 was the first character in the game that I really took to playing well as, and I attribute that to his similarity to the Assault classes that I have played in numerous FPS games before. To be pretty honest, when I first saw the Reaper character in the Overwatch reveal trailer, I thought the character looked cool and had this instant appeal – I just didn’t think that I would like his style of play; or that he would ultimately be my favorite character in the game to play as. If you’re interested in what we do here at Pop Cults, Like our Facebook page and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Created in a lab in Tijuana, Mexico, or cloned in a test tube in Torrance, CA, depending on which story you think is a better origin story, Richard is, if such a thing exist, a second generation nerd. Since its release, many other PC vendors have developed a netbook to match, and although some of these competing design have managed to introduce new features, the Eee PC still maintains its lead as one of the best sellers. It came with the Xandros version of Linux, had a 4GB solid state drive, a 7 inch screen, 512MB of RAM and an Intel Celeron M CPU. With an 8.9 inch screen it was slightly bigger than the 701 4G, but it came with more RAM to match.
With its 6-cell battery providing 5 hours of battery life, this model became the most popular choice for users on-the-go.
This model quickly became popular, it came with an 8GB solid state drive but also included two SD memory card slots, one of which could be used to expand the internal storage by up to 12GB. The Linux version ($436) sported 512MB of RAM, whereas the Windows version ($509) was available with 1.5GB of RAM.
Despite making more noise than previous SSD models, the Eee PC 1000H offered far more data storage space and faster read and write times. Olympia to to reclaim the title after competing as the title holder the previous year and losing. What’s even more impressive is that she did it all while studying rigorous pre-medicine classes at Stetson University. His latest feat was winning the World Champion Miami Pro 2013 Natural Bodybuilding competition. I don’t know what it is but every time I decide to play as Pharah I either get killed rather quickly or I am as minimally effective as can be for my team.
I can get around the game a lot easier and heal up or buff up my teammates, but I tend to just hang back and fully play my support role.
You could say the same thing about Tracer, but I have been playing as her since day one, so I got used to playing as her.
He easily takes handle of the character even if he is just still learning the ropes of the game. Yeah, the flashbangs are great for stunning opponents, but I can be pretty wild when it comes to aiming and six shots just doesn’t quite give me the flexibility I need with a character like this one. He makes up for a lot of things with the barrier shields and jumping ability, but I just don’t feel that comfortable playing as Winston with such a limited weapon as his main attack. I need to start playing as Torbjorn a little more, but I rarely get the chance to do so when I am sometimes in teams that have two of them already ready to camp out a spot on the map to defend.
His powered orbs are strong as hell and useful for adding health to my teammates and status effects to my opponents. Widowmaker is still a remarkable character, and I absolutely love her design, but branching out with other characters in the game finds me playing as Widowmaker a little less these days. Then, when I got the game (or rather played the first open beta of the game) after a few rounds a realizing how little control of the character I was exhibiting I gradually switched to some of the other characters that I am more proficient with now. Her weapon deals out some major damage and she is consistently faster than the other tanks in the game minus the inclusion of boost and jump packs. He is an insanely powerful character and his energy shield plays right into my style of play as his class as a tank and his shield can take a load of punishment while I protect my teammates who attack from behind me.
I move around a bit from vantage point to vantage point trying to guess where the next enemy incursion will come in from; but yeah, for the most part I camp around a point just ready to shoot down anyone coming into range of my chain gun. Oddly enough though, I don’t play Hanzo as much as a sniper as I do utilizing him in a recon capacity. With some well-placed sentries around key points in a map, particularly Hollywood and Volskaya Industries, I can slow down and even help decimate a team of attackers in a matter of seconds. Stay close and switch between healing them and adding to their damage output and you can make a huge difference in any fight. I took to playing as Soldier: 76 really quickly and almost got stuck in a pattern of continuously playing as the character over and over again. She is such an amazing character and can be used in a variety of ways, much more so than the other tank class characters in this game. But here we are, weeks after the open beta and release of the game and Reaper is my go to character of choice. The son of a man who loved sci-fi, comic books and horror, and a woman who loved making costumes, reading sci-fi novels and watching cartoons, Richard was exposed to all this and more since a very young age. The Eee PC 901 was also the first netbook to employ the Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless networking technologies. If you have a favorite that’s not on the list, feel free to leave a comment and give them a shout out. His degree is in health science and he's a certified personal trainer who loves helping people reach their goals. Maybe it’s because I am not great at chaining her moves together for maximum impact on the map, but when I choose Pharah I really have little to no expectations of being able to help my team – even if my Ultimate is fully charged. I rarely go in for some straight attacks, I just stick closest to my teammates that are doing the attacking and make sure they stay alive.

Maybe with some more time and practice I can get as good with Genji, but for now I still feel a bit odd playing as this cool looking cybernetic ninja. I like that I can trap other players and hold them for my teammates to come in and dish out some major damage, but Junkrat is certainly not the highest defensive character in the game that I prefer to play with.
It just feels that something more should be done with him to make the character more competitive. Maybe once I’ve had my fill I’ll go back to playing as a more familiar archetype character in these games that I am more accustomed to. Still, I love the character overall more so than I do any of the others: from her style of play to her character design and character personality. I’ve become somewhat proficient as a defender with Mei, though I sometimes misjudge the placement of the ice wall from time to time and end up blocking a teammate from scoring a major kill because of it.
She is a well-rounded tank class character and I love the damage that her particle cannon and particle explosive do to my opponents. Then add in his insane attacks like that swinging hammer and the projectile attack he has and I am happy as can be. And since his Tank Ultimate charges up insanely fast as well, it makes me more of an efficient defender in the game – even if my play style as Bastion isn’t the most ideal or fair in the game.
With the sonic arrow to find my targets and a scatter arrow to strike at multiple targets at once, I stay in close for the kill with strong precision shots at close range for maximum damage.
Especially when I have a Mei on the team who knows when and where to place an ice wall to stop the opposing team from one direction and lead them down a choke point to where I need them to go.
I just have to remember not to get too separated from my teammates or else I’ll end up needing a quick save before dying. In fact, if it wasn’t for other people also playing as Soldier: 76 or not wanting to fill in needed roles during the character select screen, I probably wouldn’t have chosen anyone else in the game.
She is great for defense, she is great for offense, and she is great at providing covering fire and support for my team when they need it. When given the chance, when the team I’m on has all the right components and we don’t already have a Reaper on the team, then I get the chance to select Reaper and just cut loose on the battlefield. But when my team needs a tank and I have played as D.Va and Reinhardt for a few rounds, I like switching it up with Roadhog just for variety. But it is using Zenyatta’s Transcendence Ultimate that I really manage to help out my team the most. It’s taken me a while to get used to playing with Zarya, but when I couple her with the right teammates, especially if there is a Mercy on the field, I can really make a difference in the game and can attract all the damage away from them as well as being pretty destructive myself. I need to learn to be a more mobile when playing as Reinhardt, but I’m content with being a distraction for the opposing team while my team runs in and take the points we need.
Every once in a while I find myself staking out a nice sniper position high on the map with a great vantage point, but I really like getting in close when I play as Hanzo. And it gets even more fun if there are two Symmetras on one team and we both place those sentries at every entry point on a map. Still, Soldier: 76 is one of my top three characters to choose in the game and I continuously find myself playing as him when I have the chance and attack class characters are still needed on a team.
She can be taken down fairly easy, and that bugs me a bit (but thankfully it is being addressed by Blizzard… hopefully soon) and her shields aren’t as strong as I would like, but her speed and rate of fire is second to none in her class – and rivals that of characters in other classes as well. I can use Reaper with the greatest of ease and I can pretty much control my aim the best with Reaper than I can with any other character. Zenyatta is not the most rewarding character to play as, but he is a huge support to any team. Either way, Mei has actually become my sniper of choice in the game, and couple that ability with her ability to freeze other players in place, I’ve been having loads of fun playing with Mei in recent weeks.
I just wish his HP would last a bit more than it does cause it has cost me a few times when playing in past rounds. My best save ever was resurrecting four of my teammates after a surprise Reaper Death Blossom attack from around the corner. While playing as D.Va I have garnered more “Epic” and “Legendary” votes than with any other character thanks to me being able to switch up my play style with her on the fly to suit the needs of my team. With Reaper, it’s no surprise that I can charge the Ultimate Death Blossom attack four or five times during a match and really cut down the opposing team.
That play even earned “Play of the Game” and my first vote as “Legendary” from my game mates as 11 of them voted for me for that play. I just didn’t think when the game was released that I would enjoy playing as D.Va as much as I do.
I’m o professional player by any means, and when I come across better players in the game I am cut to ribbons fairly easily, but with Reaper I have the best chance at playing against others; whether they are at my skill level or even slightly higher.

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