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By How to Get Out of Debt Leave a Comment Feel like your life could use a personal finance cleanse? While the three best finance books everyone should read listed can help you manage your money and investments, there is always more material to read. Money advice is easy to find, but good money advice—advice you can use and take to heart—is trickier. There are more personal finance and money management books for sale than anyone could possibly buy (with all that money they should be saving), but there’s a reason—while the advice may not change substantially, many people are looking for useful ways to apply it personally, tips on how to improve their specific situations, and suggestions for how to save for the future, budget for today, invest for someday, and reach their financial goals. Dave Ramsey has written more than a few personal finance books, and his classes, workbooks, podcast, and other media appearances have earned him quite the following.
Those of you who nominated the book praised it for giving you easy to follow steps to manage your debt, and inspiring you to make positive changes along the way.
Those of you who nominated this book praised it for being easy to follow, and for not being horrifically dense or obtuse like many personal finance books tend to be. George Clason’s The Richest Man in Babylon ($7 at Amazon), originally published in 1926, is actually a collection of short parables set in ancient Babylon, each of which tackles a financial topic, like household budgeting, money management, business fiance, and more.
Those of you who nominated this book pointed out that one of the best things about it is how relatable and disarming the stories in it are.
Beth Kobliner’s Get a Financial Life ($10 at Amazon) is aimed squarely at people in their 20s and 30s, and helping them get their financial house in order before they wind up making decisions that may be detrimental to their futures.
Those of you who nominated the book specifically noted that while many other financial books are great for people later in life struggling with things like mortgages, multiple car loans, children and families, and saving for retirement or health care costs, this book is great for the confused youngster with purchasing power, some debt from school (or credit card debt), and no idea what they should do next or how they should manage their money now that they’re on their own. Do you have a favorite that is not on this list?  Which book do you think is the best personal finance book?
I take the list with me anytime I am in a second hand store so I can use it to find great books for cheap.
What a material of un-ambiguity and preserveness of precious know-how regarding unpredicted feelings. Organizing your personal finances can be a nightmare to say the least, but these wise words will help to get you back on track and headed toward the riches you deserve. For most of us, money is a problem; the chief problem is that we simply dona€™t seem to have enough of it.
Ramseya€™s book is filled, from cover to cover, with success stories and offers readers clear-cut, no nonsense advice. Ramsey looks in depth at the dangers of everyday issues such as cash advances, rent-to-own situations, and debt consolidation ensuring his readers know how to avoid the common pitfalls of the financial market. They teach us how to take control of our finances, how to plan for our own retirements, our own health insurance, and how to make the financial system work in your favor no matter how low your income is. Perhaps slightly controversially, he also asks if we really need a diploma and a few fancy letters in front of our name and urges readers to look at all their options instead of jumping in at the deep end because of a pressuring society. Kiyosaki also takes a look at the myth that you have to have a high income to be rich and the vast difference between working for money and making money work for you. Lastly, we come to Think and Grow Rich, which, having been named the a€?Granddaddy of all motivational literature,a€™ is perhaps the greatest personal finance book of all time.
The book was first published in 1937, but dona€™t worry about stumbling over any archaic wording or out-of-date anecdotes.
From cover to blurb, Think and Grow Rich is filled with useful tips and clever anecdotes on how some of the most successful people of our time gained their riches and how you could follow in their footsteps!
No matter your current financial situation, these five books will certainly give you some food for thought as well as some truly inspirational tips on how to make money work for you. If you want to step up your beauty game and stay beautiful while smelling divine, check out our list of best summer perfumes you must try! There are things that can make you feel hot and sensual, and who doesna€™t want to feel like a sex goddess?
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Many women unknowingly wear the wrong sized bra which can cause unnecessary discomfort and pain. As the transactions move forward, shareholders who, like Allen, have seen the value of their shares appreciate or even skyrocket over time, are consulting with financial planners and lawyers and seeking ways to ease the capital gains bite. Here, we've highlighted some of the best personal finance books out there for 20-somethings, from expert-recommended classics to some of our favourite new editions.
The biggest drawback that most personal finance books seem to have is that they don't really ever discuss making significant life changes.

The bestselling book that the New York Times hailed as “a highly readable and substantial guide to the grown-up realms of money and business,” Get a Financial Life is a must-read for anyone in their twenties and thirties (or beyond) who wants to understand the basics of personal finance. Provides advice on how to get and manage credit, make and stick to a budget, and how to determine wants versus needs.
Entrepreneurs will tell you that they have a great understanding of business, cash-flow, profit and loss and risk. As the common saying goes, knowledge is power and it is with knowledge that we can make the right decisions to better our lives. Amazon Best Sellers: Best Personal Finance Discover the best Personal Finance in Best Sellers. Best Personal Finance Books About Money - Reviews List Of The Top Books About Money For Your Personal Finance Library Burn those get rich quick books and ditch the late night infomercial gimmicks. You want to get an idea of what the world’s greatest investor did in order to generate his wealth. This is one of the best personal finance books that can help you figure out what’s of value in your life. This book touches on all types of investments you make in life, both cash and relationship wise. Sure, budgeting and managing money seems easy, but if it were, everyone would have it down pat. You noted that it’s focused on giving you the tools to better your financial life, without simultaneously preaching the dogma of financial freedom at the same time. The book actually started life as a series of pamphlets and informational pieces from banks and other financial institutions, aimed at educating people on money management tips and how to handle the ever-increasingly complicated world of personal finance. Following the characters along as they learn about how to handle their finances and improve their wealth makes you care about their success, and also makes it easier for you to take their stories to heart and apply the same basic principles to your own life. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.
We work all week, play only when we can afford it, and yet, somehow, come the end of the month wea€™re still struggling to make ends meet.
Not only does he advise us how to boost our income, but he also explores the money market debunking some all too common money myths along the way.
To save money, business are employing more and more staff part-time, on a flexible-contract basis, ultimately making it harder for us to live.
Kiyosaki had two dads – his real dad (his poor dad) and his best frienda€™s dad (his rich dad).
Within its pages, Hill boldly asks, a€?What makes a winner?a€™ and answers in a way that has helped millions of people turn their financial situations around.
Over the years, the book has been lovingly updated to reflect todaya€™s financial market and continues to be of use to readers in need. The first step in turning your finances around is choosing to take the chance, so take a deep breath and choose to take control.
Like most of us, Nichola spends way too much time surfing the web, mostly reading blogs on the weird and wonderful or rumours of who's got the lead role in next years hottest films.
A lot of people seem to think it’s better to go big or go home, but a large chest can result in some fairly large problems. This ultimate guide is here to show you how to make this dream a reality and to teach you how to get glowing skin!
If you’ve been meaning to get your finances in shape but have no idea where to start, this is your playbook.
For some reason this doesn’t always translate to a great control of their personal finances. Even if you make a good amount of money on an annual basis, if you do not manage your finances properly you won’t have much to spend.
This book should serve as motivation for you to learn from Warren, and to take in as much knowledge as possible in the process. While a lot of people are comfortable with their financial situation, it is more important to feel accomplished and satisfied.
That is because you need to invest into the people in your social circle in order to generate success.
The world’s greatest and most motivated minds wake up a couple of hours earlier than the rest of the world specifically to read, workout, and brainstorm strategies for success. This week, we’re looking at some of the best personal finance books to help get your accounts in order, based on your nominations. The Total Money Makeover ($15 at Amazon) was originally published in 2003, has been updated regularly since then, and subsequently spent over two years on the New York Times’ Best Seller list, and has sold close to 5 million copies.

The book originally came out in 2009, and is primarily designed to break down complicated financial topics into simple, actionable, and manageable tips that anyone can use and put into practice. Others of you praised Sethi’s approach to finances as being more flexible and workable than many others, so you were able to resonate with it a bit more. Even today the book stands as a great tome to the basics, told through simple and relatable stories that anyone can learn from. Some people may shrug and note that the book is common sense, but if common sense were common, as we’ve said before, no one would be in debt and no one would have trouble managing their money. Since none of them are things you learn in school, this book is an excellent single guide to most of those financial topics of interest to people younger than middle-aged. I would put Rich Dad & Think and Grow Rich a tad higher and The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing wayyyy lower. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Da€™Agnese and Kiernan show those of us with not-so-regular jobs how to make money work for us. This insightful book explores how his dadsa€™ mindsets shaped his own financial life and how to avoid these common pitfalls with your own kids.
Most recently I read The Millionaire In The Next Cubicle from Chip Mendez and was very impressed.
Dave Ramsey’s definitive book was published in 2009, has sold millions of copies, and is still at the top of the bestseller lists. That makes it hard to plan for trips, to save up for a home, or make the right investments for your future that you feel will help you retire comfortably. The one moral you are going to want to take away from this book is that anyone can learn how to grow his or her riches with just a penny. This book will help you learn how to work your way towards generating wealth, rather than just income. The book is generally considered a collection of Ramsey’s advice, put together into seven easy steps to help you get and stay out of debt and change your attitude about money. Others of you said that Ramsey’s advice changed you life, and suggested many of his other books as well. If you’re looking for a primer to money management, or you find other non-fiction personal finance books either dull, boring, or a chore to read, try this book. Kobliner offers tips on how to manage a 401(k) even in a rough market, how to get and stay out of debt even though you’re tempted with new and shiny purchases at every turn, how to increase your income and put those increases towards your goals, and more. Whether youa€™ve already been through college and are struggling to pay back your loan or youa€™re considering applying but are being put off for financial reasons, ZacA Bissonnette can teach you how to take control and get the education you deserve without mounting up a lifetime worth of debt (and how to pay it back smartly if you already have).
All of us are working toward our dreams: doing our own work, on our own time, on our own terms. Reading the best personal finance books can help steer you in the right direction so that you are thinking and making the right moves with your money.
It’s important to make sure that you put yourself on the right track as soon as possible in life, and this book can be your guide.
Constantly nourish your mind with new material to read, as well as new strategies to implement into your life for how you are going to manage your finances properly. He also includes advice on investing, saving for the future, and increasing your cash flow and income to help you pay off those debts or save for your goals more quickly. The book includes suggestions on how to save for the future, automate your finances so everything is paid on time (and your debt decreases without you worrying about it), and even find new ways to increase your cash flow with side gigs and other passion projects. As many of its reviewers highlight, the book is definitely a life-changer, and reminds you that your goal should be to be financially independent and happy with the way you spend and manage money—not necessarily rich. The stories are easy to follow and fun, and each one rewards you with a surprisingly relevant and specific lesson on things like how to make your money work for you, who you should and shouldn’t take financial advice from, and so on. Best of all, it’s great for people who make little to no money or people with high paying jobs, wherever you may fall on the spectrum. This book will help you make worthwhile investments in all areas of life, that way you set yourself up for success in the future.

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