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These history books will give you a good general understanding of world history, as compiled by history teachers and professors, so you can be sure they are comprehensive and well researched. This book encompasses  the dawn of the first homonids (or ape-men as the author put it) to present day, with a chapter conjecturing about the future. Bryson is not a scientist, but rather a curious and observant writer who, several years ago, realized that he couldn’t tell a quark from a quasar, or a proton from a protein.
In the 1500s, billions in gold and silver poured into Spanish coffers from the new world; yet, a century later Spain was bankrupt. According to the OCP framework, companies that have innovative culturesinnovative culturesCultures that are flexible, adaptable, and experiment with new ideas. Companies with aggressive culturesaggressive culturesCultures that value competitiveness and outperforming competitors. Microsoft, the company that Bill Gates co-founded, has been described as having an aggressive culture. The OCP framework describes outcome-oriented culturesoutcome-oriented culturesCultures that emphasize achievement, results, and action. People-oriented culturespeople-oriented culturesCultures that value fairness, supportiveness, and respecting individual rights. Companies with a team-oriented cultureteam-oriented culturesCultures that are collaborative and emphasize cooperation among employees. The growth in the number of passengers flying with Southwest Airlines from 1973 until 2007 when Southwest surpassed American Airlines as the most flown U.S.
Organizations with a detail-oriented culturedetail-oriented culturesCultures that emphasize precision and paying attention to details. It is important to realize that a strong culture may act as an asset or a liability for the organization, depending on the types of values that are shared. Walt Disney created a strong culture at his company that has evolved since its founding in 1923.
So far, we have assumed that a company has a single culture that is shared throughout the organization.
Sometimes, a subculture may take the form of a counterculturecountercultureShared values and beliefs that are in direct opposition to the values of the broader organizational culture.. Culture can be understood in terms of seven different culture dimensions, depending on what is most emphasized within the organization. Out of the culture dimensions described, which dimension do you think would lead to higher levels of employee satisfaction and retention? I must admit that having a good attitude was pretty confusing for a young 22-year old woman entering the corporate world.
You know that last admonition especially got under my skin, and of course, I was deeply offended. I was given a litany of unofficial “I will deny it if you ever mention it” lists, of do’s and don’ts to ensure that I was perceived by the decision makers as having a “good attitude”. I can’t really say that I heeded all of the advice of my mentors until I reached my late twenties.  I was an idealist because my parents raised me to believe that I had unlimited potential and that I should never settle for mediocrity.
But over the years, what I learned was that having a “good attitude” was totally subjective; there was not one definition or standard that applied to all organizations. So, how do we know if our attitudes are positive, especially since what is appreciated and acceptable in one organization is a CLIM (career limiting move) in another? So in the midst of inconsistent definitions and subjective standards, how do we make sure we develop and maintain  “good attitudes”?
I also believe having a positive attitude comes from knowing that no one determines your greatness; only you do. The second way to ensure that we have a positive attitude is to know our purpose, our divine WHY? Sign Up for My Newsletter & You’ll Get a FREE Copy of The 5 Top Things You Can Do TODAY to Move From Emotional Pain to Personal Power! Describing the patterns of human history, the archaeologist and historian Ian Morris offers surprising new answers to the questions, Why has the West dominated the globe for the past two hundred years, and will its power last? Rockefeller, to the breakup of Standard Oil, and through the discovery of oil in the farthest flung corners of the globe. In one compelling volume, the famous biologist Jared Diamond tackles the most important question of global history: Why did Europeans come to dominate the New World? Even though culture may not be immediately observable, identifying a set of values that might be used to describe an organizationa€™s culture helps us identify, measure, and manage culture more effectively.
In an organization where certain values are widely shared, if the organization decides to adopt a different set of values, unlearning the old values and learning the new ones will be a challenge because employees will need to adopt new ways of thinking, behaving, and responding to critical events. During mergers and acquisitions, companies inevitably experience a clash of cultures, as well as a clash of structures and operating systems. Defined as shared values and beliefs that are in direct opposition to the values of the broader organizational culture,[367] countercultures are often shaped around a charismatic leader. For example, innovative cultures are flexible, adaptable, and experiment with new ideas, while stable cultures are predictable, rule-oriented, and bureaucratic.
Do you think that different cultures are more or less effective at different points in time and in different industries? When I started my career in corporate America, I was told that my attitude would determine my altitude, my future. My entrance was made even harder by the advice I received from my white male mentors who sometimes gave contradictory advice.
In so many ways and in so many words, I was cautioned, but sometimes I felt as if I was threatened, about my attitude. They taught me to never live my life based on limits established by OTHERS, and so I worked my butt off.

The lack of consistency and the ambiguity made having or portraying a “good attitude” tough or nearly impossible. How do we navigate corporate cultures and office politics so that we are viewed as receptive, pleasant, collaborative and approachable?
How do we project a spirit of positivity and abundance so that we attract wealth, nurture healthy relationships, allow space for love, encourage collaboration and welcome support?
And that knowing liberates you from changing and contorting your spirit to fit societal norms that are limiting at best, and confining at worse.  Trust me, when we truly know our value and when we like ourselves, accept ourselves, and celebrate ourselves, we have an inner joy that is unspeakable, untouchable, and unparalleled. When we are clear about our divine WHY, our divine assignment, we feel courageous enough to accept our divine missions; we feel guided.
Even though we may have or use different names to describe the Spirit, God is the author and creator of everything.
Fernand Braudel has woven together a fascinating tour around the Mediterranean of the 1500s, explaining the rise of the Ottoman Empire, how Egyptians made iced drinks, why Algiers became the capital of piracy, how the banking system created the first transcontinental roads, and much more. Jared Diamond convincingly argues that geographical and environmental factors shaped the modern world. These companies are characterized by a flat hierarchy and titles and other status distinctions tend to be downplayed. When the environment is stable and certain, these cultures may help the organization to be effective by providing stable and constant levels of output.[354] These cultures prevent quick action and, as a result, may be a misfit to a changing and dynamic environment. For example, Southwest Airlines facilitates a team-oriented culture by cross-training its employees so that they are capable of helping one another when needed. While price has played a role in this, their emphasis on service has been a key piece of their culture and competitive advantage. Such a culture gives a competitive advantage to companies in the hospitality industry by helping them differentiate themselves from others.
The stronger a companya€™s culture, the more likely it is to affect the way employees think and behave.
If this value system matches the organizational environment, the company may perform well and outperform its competitors. For example, Home Depot had a decentralized, autonomous culture where many business decisions were made using a€?gut feelinga€? while ignoring the available data. For example, people working on the sales floor may experience a different culture from that experienced by people working in the warehouse. For example, within a largely bureaucratic organization, an enclave of innovativeness and risk taking may emerge within a single department.
Strong cultures can be an asset or liability for an organization but can be challenging to change.
How many times have you heard that phrase?  I can’t remember exactly how many times I have heard the phrase repeated but I know it has to be over 500 times. I was told, but really warned: if you want to climb the corporate ladder, watch your disposition and monitor your behavior. It was clear that my attitude could be my greatest asset or my Achilles heel; in my case, my attitude was both. I laughed at all of the jokes, attended all of the unofficial, but official, gatherings and played the political games. And most of all, the inconsistency made attempting to convey positivity emotionally draining; it was a struggle. How do we present ourselves in the most positive light to potential investors, potential clients and potential business partners? We feel  a “drawing” or a pull in our spirits, and if we follow that pull, we feel totally aligned and congruent with God’s plan for our lives. To me, God is!  And God gave all of us a promise:   that we would be the head and never the tail.
This book immerses the reader in a new world full of rich details and suprising connections. The company has faced a number of antitrust lawsuits and disputes with competitors over the years. Having a culture emphasizing sales performance, Best Buy tallies revenues and other relevant figures daily by department. The company pays employees above minimum wage, offers health care and tuition reimbursement benefits to its part-time as well as full-time employees, and has creative perks such as weekly free coffee for all associates. For example, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton are among hotels who keep records of all customer requests such as which newspaper the guest prefers or what type of pillow the customer uses.
When Robert Nardelli became CEO of the company in 2000, he decided to change its culture starting with centralizing many of the decisions that were previously left to individual stores.
For example, during the merger of Daimler-Benz with Chrysler to create DaimlerChrysler, the differing strong cultures of each company acted as a barrier to effective integration. Cultures that emerge within different departments, branches, or geographic locations are called subculturessubcultureA set of values unique to a limited cross section of the organization.. A counterculture may be tolerated by the organization as long as it is bringing in results and contributing positively to the effectiveness of the organization. Multiple cultures may coexist in a single organization in the form of subcultures and countercultures. Effect of organizational cultures on mergers and acquisitions: The case of DaimlerChrysler. I have heard the phrase proclaimed from the pulpit, broadcasted from TV, shared in the classroom, popularized in books and admonished at home. I also wanted to ask “do you give the white women the same insulting instructions, or just me?” But I kept quiet; I listened and took notes. I tried to fit in even though it was obvious that my gender and color disqualified me from certain conversations and barred me from certain positions.

Because really, how could I comply with a definition that was ambiguous, mutable and subject to the whims of observers who didn’t know me or more importantly, who really didn’t know themselves? It the only thing that you can shift and adjust to accommodate situations and circumstances. And because we feel focused, directed and engaged, we naturally become more enthusiastic, emboldened and energized about life.
Knowing and believing that we will be elevated, empowered and positioned for the best of what God has in store for us, if we are willing to accept it, guarantees a positive life, and consequently a positive attitude. Believe me, that’s where your joy lies and that inner joy is what generates a positive attitude that is safe from the distractions and definitions of the world. In the private sector, Kraft Foods is an example of a company with centralized decision making and rule orientation that suffered as a result of the culture-environment mismatch.[355] Its bureaucratic culture is blamed for killing good ideas in early stages and preventing the company from innovating. This information is put into a computer system and used to provide better service to returning customers. However, a strong outcome-oriented culture coupled with unethical behaviors and an obsession with quantitative performance indicators may be detrimental to an organizationa€™s effectiveness. This initiative met with substantial resistance, and many high-level employees left during Nardellia€™s first year. Daimler had a strong engineering culture that was more hierarchical and emphasized routinely working long hours.
Subcultures may arise from the personal characteristics of employees and managers, as well as the different conditions under which work is performed.
Assessing the relationship between industry characteristics and organizational culture: How different can you be? It was a mantra that most leaders touted to the masses and the mantra promoted on billboards. Due to socially accepted sexism and racism in the 1980’s, there were a few more rules for me to follow, and a few more ways for me to display a “good attitude”. I believed that my proficiency and competency would be recognized and rewarded with big raises, huge bonuses and coveted promotions. Gore & Associates is a company with innovative products such as GORE-TEXA® (the breathable fabric that is windproof and waterproof), Glade dental floss, and Elixir guitar strings, earning the company the distinction as the most innovative company in the United States by Fast Company magazine in 2004.
In these companies, it is more common to see rewards tied to performance indicators as opposed to seniority or loyalty. Any requests hotel employees receive, as well as overhear, might be entered into the database to serve customers better. Despite getting financial results such as doubling the sales of the company, many of the changes he made were criticized. Daimler employees were used to being part of an elite organization, evidenced by flying first class on all business trips. In addition to understanding the broader organizationa€™s values, managers will need to make an effort to understand subculture values to see their effect on workforce behavior and attitudes. In some cases, this may lead to actions that would take away the autonomy of the managers and eliminate the counterculture. In the 80s and even in some circles today, it was the “in” phrase, the buzz phrase, used by motivators, teachers, preachers and anybody in authority. Because of who I was and because of who society thought I was or really convinced I was, I had to do some extra stuff to prove that my attitude was positive.  For some reason, it was my responsibility to make sure others felt comfortable being around me even though it was one of me and hundreds of them. We don’t feel as if we are floundering, scattered, mismatched and out of sync with our very souls. Knowing that God is in us, with us and goes before us reminds us that we are not alone as we travel on this journey called life.
However, Chrysler had a sales culture where employees and managers were used to autonomy, working shorter hours, and adhering to budget limits that meant only the elite flew first class.
And even those who had never been in corporate America or in leadership positions had their own way of sharing the same advice. My skills were applauded, but it was my spirit, but really how my spirit was perceived, that limited my ascension. We feel relevant, real, relaxed and ready to pursue our God-given agendas with vigor because we know that we are following God’s will for our lives. They would tell us to “watch yourself” and all of us, especially my friends, knew what those 2 words meant. No, it was not my talent that stunted my success, it was my temperament, but really their perception of my temperament, that caused my advancement delays.
I truly believe that feeling connected and actively engaged in our divine purpose, our divine WHY, satisfies a deep longing in our souls; that satisfaction is the origin of a positive attitude. Gore consistently manages to innovate and capture the majority of market share in a wide variety of industries, in large part because of its unique culture.
It was the perceptions of people who didn’t know how to deal with difference and diversity that hindered my career. In this company, employees do not have bosses in the traditional sense, and risk taking is encouraged by celebrating failures as well as successes.[348] Companies such as W. People and organizational culture: A profile comparison approach to assessing person-organization fit. Gore, Genentech, and Google also encourage their employees to take risks by allowing engineers to devote 20% of their time to projects of their own choosing.

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