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Follow Tulip as he deals with the birthday wishes of all the nine-year-olds in North America. Gives voice to the children who don’t fit typical gender stereotypes, and who just want to be free to be themselves. Nick starts school as a boy but draws a self-portrait as a girl because that’s how he feels inside.
Journey in to the life and mind of a young gender variant boy who wants to be treated fairly and accepted for who he is.
A fictionalized account of the true story of Charley (Charlotte) Parkhurst who ran away from an orphanage, lived as a boy, moved to California, and became a stagecoach driver. Feminine traits are the culturally specific set of behaviors associated with being a girl or a woman whereas masculine traits are the cultural behavior of being a boy or a man. The characteristics of gender roles are shaped by society although they vary from culture to culture. Personality traits are those stereotypes where women are expected to be passive and submissive and men are expected to be aggressive and self-confident. Includes children who are fluid in their gender identity and those that feel their body doesn’t match who they really are. A person may be biological male but may relate socially to a woman or on the other hand, a person may be biologically female but may relate socially to a man.
Culturally, the most common feminine traits are dependent, emotional, innocent, weak, nurturing, sensitive, caring, soft, etc.

Children learn gender roles from an early age mostly from their parents, society, culture, religion and also from media. The stereotyped behavior of caring of children is considered to be done best by women while household repairs are best done by men. He doesn't understand how to help, so he seeks the wise counsel of the Wish Fairy Captain. Will new strength from an unexpected friendship and a caring teacher's wisdom be enough to help Grayson?
Sometimes a person may be fluid like relating as a man at times yet as a woman at other times.
The words most commonly used to describe masculinity are strong, tough, hard, aggressive, rebellious, competitive, active, etc.
With regard to occupation, women are thought to do best with work of assisting and care-taking whereas the higher managerial level jobs are thought to be suited more for men. Hyper-masculine men exaggerate qualities believed to be masculine and believe in competing with other men and dominating women by being aggressive, hard, imposing, ambitious and demanding. Deciding to be called Hope, Hope’s parents then work with the school to help with the adjustment.
Speaks to the unique challenges faced by boys who don't identify with traditional gender roles.
It is expressed through one’s behavior of masculinity, femininity or in some cases, neither or both.

It is the manner in which a person expresses – clothing, behavior and personal appearance developed by the age of two or three. Gender stereotypes are widely accepted bias with regard to people or groups and most of the stereotypes about gender are inequality and unequal treatment regarded as sexism. Women are expected to be small and graceful while men are expected to be tall and broad-shouldered with regard to physical appearance.
These behaviors create difficult relationships and although these behaviors are rare, the inhibitions and anxieties regarding masculinity and femininity remain. Some people may be transgender which means that their biological sex and gender identity do no correlate. It should also be noticed that all men have some feminine traits and all women have some masculine traits. Most of the basic stereotypes are with regard to personality traits, domestic behaviors, occupation and physical appearance. Our culture teaches men and women to be different but the truth is that all men and women are more alike than different.

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