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July 15, 2013 By Sheila 15 Comments The first half of 2013 is over, which is a great time to look back at what have been the top books I’ve read so far this year. Love memoirs, especially food memoirs, and this is up there as one of the best I’ve ever read. Was not expecting much from these genre-bending fractured fairy-tale mish-mash books, but they were so. I see so many of these that I’ve added to my to-read list because of your recommendation, Sheila. I’ve got an idea for how to share spoilers on the site where only those who want to read them will. Don’t know how that would work on mobile devices, though, or how possible it is with your system. This sounds like a fancy term, but high contrast just means colors that are easy to tell apart. Baby Talk: Every pregnant friend receives this book from me because it has high contrast illustrations and it has a sweet message about love between baby and family members. Big and Small: This simple book with color high contrast pictures introduces the concepts of big and small through page spreads that feature concepts like a lion and a cat, and an apple and a seed. There’s a reason that Mother Goose nursery rhymes have long been staples for baby’s first books.
I Took the Moon for a Walk: It’s impossible not to look at the dreamy illustrations in this book and listen to the gentle rhymes without getting a bit sleepy yourself. Clare Beaton’s Nursery Rhymes set: Mother Goose’s classic rhymes have been given new warmth through Clare Beaton’s cozy fabric-inspired illustrations. Alligator Alphabet, Counting Cockatoos, and Octopus Opposites: This Baby Basics collection by Stella Blackstone features cheery, childlike illustrations.
Ship Shapes: This summery read gives babies a chance to find shapes on top of rolling waves and along the sandy shores. Some parents naturally seem to know how to help babies interact with books by pausing to ask questions.
The Sounds Around Town: Babies are of course delighted by sounds like the shake of a rattle or the honk of a horn, and love to imitate them.
Hidden Hippo: This rhyming book takes babies on a safari adventure where they can find the hippo hiding on every page. I hope these baby book gift ideas help you out if you are looking for a unique baby shower gift or if you are putting together a baby book gift basket, or simply trying to add a few great books to your baby’s library.

Rebekah Gienapp blogs about children’s books and literacy at The Barefoot Mommy, and is a Barefoot Books Ambassador.
I’m excited about reading the rest of the series and how it incorporates the other fairy tales. But it’ll involve some testing to see if my idea will work, so it might be a bit before I can implement it. On other book discussion sites (I’m thinking mostly of the Harry Potter fan sites from before the last few books came out, ha), they would put spoilers in a font the same color as the background of the screen.
And remind myself how to set up a CSS style for it so I can then add it to any post easily in the future without having to type it all out every time.
She is a true expert on outstanding children’s books and has some great baby book gift ideas for you all. Here are a few types of books I look for, followed by suggestions of specific titles available from Barefoot Books that fit within these types.
Babies love to look at faces, and this book is filled with photographs of children and adults from diverse backgrounds. The calming story follows a little boy who goes on a night time journey through his town with the moon as his guide. Though the volumes are board books, I’ve often seen little ones reach out to touch the textures they see because they are so vivid. Reading books early on that introduce concepts such as counting, opposites, and the sounds of the alphabet, plant seeds of literacy that will bloom when the time is right.
Babies tend to show a natural interest in animals, and these books build on that fascination to introduce letters, numbers, and opposites.
Babies follow an inquisitive pig around the farmyard as he points out animals that are old and young, fat and thin, quick and slow.
The rhyme and repetition help reinforce the shapes, as do the two full pages in the back that show each shape separate from the other illustrations. For those who may not be as confident, books that ask questions can help families learn how to help baby look for hidden items, or make predictions about what will happen next. This set of peek-a-boo books is best for babies who are nearing age one because of the more complex illustrations. The Sounds Around Town is filled with dozens of new sounds to make as it follows a mother and toddler throughout their busy day, visiting the market, the park, a restaurant, and more. The many different animals in the story also provide an opportunity expand baby’s vocabulary.

I’ve picked five each of my favorite nonfiction and fiction reads, although I do cheat a bit with the last fiction pick. And let me know, what have been your best books from the first half of 2013 – any ones you’re raving about that I need to read soon? You could highlight it with your mouse and read it or leave it hidden if you didn’t want to. I purchase Barefoot Books on the regular from her, and I’m always very pleased with my purchases. I love giving something that will encourage an experience between babies and their families. They have a preference for black, white, and red because these colors are easy to distinguish. Rhyme and rhythm help babies to organize those sounds, even when babies don’t understand the words themselves.
From action rhymes that teach babies finger play activities, to wild animals and farm animals, to rhymes that will make baby sleepy, this collection has every kind of rhyme you can think of.
The rhyming text and quirky illustrations will always hold a special place in my heart because I remember the exact moment this book taught my son the difference between high and low.
Each book asks questions (filled with rhyming text) about animals are found in each setting, giving babies and parents a chance to guess. We need to figure a way for you to put spoilers up so you only have to read them if you’ve read the book, lol. With younger babies, it’s important not to over stimulate them with illustrations that are too busy.
The peek-a-boo holes are perfect for inserting finger puppets or small stuffed animals, or for just giving a baby a way to easily turn the pages.
Some parents also aren’t aware of the benefit of reading daily with their babies, right from birth, and I like to subtly encourage that habit! Finally, I hope that parents will appreciate that I’m giving them something that is easy to store, and won’t take up a lot of space in baby’s bedroom (unlike certain massive toys given by certain in-laws if you know what I mean).

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