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000My brother Sam does not have diabetes, but he and I think alike when it comes to diet and nutrition.
The New Yorkers for Beverage Choices opposses New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s proposal to a ban the sale of sugar-sweetened beverages over 16 ounces in restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues, coffee shops, pizza shops, delis, food trucks or carts.
This reminds me of 2010 Krispy Kreme Challenge, an event wherein participants ran a mile or so, ate up to a dozen doughnuts, and then ran back.
I view this Social as childish and I believe the right to eat and drink junk food does not need a platform nor should it be celebrated. We can raise diabetes awareness by calling for better health care and better tools, and by teaching the world how difficult it is for people with diabetes to eat a treat like ice cream.
New Yorkers for Beverage Choices is posing the question What’s next? as part of their campaign. I understand the intentions of the ice cream social are good but that doesn’t mean they lead to a good or a healthy outcome. We cannot teach others about how type 2 diabetes has a strong genetic component and then publicly announce our ability to eat whatever we want and we cannot tell others how desperate we are for a cure for diabetes while admitting that yes we can eat anything we want.
While I understand your concern and see your point, I think the event is a fun idea for visibility, especially for Type 1s, especially for kids with type 1. You can use it as a tool to teach people that even though you’ve chosen the 30g of carbs in a medium sized ice cream serving over the 30g of carbs in two slices of dense organic whole wheat bread, it is fine because you are managing yourself.
Anyone using this day to make an irresponsible pig of themselves is probably the person causing problems and misconceptions in the first place. Commenting here is probably the only safe place for me to express how dumb of an idea I think it is. In as much as you are entitled to an opinion, you are totally not understanding the whole idea behind the 2nd Annual Ice Cream Social. It came about after a world wide attack last year by an idiot who knew nothing about diabetes and it is indeed an extremely worthy cause and event. I suggest to you, to go read again what it is about, instead of being simply an opinionated ignorant person with a blog of which the world is littered with. Long before diagnosis we chose to eat healthy – more vegetables, more fruits, less refined food, less gluten, complex carbs without added fat and sugar. But we did begin to question why and how this even promotes awareness around diabetes of any type, or the kind of awareness we want to put our support behind. More than that, from the day of diagnosis on we knew we weren’t happy with our endo team.
As usual, its a personal decision that will be made for as many different reasons as their are people who need to decide. The Diabetes Media Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit media organization devoted to informing, educating, and generating community around living a healthy life with diabetes. In terms of your average American, most people just think diabetes is about not eating sugar, or you’ll lose a leg and go blind and DIE.
Everyone is different, and has different needs and areas of advocacy that are important to them. Like many families with a type 1 diabetic child, my first reaction to the ice cream social event involved the ideas of cute, fun, and true.
Managing diabetes is hard work for both of us, managing when indulging in those kinds of foods is even harder, and the momentary pleasure gained from that indulgence? She’s also in excellent physical shape with a schedule that would make most kids head spin.

I didn’t choose to have well-meaning adults denying me foods that were not problems for me in moderation. As a type 1 diabetic, my child needs insulin nearly any time she puts food in her mouth, but a black bean social, or a peas and carrots social, or a whole grain bread social just doesn’t have the same impact.
Last week we took her to an ice cream parlor after she worked very hard in her current musical, and one of my friends mom’s asked why on earth we would take her there. It’s about showing you can have an ice cream cone as long as you take your insulin for it.
Next time it might be your turn to make an effort, and do you want the community as a whole to support you, or criticize you?
It started as ice cream when that reporter said that allowing my child to eat ice cream was like giving an alcoholic booze – but the point is that we all need insulin for nearly every food imaginable – unless you’re going to live on steak, eggs, and bacon, which would probably be just as bad as the ice cream.
Worse, I was told I’d just have to get over my resistance to sugar substitutes like aspartame and splenda. You can work your way up using resources and craftingto build better houses, tools, and weapons.The game allows you to get quite sophisticated. Why would a health care team make any of these statements to a family willing to do the extra work of avoiding unhealthy fats, refined and empty calorie foods, or artificial sweeteners? And if you’ll recall, this started when a reporter likened children with type 1 diabetes eating ice cream to alcoholics drinking booze.
Using it in combination with other stones and tools, you can build complex circuitry, allowing you to create railways, automated doors, whatever you can imagine. We don’t want her to be one of the children who rebel, hide candy bars under the bed, and end up in DKA because we started a cycle of lying to enjoy foods she likes. Our entire culture revolves around food and the notion of indulging in what we want when we want. She does like ice cream, and when she eats it she generally measures out a single ? cup serving, which is only 14g of carbs, about the same as the serving of vegetables she ate for dinner.
Diabetes created a space for our family to share our healthy life style choices with extended family, and for us to reaffirm those choices. But young Minecraft players—your kids—have been motivated to spend their spare time reading and learning, in order to build some extraordinary and beautiful creations. The social isn’t telling anyone to eat a whole carton of ice cream, or even to eat ice cream at all. AND the ice cream helps to keep her blood sugar more stable than a simple carb before bed would, so on ice cream nights we have less chances of a low blood sugar.
The goal is to develop the best products you can with what you have, through hard work and creativity.So, Minecraft players learn how to research and gather the information they need, how to educate themselves, and they apply their creativity to come up with entirely new entities. His moniker is HealthyUncle.Like many server owners, Uncle has spent considerable time and money on his server. He had to acquire and maintain the hardware, learn the technology for hosting a Minecraft server, keep up-to-date with the product releases, find and install mods (add-ons), regularly ensure the mods are compatible with the latest Minecraft release, maintain the server, and provide support to all the players on it.
He gets special privileges in the game (essentially his payment), but is also responsible when he is on the server for keeping griefers at bay (griefers are players who purposely destroy and harass). They use Twitter and Facebook, promote on various forums, and are working on marketing plans for their server.
They also are working on ways to get more players to “donate” to the server.These teens are literally getting experience administering a server, building a business, managing others, and marketing.
As I told HealthyUncle, this is definitely worthy of going on the college resume and the work resume.Players learn valuable skills, tooYou don’t have to be a server admin to learn valuable work skills, though.

There are extensive Wiki’s that capture the collective wisdom of players, edited and maintained by the young enthusiasts. All of this largely created, maintained, and used by your children simply because of their passion for the game. These kids are actively exercising their writing skills and adding to their community by producing and sharing content.Another important part of the ecosystem that’s developed are mods (modifications).
Kids are inspired to learn the tools and technology to build the mods they want or think others will want.
I was tickled the other day when I was searching for information about how to accomplish something in the game, and found a video done by a middle-schooler with a Scottish accent. Game players use IRC (real-time chat) during the game, routinely communicating with and making friends with other players from other countries.  Similar to the relationships we build through social media, these kids make friends with children from other countries, arranging to meet them again online.
What a fantastic experience for kids who will be working in a global marketplace!They don’t just “play” with the kids they meet online, though.
With various combinations of IRC (chat), Skype, and in-person meetings, kids will work together to design and build houses, interactive art, tools, weapons, etc. My own sons and daughter will often play together in the study, each on their own computer, but working together to build or explore.
They’ll turn to talk with one another frequently, discussing who will do what part, suggesting ideas, debating the best approach, and coordinating the work.
Likewise, when my kids’ friends come over, they may each take a computer and then work together on some Minecraft task. Keep in mind that these tasks often span weeks or days—not the immediate gratification we’ve been told that games foster.Online, kids meet up and use IRC or Skype to talk during the game and coordinate.
They also compete, of course, to see who can build the best house or, on servers that allow battles, to defeat one another. Even then, though, the kids are collaborating as teams to build their defenses and weapons, coordinate their battle plans, and execute them.Negotiation, collaboration, communication, self-education, sharing knowledge, team-work, critical-thinking, creativity—aren’t these core skills that we, as employees and business owners, use every single day? Aren’t they some of the hardest skills to teach, but some of the most important for a successful career?Believe it or not, your kids are learning these skills every time they play Minecraft and online games like it. So, the next time you find yourself fretting about the time your kids are spending online, consider what they are actually spending their time doing. She works at Coherent Interactive on social media, website design, mobile apps, & marketing. I just shared it with my parents, both who shunned my online gaming for years during high school. I ran my own Counter-Strike server and collected donations for rental costs and for construction – it isn’t easy!!! I also led a team of about 7-8 for years, growing 10-12 year (today) friendships that have created many connections along the west coast.I actually now live with a former teammate of mine who moved to LA for work! It will stretch your mind, connect you to fascinating people, and provide some fun along the way. Sign up for an hour of Mark’s time and put your business on the fast-track.View details Subscribe to my blog posts and special offers newsletterMark's blog {grow} is consistently ranked among the top marketing blogs in the industry.

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