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I didn’t do a ton of reviews for the month of December because of my break + I find people are so busy and they don’t get much attention in that month! Either my favorite backlist books I read in 2014 or my Beyond The Pages where I talk about Station Eleven! Pick a category (or 5… or all of them) and tell me what went on in YOUR life this month!!
Basically the only music I listened to in the month of December was Taylor Swift’s newest album haha. Kodaline always comes on my iTunes radio station; I really need to learn more about their music! I always resonate so much with your posts Jamie but especially that last part about caring more about things that matter and less about things that don’t.
One thing I’d like to work on this month… Hmm… Probably learn how to balance relationships and my hobbies! I did my own version of a December Wrap-Up based on the wonderful format you’ve provided.
I made some really delicious things this month, but mostly… I ate a lottttt of Christmas cookies. Here’s a mini-round-up of what December looked like here at Unicorns and Mermaids and Obscene Language HQ. We work through the questions of the 2016 Biz Goals workbook and see what worked and what didn’t, so we can be more effective next year. This question is one of my big “success secrets” in building a rapidly growing multi-million dollar company from a hobby. I like to do these round-ups at the end of each year to document everything I’ve done, celebrate what goals I’ve achieved, what I’ve learned + what miracles have happened.
And I’m SO excited to dive into the 2016 Life + Biz goals workbooks + start mapping out what we can create next year!! Even now, as CEO of a multi-million dollar company, the workbooks are my framework for serious business planning + joyful life design.
And coming back to Canberra has been a return to civilisation + also waaaaaaaaaaay more attention than I am used to. From being an Ausmumpreneur of the Year finalist to top 6 in the Australian Businesswoman of the Year Awards… now to being a covergirl… yeah… I don’t quite feel so much like the hidden hermit anymore.
In here you’ll find pictures + musings from my life + the adventures I’ve been up to! Looking at this huge, momentous dream you want to make happen – but it feels completely overwhelming?
Grant our COO has some sage, wise guidance on how to create a map for those big dreams of yours and make them achievable NOW. I’ve heard a lot about the work of Carry The Future – an organisation that meets refugees as they arrive into Greece and gift them with baby carriers to help parents easily transport them + hold them + give their children a safe, comforting place to sleep + watch the world. I know the cost of sending carriers from Australia to Greece (or the US head office of Carry The Future) has prevented people from being able to donate. They bring such a smile to my dial…and I ADORE seeing the workbooks all splayed out around the world…working their magic with women everywhere!!!
Each week we’ve been giving you a peek into our 2016 planner collection… there’s so much new + wonderful stuff this year to share with you to help you plan out your best life + biz yet in 2016! When it came to creating the 2016 Biz Goals Workbooks this year, I decided to do a major expansion + uplevel. Take a walk with me through the Biz workbooks to see fully inside + see how powerful they are for yourself! One thing that’s been super fun to see pop up this year is people getting creative + innovative with how they customise their 2016 goals workbooks, to do list pads + weekly diary-planner to be perfect for their life! The 2016 workbookers Facebook group is busy + thriving with brilliant ideas + shining souls… so inspiring to see and be a part of! This year is our BIGGEST affiliate competition EVER with over $21,000 (!!!!!) in prizes to be won including the chance to fly to Canberra for a fabulous fun-filled mastermind with me!
I’m always so reluctant to jump on popular book bandwagon – but lemme say… there’s a reason her books are so popular.
How to not be a social media trainwreckMy loves – This is the story of two small businesses selling handmade stuff online. Leonie Dawson is a celebrated soul-centered life + business teacher, best-selling author and passionate philanthropist. Leonie has been recognised for her business acumen by being a top 6 finalist in MyBusiness Award for Australian Business Woman of the Year, and a finalist in Ausmumpreneur of the Year Award. Leonie lives in the alpine mountains of Canberra, Australia with her hunky husband and their two mermaid daughters.

Originally launched in 2007 as Omnivoracious (“Hungry for the next good book”), The Amazon Book Review has served as the place for the Amazon Books editors to talk about our passions for fiction, nonfiction, cookbooks, kids’ books, mysteries, romance, and science fiction. December is traditionally a sluggish month in publishing, a lull between the blockbuster fall season and the launch of a new year.
What distinguishes Connelly's Lincoln Lawyer books from the average legal thriller (in the same way his Harry Bosch series transcends "cop story") is the complicated likeability of his flawed hero, Mickey Haller, a criminal defense lawyer who works mostly from the backseat of a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car. With Inside the Dream Palace: The Life and Times of New York's Legendary Chelsea Hotel, Sherill Tippins has written the definitive biography of the New York landmark. Darlene's goal is to educate, motivate and empower people of African descent to learn the rich history of African culture - past & present. Celebrated Christmas: For the first time since Will and I got married I was able to travel the 4 hours to my dad’s to spend Tuesday through Sunday there!
I didn’t post a lot of discussion posts or reviews but rather did lots of best of 2014 lists and did a fun week of handmade Etsy giveaways. I participated in Secret Santa: At my other blog, The Broke and the Bookish, I host a Secret Santa and this was the 5th year and there were over 300 people who participated!
But you guys seemed to like my 11 books that deserved more attention in 2014 which is a whole lot of once sentence reviews!
So I Sat Here Ready To Declare My Goodreads Challenge— Loved hearing your thoughts on what I was contemplating! My top twelve 2014 releases : It was so hard to narrow but these ones definitely stuck out!
On Creating Safe Spaces – I feel the same way about my blog and also really need to go through my personal Facebook. Going ice skaing: We didn’t go in December because it was just too busy but this month for sure! When she's not reading you can find her doing Pilates followed by eating ice cream, listening to music with oversized headphones and having adventures with her husband and dog. Yes, I have some not so fabulous life situations, but it could be so much worse and there are so many people with so much less. I’ve made several new friends, and I know that I’ll be spending more time out of the house now, so I need to be okay with myself if I can’t keep up the blogging and reading schedule that I’ve been on for so long now.
I feel like a lot of stuff I focus on isn’t what I really should be and I get distracted. This was exciting since it wound up being a-amazing and b-the push I needed to read Amy Hatvany. It’s been a pretty great year full of new friendships, new blog features, new life things, and much more! My favorite, personally, is this adorable shirt from Forever 21 because it is so freaking cute.
BonfiresIs there anything more romantic than a crackling bonfire on a cold night?December is awesome because it allows you to enjoy the warmth and love of bonfires.You could sit around a bonfire with a group of friends or with a loved one.Either way, its one of the nicest things about December! Mostly because I’m a big fan of his writing and it means I get to read more of it (selfish), but also because it would be interesting to see where we had overlap. I get my team to review our traffic + see what our most popular blog posts were for the year, I’m fascinated by what was popular and what resonated with you all. I’ve always been super cognisant of the fact that my time is limited, so I better make what I do MATTER.
100+ PAGES OF CREATIVITY, MERMAIDS, UNICORNS + COLORING MAGIC!Hola dearests, PRESENT TIME!!! Over the past 11 years she has taught hundreds of thousands of women how to have more spirited lives and abundant businesses through her books + online training academy. Here you’ll find interviews with your favorite authors, Best Books of the Month announcements, reviews, and occasional essays on books, reading, and quirky trends.
Which makes December the perfect month to seek out gems that might otherwise get overlooked. Connelly writes crime fiction verging subversively on literature, and Haller is becoming an increasingly complex literary figure, cruising LA's darkest corners in a style that feels like a modern twist on Chinatown. Tippins's Chelsea lives and breathes along with the mind-blowing roster of (often infamous) geniuses and eccentrics who haunt its chambers.
But perhaps the most remarkable part of Aiden and Michel's work is how they are able to turn the abstract language of Big Data into an accessible and thoughtful book. It hadn’t worked out with days off in the past two years so I was thankful to spend the holiday with my family.
My Secret Santa, Maggie, was the sweetest ever and I loved all my lovely presents and I had such a blast shopping for my Secret Santa Ellice over at Paper Riot. I’ve always felt like my blog was this safe space where I am more honest and more myself than anywhere else other than my home and with my closest friends and family.

Because circumstances of the past couple years I’ve definitely become more of a minimalist which is so the opposite of who I was. I want to just be more accountable to myself with where I’m spending my time, my energy and my thoughts.
My goal is to change how I look at things and to be more considerate of what I do have that is positive in my life. Otherwise my music kinda stuck to First Aid Kit, Vance Joy, and some other randoms that I’ve been listening to on and off for months.
I think it’s an every day struggle to keep your mind focused on the positive because it is SOOO easy to go towards the negative. I can wake up in a good mood and see one little thing on Twitter and then the rest of my day I am SO PISSY. This was an idea I latched onto in We Were Liars and I think going through life with that outlook has been making things a little easier. More stuff means more stuff to keep track of and keep clean and I don’t like cleaning! This month, I think my favorite thing you’ve linked to was the post on minimalist living.
I stuck with this monthly favorites post, mostly because it was SO fun to compile the first time around! My company will happily pay all shipping costs to get all baby carriers from Australia to Greece to get directly to the refugees. Looking forward to a juicy January – we’ve got so much goodness to share with you!
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My plan WAS to use some of that time to get ahead in January but I ended up not doing a thing.
I got a cold, then was out for the count with aches and a high fever and then NYE I woke up at 3:45 puking and spent my NYE in bed! I don’t reject buying things or keeping things but I definitely have become more thoughtful on everything I buy, what I consume, the amount of choices I give myself, the clutter of my life.
The cucumber water is real good but I love the taste of the orange and lemon water together! I think that if I can change my outlook then I can change a lot of other things that are going on. Ha I really need to try to find some new music to listen to (sooo I’ll definitely be checking out your picks.
It is so hard and I don’t even know what little actions I can take to start changing this about myself. I mean, thinking back to when I was really hurting after my mom passed, I couldn’t have been easy to love. I’m trying to be less of a mindless consumer and try to only buy things I really need.
November Novelties was the first, and December Delights is the second… do we think January will get one too?
Warhol's Superstars dined in its halls, and Dee Dee Ramone detoxed in its junk-friendly confines. I think I’ll be more confident which will really help with my job hunt and everything else. When my job situation changed I was forced to become a more mindful consumer and truthfully even when I get to a better place I think I’ll be keeping my mindset I have had now. But I could definitely still manage to be a wee bit more minimalist, so I definitely want to try! I think it’ll also help my anxiety, which I have seriously been struggling with lately. If I haven't replied back to you, feel free to tweet me so we can chat further as sometimes that is easier for me to get to when I'm on the go!
Inside the Dream Palace stands as a fitting monument to the hotel, its misfit denizens, and the art that it nurtured and inspired.

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