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Best Books & Reviews in 2016The best books and must-reads for fun, business, spiritual growth and every day reading. October 7, 2015 by Patrick …because even the pickiest of bo rs will be grateful for any of these top New York Times best sellers in 2015. February 16, 2015 by Patrick …because sometimes we could all use a little nudge in the right direction to awaken our spirit. January 31, 2015 by Brian There is nothing better than finishing a great novel than taking in the last . December 21, 2014 by Brian There are countless lists of the greatest bos ever written and to be honest most of them are pretty damn good. The editors of Crimson Romance set themselves the delightful task of picking the 100 best romance novels of all time — find out which ones got the nod! For more information about writing and publishing, visit my related site Be Your Own Book Doctor.
Great Expectations left me chattering about the plot to unsuspecting people wherever I happened to be. Of Mice and Men–Steinbeck is a favorite, so it was hard to choose, but I was determined that no one author steal the list, so I choose the book who tells me about the rabbits. Stephen Crane’s short literature, and in particular The Open Boat resonates with me still. I realize that if I go through the reason for each book, it will be like writing one, so, this will do for now, I’m sure there will be questions of how I could leave such and such out, and how could I be so terrible about Wuthering Heights, and what the hell was I thinking, lol. A Perfect Day for Bananafish, one of Salinger’s stories, lends empathy to someone who is out of step with the world because of being *too* smart. The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep, and All Quiet on the Western Front are pretty much self explanatory.

Wilkie Collins is known for the two novels propelling mystery fiction forward, The Moonstone, and The Lady in White.
The murder stayed with me, from An American Tragedy-and not because of the film with Elizabeth Taylor based upon the book. 25 best books alice hoffman alice in wonderland All Quiet on the Western Front an american tragedy Authors best books best books of all time best literature Book Collecting book mailers Books Bookselling Bookshop Bookstore Bookstores Brick and Mortar brothers grimm chandler charles dickens Children's Books crime fiction dashiell hammett edith wharton eric maria remarque f scott fiztgerald fahrenheit 451 fairy tales Good Reads great expectations grimm hammett harper lee house of mirth Independent Book Stores independent bookstore J.D. Bob, lol–I said something similar to my husband yesterday when discussing this list, and then felt bad, for about 4 seconds!
Diane, I found some gems I haven’t read in your post I love Jane Austen, Bronte sisters, V. From an old classic, to an edge of your seat thriller and the ultimate story, shop our picks for the best bo gifts to give this Christmas season. Witty, charming, heartbreaking, risque for the times, and of course the lessons we must learn about our personal pride and prejudices towards others. Hearts beating, a man walled up alive, a dead hypnotized fellow still speaking while decaying, a horrible disease can’t be kept a bay  no matter how rich and gay, a ridiculed dwarf  takes revenge, a black cat spills the beans.
Best known for the novel, The Awakening, and her novella The Yellow Wallpaper, her other fiction tends to slide to the side. I chose the latter, because the former is a police procedural, where the Lady in White is gothic and dramatic, things I love in a powerful novel. It was a sad  deserted place to die, on a dark lake, and the poor girl thinking her lover was going to marry her, not kill her. If I cannot understand what the writer is trying to convey, I don’t care how lovely the language, how inventive, how blah.
On a road trip I visited the lake and inn where the real murder the story was inspired by occurred.

They had an alphabet of 22 letters and a law that no law could have more words in it than there were letters in the alphabet.
If you allow me, I present you 27 works of Jane Austen compiled into ten books designed for your reading pleasure on Kindle.
Even the scarecrow–telling Dorothy which way to travel, is direct from the Cheshire cat and Alice. Enjoy all of Austen’s wonderful characters, suspense, intrigue and romance, elegantly presented into one file. Bradbury explains the story is *not* about censorship by the government, but how a society devolves into a place where simply owning a book is seen as a strike against society. Then I started looking at his women, and decided he was better off living with his cats and I was good to move on. A must read, especially in todays world of computer games, huge digital TVs, and the internet.
I would be disingenuous if I added women or various cultural, ethnic, of color authors so my list looked diversefied.
However, my list of best books did point out my need to read the varied talented authors I’ve missed.

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