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This is as good a place as any to say huge thanks to the members of the wonderful No Homers Club forum, who helped naming the last few people I didn't know - particularly Jamie, Cash Kerouac, Mr Johannson, and headintheclouds87. Blinky: Three-eyed fish, mutated by toxic waste from Springfield Nuclear Power Plant; and with a taste that can't be beat!
I'm definitely new to the world of internet cats, but I'd have to say, of the cats you talked about in your post, I like Grumpy Cat! I'm probably not the first to think that the fact that random, internet cats are America's new obsession is a bit worrisome. So I’ve spent the last ten minutes staring at a blank screen trying to decide what I could possibly contribute to anyone’s life by writing about the eight Harry Potter movies.
I could use this article as a referendum on the series’ faithfulness to the source material, but the only major complaints I’d make would be the Burrow burning down in Half-Blood Prince (what’s the point?) and the exclusion of the backstory on Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs in Azkaban. Ollivander was always my favorite one-scene character in the Harry Potter universe before he prominently returned in Deathly Hallows. One of my favorite moments from the second book plays out just as eerie as I first imagined it in my head.
Alfonso Cuaron (did you forget he directed a Harry Potter movie?) ditched as much of the boarding school feeling as he could in the third movie, forgoing the Hogwarts uniforms and almost entirely removing Quidditch.
The development of Ron and Hermione, both independently and as a romance, were definite highlights of the second half of the Harry Potter saga. Umbridge is the third best villain of the series behind Snape and Voldemort — and I would even acknowledge the case that she’s more interesting and hateable than Voldy. David Yates took over as director starting with the fifth film and stayed on board for the entire second half of the series (despite constant rumors of A-list directors lined up for parts 7 and 8).
Everyone wondered if and how the movies would depict the Tale of the Three Brothers, and it’s hard to imagine a better adaptation than this spooky, mesmerizing animated version. More on why Neville is probably my favorite character in the series in a later entry, but there’s no question he’s the real hero of Deathly Hallows Part 2. Your takes on the films are very similar to my own – particularly your preference for Richard Harris as Dumbledore. I also loved the love potion scene (probably unlike a lot of folks, Book 6 just might be my favorite). Famous Quotes By Famous People: When you listen to a quote it definitely inspires you and makes you look at life in a new way.
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The Worst Mistake You Can Make Is Walking Away From The Person Who Actually Stood There And Waited For You. New International Version (NIV): Since when did you become the big cheese who gets to tell us what to do? KJV [speaking very loudly]: Translations these days have no sense of history, no sense of tradition. As for the jot and the tittle, that’s the dot on an i and the cross on the t, which are some of the smallest penstrokes in English. AV [speaking very loudly]: Translations these days have no sense of history, no sense of tradition. This internet sensation is a seemingly ordinary, slightly chubby, light gray cartoon cat with dark gray stripes. This cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, is a female feline whose trademark is her perpetually grumpy frown. Please feel free to comment simply the name of the cat or even a picture along with your reason for loving your chosen cat! There is no way I could pick my favorite internet cat, but the ones you have listed are definitely a few of them.

My favorite cat would have to be the Grumpy Cat, she never fails to make me smile and laugh, but I love all of them. Now, don't get me wrong; I think that these cats are just as adorable and funny as anybody else! This is the highest-grossing series of all time based on the best-selling book series of all time, an iconic pop culture franchise of ultra-scrutinized adaptations that pretty much everyone and their grandma has seen ten times.
Each one ranks among the top 50 highest grossing movies of all time, and every one except Azkaban ranks among the top 35. I don’t want to spend too long critiquing the stories and the characters of the Harry Potter series just yet (we’ll get there), and the best stories generally made the best movies. There’s something so enticing about a magic wand shop and a borderline-deranged magician who remembers every wand he’s made, every patron he’s had. Chris Columbus, director of the first two films, wasn’t quite as good at capturing emotion or tension as his successors, but damn if he didn’t nail the aesthetics and images perfectly. Instead, he focuses on the creepy, mystical elements (and the Whomping Willow), with the spine-chilling entrance of the Dementors one of the series’ all-time iconic moments. The movies made their lives a little bit more soap opera-y than the books, but it by and large worked.
Phoenix’s depiction of her was perfect, just as garish and vile as she is in the books (but even more pink).
He depicts the climactic battle between Voldemort and “the only one he ever feared” perfectly and epicly. I still think Rupert Grint is the best actor of the three leads, here showcasing his fantastic comedy chops. While I think the “AVADA KEDAVRA” moment has more gravity in the book, the framing of the tower scene in the film is so tense and perfect.
The best kiss in the film series (here’s a recap), and one that had been built up to for a long time. His slaying of Nagini is probably the most cheer-worthy moment of the series… they (we) definitely cheered in my theater at the midnight screening, at least. He just did a better job of pulling off book Dumbledore’s blend of wise, ancient, powerful, and a little silly.
They were the one magical creature I most wanted to see on the big screen, partially just to get a better understanding of what they looked like.
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My son, The Message Remix, is competing in the X-Games, and I’m trying to watch on my phone.
I talk a lot, say a lot of words, run my mouth when I get nervous, anxious, stressed, worried, so please ignore, deny, pay no attention to me. I think that by the time this dinner is over, we can predict the return of Christ to within 24 hours. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Currently the characters are not listed in any sensible order (actually it's the order I drew the hotspots on the image map), but you can have fun trying to match them all - I'll get round to ordering them eventually!
So, here's the question: what is it that everyone today is in love with, can't get enough of, and most of the time goes mentally insane for? What makes Pusheen so wonderful and unordinary however  are his daily activities and thoughts. Grumpy Cat is famous from people using her face to make memes that have negative comments on them.

If you're new to the internet cat phenomenon, which cat do you like better, Pusheen or Grumpy Cat and why? However, I do have to admit that anything involving Grumpy Cat never fails to make me laugh. I'm also very curious to find out how this famous cat thing started and why everyone started to put them on memes. To be honest, I was not that informed on the internet cats, but this definitely changed that.
But it just makes me question the productivity of a generation when most of its time is spent searching for, looking at or creating pictures, memes and videos of odd-looking cats: perhaps not the most efficient use of our time. In other words, Harry Potter movies make up about a sixth of the top 50 highest grossing movies, and exactly one fifth of the top 35 highest grossing movies. But I just love the rapid-fire WTF of Hagrid storming in the hut, being friendly, doing magic, and overwhelming the Dursleys. One important moment was the Yule Ball, the first time Emma Watson’s attractiveness was really noted by the films, a point where her tension with Ron comes to a head, and the moment she transforms from girl to young woman.
Mike Newell only directed one movie, and had the burden of turning a huge (and troublesome) book into a good movie, but he did about as good a job as we could’ve expected. The reveal of Snape pointing his wand at Harry is gasp-worthy, and that slow-mo shot of a dead Dumbledore is, along with the end of the Game of Thrones pilot, my favorite fall from a tower in all of film.
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Thou goest hither and yon, getting makeovers every three years.  NIV, in the last ten years thou hast gotten plastic surgery and thou hast begun dressing like a metrosexual. Old Man James over there has more errors than Derek Jeter, and The Message is practically having a rave. I think if you would just let me speak, talk, hold forth a bit more, you would see that I have wonderful, extravagant, delightful ideas. I long for the good old days when a man protected his family with both the broadsword and the Bible.
These include wondering what it would be like to be tiny, having pretend adventures, and playing dress up. Tardar Sauce has become so popular that she has appeared on Fox news, the front page of The Wall Street Journal, and the cover of New York Magazine. Presently, Pusheen has over 60,000 followers on Twitter, around 1.6 million likes on Facebook, and is now coming out with a book titled I Am Pusheen the Cat. These felines are definitely much more interesting than Taylor Swift's dating life or even the government shutdown. It WAS a tiny consolation to get to see the school band in that scene (never alluded to in the books). Now if some of you are oblivious to this amazing phenomenon, that has oftentimes been said to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, don't worry, in this post I'll attempt to give a basic education on the best of internet cats. Even with all this popularity, Pusheen is still the down to Earth cat that he has always been. McGonagall summoning the suits of armor (you know what a sucker I am for armies of ghost armor).
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