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I loved the flower style; I loved that they bloomed all summer and until frost once they got going in mid-July.
Zinnias have been around for hundreds of years in the Western Hemisphere, and  were grown in Mexican gardens before the country was called Mexico by Aztecs and Mayans. The Profusion series is a recent mix of two types of zinnia and comes in a slew of vibrant colours. Seed should germinate in five to 10 days.  After they have a set or two of true leaves, thin them to about 30 cm. As with all annuals, frequent feeding with a balanced fertilizer helps keep the blooms coming, although I find zinnias pretty dependable in that department.
This entry was posted in Blog Posts, Landing Page, Ornamentals, Plants and tagged 'Cut and Come Again, 'Hot Crayon Colors', 'Raggedy Anne', annual flowers, cut flowers, Profusion, zinnias by Liz Primeau. I’m starting some from seed this very day, now that the temperature seems to have risen to springlike heights(!). For years, once I’d outgrown my all-colour-all-the-time early gardening stage, I turned my nose up at annuals, especially zinnias, which I considered stiff and garish. The double forms appeared in France in the mid-19th century and the first cactus and striped varieties were bred in the US after the flower became popular at the turn of the 20th century. For earlier bloom, I start mine indoors in a seed-starting medium about a month before the last frost and grow them under lights. I liked the bright colours; they made eye-catching pools of colour in my otherwise pastel scheme. Many of the new hybrids have been bred for mildew resistance, but try to place zinnias of all types where they’ll get lots of sun, which they love, and try not to water from overhead. If they become affected, spray the leaves and stems with a mixture one tablespoon of baking soda to a gallon of water. The flowers covered three foot-tall plants, which mounded in a prominent place near the road in my front yard garden and caused many people to ask about them.

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