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When Wet Ones® Hand Wipes asked me to share how I use their wipes in the summer, I knew I wanted to focus on all the sensory and art messy play we love. Beautiful colors and textures are sure to engage the kids’ senses with this art project! My name is Mary Catherine, and I love to share meaningful {and fun} learning activities for kiddos! The sensory and art experiences below are all open-ended and incredibly engaging for kids (and adults, too). Preschool summer camps and sunny summer days at home are perfect for messy sensory and art play.
It’s crumbly, pack-able and the kids can add coconut shells and little umbrellas to set the scene.
Add some ocean-themed toys to beautifully-colored soap foam and let the children get at it.

It’s a taste-safe version of shaving cream exploration, and it was well-loved by some of my toddler buds. Big movements, the swing, and getting to paint on the playground equaled a big win with the kiddos.
Having some Wet Ones® Hand Wipes on hand out there makes wiping down hands (and legs and arms!) easy and quick.
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Kids can decide how long the fun lasts, and there are so many directions these activities can take.

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