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I recently shared wisdom from bestselling author, Andy Griffiths on the importance of humour in children’s literature, see here. So today I’m introducing you to the English version of Andy Griffiths – David Walliams.
I took two home two Walliams titles from the library, intending to skim read them just so I could chat to the students about these books they were all raving about. If you have readers 9-13 who love outlandish, OTT, super-funny, clever writing…grab some David Walliams. To add these books, audio books or  boxed sets to your home, school or library simply click on cover images. Purchases clicked through from the Children’s Books Daily site result in a small commission. These Harry Potter book cover designs combine beautiful illustration and delightful glow-in-the-dark printing. We think these books would be snapped up if they were put on saleA book cover is like a blank canvas – you can do almost anything and we've seen some stunners in our time here at Creative Bloq. Sign up below to get the latest from Creative Bloq, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox!
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If you think about it, various forms of hollow Earth theory evidence have been circulating for centuries now. Many works of fiction have also covered this adventurous subject with Jules Verne’s classic Journey to The Center of The Earth.
He also came to the conclusion that they had their own magnetic poles and atmosphere which allowed life to evolve.
Halley believed that various forms of gas were constantly escaping from the hollow Earth atmosphere’s and appearing as aurora borealis ( Northern Lights ) on the surface level of Earth.
Most of the hollow Earth theory evidence is met with a degree of skepticism and rightly so – there are a few good factors to be considered.

First of all there is a problem with the idea of gravity being available in these underground dimensions. Most of the hollow Earth theory evidence available has now been totally discredited but there are still those that believe in the theories.
More recent reports have been linking the hollow Earth theory has been Hitler and Nazi Germany.
As a teacher librarian in a primary school, I see first-hand how popular the ‘funnny’ books are – they simply fly off the shelves. However I will now be more likely to also say to the student stuck on historical war novels which end rather sadly…’Okay!
But of course you already all know David Walliams – as one half of the ‘Little Britain’ duo. Instead I stayed up late for two nights in a row and read ‘Gangsta Granny’ and ‘Demon Dentist’ and laughed until my sides hurt. They are very Roald Dahl in many ways and if you need something to laugh about and you love!
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Commission is used in part to maintain Children’s Books Daily and to support community groups which connect children with books. Today we get a look at something rustic, minimal, effective and quite striking to say the least. She also thinks that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is probably the best television series ever created. You can unsubscribe at any time and we'll never share your details without your permission.
We have been provided with ideas like the Hell in Christian literature or Sheol in Kabalistic works. Edgar Rice Burroughs also released a short series of publications on the idea of a Hollow Earth.

Each of these shells were completely independent of one another and therefore rotated differently.
He came to the conclusion that the Earth did indeed have an interior world that it could be accessed through the North and South Poles. If the Earth was hollow then we would have much less gravity up here on the surface – there would hardly be any gravity in the dimensions below!
I have heard of publications claiming worlds exist inside our globe and even have their own sun to dictate their existence. Did the leader of Nazi Germany manage to escape to one of these inner dimensions at the end of the Second World War?
However, I have also been guilty of saying; ‘okay – lets read something with some depth now, let me show you tIhis book over here…’.
Change of pace…over this way we have something which is going to make you laugh so hard your sides will hurt’. To the adults, he is an actor, but to young readers, he is the one of the best-selling and best-loved authors of recent times. You also have to take into consideration that the mass of the Earth is to great a number for it to be hollow inside.
I have, at times, likened the ‘funny’ books to reading a magazine – lovely for a break and some down-time, but not of particular depth. His books do not need reviewing and promoting by book bloggers such as myself because they sell themselves.
Most of the illustrations have a 'playing' part – some can pop up whilst you can look inside others. Each illustration was created with stencil then scanned and coloured in Photoshop."What do you think about these book designs?

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