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Freelance projects are grouped under one job title, Independent Contractor, to give this resume some real teeth. When we wrote and updated the resume examples in this collection we used professional resume templates from my Ready-Made Resume Builder. This resume was composed or reviewed by a professional resume writer on Susan Ireland's Resume Team.
Filed under Media Creative Resume Samples, Resume Examples, Technical Resume Samples and tagged Combination Resume Samples, Job Objective Alternative, Self-Employed, Temp Jobs. When climbing bold traditional routes or soloing the climber must move in a very conservative, measured manner.
The term dyno is often used to describe any dynamic move, but it has a more specific meaning. SLAP A quick reach or lunge during which you have a minimum of two points of contact at all times. JUMP One hand stays on while both feet leave the rock so that you always have at least one point of contact. DYNO An all out leap during which the whole body is airborne and you, very briefly, have no points of contact. Some climbers, usually those who have done a lot of trad climbing, move in a very static way while many younger climbers, who learnt to climb indoors, have a much looser, dynamic style.
When facing a dangerous fall, the extra effort required to do a move statically is often justified by the control gained.
When the target hold can only be held in a very precise manner, for example cracks, clusters of crystals, small pockets or narrow slots. Flinging yourself at the rock is dangerous, both because it can cause you to land awkwardly and because catching a hold at speed places a very high load on the fingers, arms, elbows and shoulders. It can be difficult to effectively spot a dynoing climber and there are times when the spotter is at greater risk of injury than the climber.
An understanding of trajectory, the path taken by the centre of gravity, is particularly important for dynamic moves.
If the target hold is bad it might be worth hanging off it first, if you can get to it, to find the best way to hold it. Every dynamic move should generate just enough momentum to reach the target hold and no more. A lot of dynamics initially look and feel highly improbable, a few tentative attempts can help build confidence. On very rough rock the best tactic is to get the distance dialed before committing to hanging the hold.
The legs are the most powerful muscles in the body and should be the main should of the momentum required for big dynos and jumps. Don’t use two foot holds just for the sake of it, if they are very small or awkwardly positioned just use the best one.
The idea behind the launch is to generate just enough momentum to carry you from one balanced position (setup) to another (latch), passing quickly through the unbalanced intermediate positions. The further the target, the faster you need to move, but remember that you want to stop moving just as the target hold comes into reach (the deadpoint). If you judged the distance accurately you should reach the deadpoint just as the target hold comes into reach, this is the moment to grab it with a straight-ish arm.
Prevent your feet from coming off the foot holds as your weight transfers to the target by pushing down hard on them. When jumping or dynoing, your feet will be in the air and may well swing hard once you latch the target. The target hold is usually caught with one hand, but using two hands (a double dyno) makes sticking marginal holds or holding big swings easier. Sometime when two target holds are held it’s preferable to latch one slightly after the other one, rather than instantaneously. A jump involves both feet leaving the rock but one hand staying in contact throughout the move. Some problems with blank starts, that might otherwise be impossible, can be solved using a run and jump (see above).
Steep, difficult or blank starts can be overcome by jumping from the ground to the first good holds, this technique is known as a jump start (AKA French start).
Alternatively momentum can be used to get stood on the rock rather than to latch a hand hold.
Sloping holds can’t resist an outward pull so they are particularly difficult to reach from, the lower your centre of gravity relative to the sloper the more positive they feel.
When the target hold is small or narrow (for example a pocket) it’s easy to fumble or miss it entirely.

A move later a slightly longer reach is done dynamically using more of the body to generate momentum.
Really long dynos (more than 2m between hand holds) often require a stepping motion (see left). Finally this video contains more dynamic moves than your brain will be able to absorb on the first viewing. TAYTO Park is planning to install what will be the second biggest roller coaster in Europe. The amusement park is aiming to set up the A?8.5m attraction in 2015 as a part of a programme including new rides, a new entrance and additional parking and facilities. The owner hopes the attraction -- and the other works -- will be big draw for potential visitors. TomA?s Heneghan Suspected criminals are not being pursued across the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland. Michael O'Doherty: Is it just me or are these identical triplets starting to repeat themselves? The next 100 days: Will Taoiseach Enda Kenny survive and what trapdoors lie in wait for Cabinet? At a Glance This deluxe stroller by Hauck, has been designed with a vibrant colour scheme which adds a touch of style.
Deodorant is one of those things that you don't want to get wrong, walking around smelling like a toilet or sporting attractive white stains on your new shirt are most decidedly not good looks.
Prior to using Sure this For Men Sensitive Anti Perspirant Deodorant, I was using an array of the Lynx spray on deodorants. I have had sensitive skin for a number of years now and sometimes it can be embarassing and irritable as some other people on here may know.
Ken (not his real name) just got his college degree, so this is his first resume out of the gate. To get step-by-step advice on how to write your own resume, go to 10 Steps: How to Write a Resume. And while books are great and all they aren’t the best way of illustrating complicated movements, so I have added some embedded videos to accompany the text. However, the boulderer is free to experiment, using momentum to do moves that would be very difficult, if not impossible, in a more static style. The best place to experiment with dynamics is at a quiet indoor wall with plenty of big holds and good matting. During a reach you accelerate initially before slowing down and stopping as you reach the target hold (the deadpoint). The greater the horizontal gap (out, across or both) between the launch foot holds and the target hand hold, the bigger the swing will be. As they take less than a second and involve the entire body working in harmony, they also require good coordination and lots of practice. The idea with sinking down before you launch is to maximise the amount of room available for generating momentum before you reach for the target. Big dynamic moves can be very hand on the skin, often failed attempts can do more damage than successful ones as the skin scrapes across the hold so once you hit the target commit 100% to holding it.
Even when the target is initially latched with one hand it’s best to match it as quickly as possible. This is often when the holds are at different distances from the launch holds and your effectively arrive at one earlier than the other. As the name suggests you run at the rock, kick off one or more foot holds and jump for the hand holds. Jump starts come in three variations: a jump from the ground (see above), a jump assisted by a hand hold and a step using a foot hold to reach the target.
Firstly, a lot of moves are significantly easier if done dynamically and secondly it’s often more efficient ie. Slapping initiates the movement from a low position and uses it to carry you to the target. Work on your accuracy by slapping to narrow sloping holds (make sure your fingers are well warmed up first) but avoid dynamic moves to small pockets as it’s a common cause of finger injuries.
The first video is a great example of using a very small bit of dynamics to help with a hand move from a compression position. This involves pushing off the hand holds (or another high foot hold) with your foot to get extra height. A total of A?25m is set to be invested over the next year-and-a half, with the new developments scheduled to be completed by April 2015.Mr Coyle said he was very pleased at how well the park in Ashbourne, Co Meath, had done since opening in 2010. I picked up sure as they are a fairly well known company and felt confident that this was a company that finally my pitts could trust.

I had became to realise that Lynx was not as effective on me as it used to be and when I went for a jog I ended up needing a shower immediately.Before this Lynx used to be fine, maybe my body became immune to it - this I doubt!Anyway, this meant I had to find a new deodorant. I used to use normal deoderants like Lynx allover my body and under my armpits but then all that would happen is my skin would go red and even a Lynx roll on was still no good as it badly affected my skin.So I needed a deoderant or a roll on for me that was going to be suitable for my sensitive skin and would not leave me feeling irritable and uncomfortable like I had been in the past. If it had been a two-pager, he would have put it at the top of page one to be sure it was noticed in the resume's first scan.
Of course all movement is by definition dynamic, but in climbing terminology a static move is one that is slow and balanced while a dynamic move is one that is done quickly, in one continuous motion.
It requires less energy and power than static reaches, it’s equivalent to pedaling down one hill so you can coast up the next.
The potential landing zone for a big dyno is huge so think carefully about how and where you might land. Often the target is hard to see from below, marking it with a small dot of chalk can help but make sure you clean it off when you are finished.
Depending on the situation you may reduce the swing by pulling your knees up towards your stomach or by arching your back towards the rock and allowing your lower legs to swing outwards.
Sometimes the best setup position may cause a huge swing once the target hold is latched, in that case you must launch from a sub-optimal position to increase the chances of holding the target hold. By keeping one hand on Nalle is able to very accurately hit the very small target holds and control the swing. The key to any dynamic start is launching from the point on the ground that will minimise the swing when you latch the target. Watch any bouldering video and unless the problem is a slab or technical bridging problem then the chances are most of the moves will be slaps.
But by 2012, that figure had risen to 350,000.And last year, the numbers came just short of half a million, reaching 495,000, according to Mr Coyle. The fact that it is sensitive is not because I am a woman, merely because I didn't pay enough heed to what I was buying (or thats the story I'm sticking to anyway).The package is incredibly streamlined and contains a suprisingly ample supply of deodorant considering it's diminuitive stature and sleek design. There has not always been a market for such a product in the past but I think as more and more people have sensitive skin there is a need for something to help so whether it is work or play you are safe in the knowledge that you can go about your daily business without any problems and pains.I then one day was in my local Tesco and trying to find a particular product that ticked all the boxes to help me out with my situation as I wanted to stay clean and fresh all over. Most dynamic moves require a fair amount of athletic ability, this suits some climbers more than others, however, dynamic movement can be learnt and refined with practice. On vertical rock gravity pulls you straight back down, but on overhanging rock it pulls you out (away from the rock) as well as down.
At the climbing wall a good way to gauge the length of a move is to count the bolt holes between holds (assuming the gaps are uniform). There isn’t any consensus on whether you should pump up and down a few times before launching.
The wheels have an all round suspension to ensure your baby enjoys a comfortable ride, and the front wheel swivel making it easy to manoeuvre on smooth surfaces and can be locked into position when pushing the stroller over rougher ground. I was able to go on a jog and my "pits" remained dry and I did not require an immediate shower! For long dynos it might be worth doing a few star jumps and stretches to prepare the big muscles in the legs.
So depending on the circumstances your centre of gravity may travel in a curve (inward or outward), a figure of eight, a C shape (moving inward then outward) or a straight line (parallel or sometimes even perpendicular to the rock).
Some climbers believe that it gives a good feel for the best position, others think it’s a waste to energy. I have since been to Florida during their summer and this was the product I used over there and guess what, it is VERY effective. When opening the lid I was immediately met with the undeniable smell of urinal cake (thats right, the little chemical odouriser in the turlet), for me it ceases to matter now about any other attributes such as lastability and effectiveness, but for the sake of the review I will continue.
Even in immense heat the fresh smell still remained.Another plus about this product is that it isn't too expensive and it has a good lifespan.
Jumping to two separate holds requires good coordination but if neither hold is sufficient on its own you have no choice.
If the smell had been adjusted to a more pleasing scent then I really wouldn't have a bad word to say about the product, it lasts long, it nearly completely halts sweatiness and leaves only a very slight white powderiness thats almost undetectable.
As it stands though I won't be using it again as surely one of the most important factors involved in making an anti perspirant is a pleasing scent as well as leaving you dry as oscar wilde.Thumbs (and armpits) firmly down on this one, unless they reintroduce it with an overhauled flavour (yum yum) then I'll have to go elsewhere for my Deodorant needs.

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