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The New York Times Best Sellers List has been one of the most popular lists of best-selling books in the United States since it premiered in 1942. Clearly, the addition of e-books to the best-seller lists is validating for digital (many industries—music, for example—are going a similar trend), but are such lists even relevant in the digital age? The list is compiled from surveys of booksellers across the nation and is divided into a number of categories including Fiction and Nonfiction, hardcover and paperback.
But with the so much of the industry going digital, the New York Times' metric has become antiquated.

The digital best-sellers list will be introduced in early 2011, and will include both fiction and non-fiction e-books. The announcement comes on the heels of a report showing that e-books were fast becoming a $1 billion industry, up around 200% from last year and set to triple by 2015.
The Association of American Publishers says e-books new generate 9% of all consumer book sales—nearly a tenth of the industry that the New York Times has been neglecting. And second, why, in a world that expects information in real-time, would consumers want to wait a week for the New York Times to update its lists?

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