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I have applied for the IAS exam can you please suggest me the names of some Useful Books for the preparation of this exam?
The following errors occurred with your submission Okay Your Username: Click here to log in Message: Options Quote message in reply? Many graduates are trying for civil service exams such as UPSC for the posts like IAS, IPS, IFS and IRS. Here I am providing you the name & other details of 2 books which will help you in preparing for various competitive examinations.
SSB Interview, NDA Exam, CDS Exam, AFCAT Exam and other Indian Defence Exams Preparation and Coaching Blog. This book is know as Pathfinder NDA Avum NA Pravesh Pariksha Rastriya Raksha Academy Avum Nosaina Academy Conducted By UPSC (Hindi). A special blog for Indian defence aspirants which helps them to prepare for SSB Interview, NDA, CDSE , AFCAT, Territorial Army and many more. There is a mentality in our society that if somebody is studying in a Hindi medium institute, he is seen as an inferior. Though the government announced on Aug 4 that the marks in the English language comprehension skills of the UPSC aptitude test will not be included in the merit list, the protestors remained far from satisfied, impelling many to ponder that resentment against the English language is probably more intense than we imagined. Pavan Verma, former diplomat and author, said English is not a language of social inclusion. Aam Aadmi Party’s chief spokesperson Yogendra Yadav too believes English is over-emphasised.

Amreesh Pandey, spokesman of NSUI, the student wing of the Congress, said the predominance of English has led to discrimination against people whose medium of education was Hindi. He further said that the focus should shift from one’s medium of education to what skills one has learnt irrespective of the medium. Experts from the south, on the other hand, have a very different perspective on the debate over the supposed domination of English.
Moreover, there are lots of state level competitive exams like UPPSC, MPSC, TPSC, PPSC, GPSC, HPSC, PBSC, APSC and KPSC. Similarly, NDA written test is also conducted in Hindi, candidates who have studied in Hindi medium might face some difficulty while preparing for NDA exam through English medium book. We all know that Arihant publications has launched so many good books for defence interview preparation.
Their main aim is to provide up to date information regarding SSB Interviews and sharing quality information about Indian Defence to help aspirants.
More often than not they need to switch overnight to the English medium to enter the best institutions in the country. Venkaiah Naidu on Thursday asked agitators to wait till the UPSC exam was over on August 24, and then he would address the issue taking every party into consultation. Pandian, author and political commentator based in Chennai, said the very friction between English and Hindi languages is an artificial construct and politicians from the Hindi heartland are to blame for this. When the constituent assembly debated the question of language, the Anglo-Indians said we belong to this country and our language is English.

To solve this problem, Arihant publication has launched a best NDA exam preparation book in Hindi.
This version of NDA pathfinder is a Hindi version of the their regular NDA and NA Pathfinder Book.
It has created a literary upper tier where people with a certain fluency and accent are more privileged,” Verma told IANS. The way people are selected in various competitive examinations clearly demonstrates a colonial hangover,” Thakurta told IANS, alluding to the undue prominence given to the English language.
For example, any leading English daily fetches more advertisements than a leading Hindi daily which may have a greater circulation.
This is because even the advertisers recognise the English readers as wealthier people,” Thakurta maintained. If you want Nagaland and Anglo-Indians to be a part of India, you have to recognise English as part of India.

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