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Latest BookThe phone rang, my baby was born, he died, my eyes saw, I did not see, I heard, I read, I forgot, I sent….. Some people hate being small, but I am tall 6ft 3in and let me tell you it is no walk in the park!
Irish Wolfhound: Most bigger breeds are more friendly than smaller ones, and while the wolfhound might have a commanding appearance it is naturally one of the friendliest and therefore best family pets to own.
Scottish Deerhound: This massive breed was bred to hunt down and take down fully grown stags in the Scottish highlands, but has since gone on to become a lovable, friendly breed. Saint Bernard: This is one of the best working dogs in the World and they are sill bred and used to rescue people who have become lost in the Alps.
Leonberger: Every dog had his or her own personality, but these large Saint Bernard style animals are often considered to be one of the most inquisitive breeds of dog. Great Pyrenees: These are often thought to be the must beautiful of all the large dog breeds. Tibetan Mastiff: With a large head and thick coat, it is often seen dressed up at parties as a lion because it also has a very thick lions mane.
The main problem it seems with bigger dogs is that they often think they are small ones, and can do the same things! You gave me a lot of smiles with this post – some are all legs, others are all fur and a lot of things in between.
Great post…I love animals, my husband and I are very big animal activist in our area.

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I am constantly bumping my head into stuff, finding clothes that fit is a real nightmare and whenever a lightblub needs changing I am the one who has to do it! It was originally bred to hunt boar but is now considered one of the tamest breeds you can have. Big in size, build, height and personality, you would run the other way if you saw it alone in the woods.
While it is a family friendly breed it is also very protective of other animals in its pack and yes that includes the family cat! Bred in the Soviet Union to be a guard dog it is has the attack style of a Rottweiler only it is a much bigger animal.
Often breaking down doors and anything in their way just to get to something they can smell! Originally used to haul in the nets for fishermen they have the ability to swim very long distances while pulling a heavy load. Wit a very thick and beautiful white coat they feel like silk in the hand and are happy enough to let anyone smooth them, but are considered rather high maintenance. They are more of a guardian dog than a family one, but do commit to a single owner and often can’t be separated from them.
I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear.

We also have a search and rescue team of Lab dogs we use here in the Ozark Mountains on the Buffalo River.
Grab the timer to add an extra layer of excitement.Drawing promptsGiving the kids a drawing prompt is the easiest way we know to keep them occupied and creative. She enjoys gardening and traveling on her motorcycle visiting new places, familiar places, and meeting new friends.
The only thing to be aware of is their rather powerful tail that can literally feel like you have been whipped and even leaves bruises!
Most notable is their massive head which can often put a lot of people off stroking it, let alone owning one.
But I don’t care what people say, the breed is irrelevant to how nasty or loving the animal is, it is all about how you raise them.
But without a fishing job in site, they are often seen in the news because they seem to have a built in response system to people drowning and save several people each and every year!
Grrrr… well I just wanted to say that I was my Great Dane in the sink as it is the only place he will sit still. Prior to launching herself into fulltime writing and editing, Bron freelanced while she worked in marketing on some of Australia’s most well-known brands. When she's not making Mumtastic a gorgeous place for Aussie women to hang out, she's blogging over at Maxabella Loves about her three kids, decidedly hot husband and her desire to live a slow life.

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