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Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop hosts three monthly book clubs, which are free and open to everyone to attend.
Our members are men and women of all ages who get together to enjoy relaxed, convivial discussions of books over tea and coffee (and sometimes home-baked goodies!). Our first meeting in February 2013 was a great success, and our first book, Old Filth by Jane Gardam, sparked great discussion and was well received.
You can find information about what we’re reading this month, what we have previously read, and book club FAQs below, as well as information about our discounted book club ordering service and tips on setting up your own book club! You can also keep up to date with the Charlie Byrne’s Book Club on our Facebook group page for book club members! Our Wednesday morning book club takes place on the second Wednesday of each month from 10 – 11am. Since March 2013, our Tuesday Evening group has been coming together on the first Tuesday of each month from 6-7pm in the eponymous bookshop in the Cornstore, Middle Street, Galway, to talk about — well, books. Nope: we meet each and every month, January through December, so feel free to drop into one of our meetings year-round.
Book club facilitator Michaela McDermott recently took over our Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning book clubs. Although Megan still takes part in the occasional book club, she has passed the torch onto Michaela, who loves her new role within the book club. Check if we’ve got a title in stockWe don't have a catalogue of our books, but we're happy to check if we've got a title in stock, or if it's available to order.
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Most book lists we’ve come across, whether they are “Best Books for Men” or “Top 100 Books”, are never very accessible to the average guy. Front Cover Friday #23April 20, 2012 By APC Leave a CommentI found this beautiful front cover in a book store in Manhattan, KS, over the weekend. Front Cover Fridays #22April 13, 2012 By APC 1 CommentThere are few characters ever invented who are considered manlier than James Bond. We're making our lists a€” of mysteries, cookbooks, science fiction, teen lit, biographies and more.
In her latest novel, Ann Patchett, author of the beloved Bel Canto, takes her readers down the Amazon and deep into the rain forest in a book that is part adventure story, part morality tale.

In Caleb's Crossing, Geraldine Brooks has created a lovely heroine in Bethia Mayfield, a young girl living on Martha's Vineyard in colonial times. This is the story of Jozef Vinich, a young Slovak shepherd who was born in America but returned as baby to his father's homeland in rural Austria-Hungary. The book club has gone from strength to strength in the capable hands of Megan Buckley and has recently passed hands to Michaela McDermott. We’re a mix of men and women, ages 20-something-ish to 70-something-ish, and we always welcome new members of all ages, genders, and reading tastes.
Michaela received her BA in English and Social Policy, as well as her MA in Literature and Publishing from NUIG and has keen interests in literary fiction, mythology, sci fi and children’s literature.
John is also the beneficiary of Galway Doctoral Scholarship Scheme 2015-2019 at NUI, Galway. We’re making a pretty bold claim, so you need to know we used a very sophisticated formula to select each book. A vision: That one day we men of the world could be more educated, have deeper conversations, and connect with our fellow men.
There are the groups who take their books very seriously and frown on regulars who have failed to read that month's selection.
You think you know what it's about, only to realize you've been mistaken a€” just like the narrator.
We have occasional field trips to literary events and other fun outings; a regular supply of homemade baked delights, courtesy of many our our members; and a guaranteed dose of lively conversation, what more could you ask for! Feel free to come to any and all of our book clubs: you can drop in and out anytime as it suits you. Megan has worked in publishing and bookselling since 1999, when she began her work life as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster in New York. Michaela’s favourite books include (but are not limited to) The Little Prince, Slaughter House Five, The Master and Margarita and absolutely anything by Tolkien. Apart from travel writing, John has an interest in Irish interest novels, Irish history, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy and classics. We can order any in-print books for book clubs, and we offer a 10% discount on such orders to all book club members.
We started this group to find great books suitable for our masculinity, and we wanted to prove that book clubs aren’t only for middle aged women. These are the original front covers of that collection starting with the first book, Casino Royale.

Then there are the ones where members might be more interested in sharing the latest gossip than discussing the book.
Smarter than her older brother, who is destined to get the education she wants and deserves, Bethia finds comfort in exploring the wilds of the island with a young Native American named Caleb. He is trained as a sniper, a deadly talent that brings him face to face with the worst that war has to offer. She received her PhD in English from NUI, Galway in 2013, and is a freelance developmental editor specializing in practical nonfiction. We can also reserve any secondhand copies of book club titles, and keep them aside for book club members to collect. Eventually he is forced to fight the war in the trenches along with the rest of the infantry. Just ask any member of staff, email us, or give Michaela a call at 091-561-766: we’ll help you find the perfect read for your next book club meeting. Bedraggled and disillusioned, he is taken prisoner and wants nothing more than to get home. Here are five fascinating books that will be sure to catalyze serious and lively conversation. So I plunged ahead and was quite delighted to get swept up in the kind of story I loved as a kid: a headstrong, rebellious young girl in a wild, untamed place defies all the rules and finds love. This is a book for grown-ups written by Geraldine Brooks, who not only respects history, she loves it. So while she sets up a story that's easy to fall into, she doesn't shy away from the realities of those times.
Or did he simply fail to remember what he wanted to forget?"Did you read this book?" my friend asked.
The Sense of an Ending is the kind of book that when you finish, you want to read again just to sort out what clues you missed the first time around.
And it makes you think: If one man can get his life so wrong, can shape his memories to fit his own self-satisfied image of himself, doesn't that open the possibility that we all do the same thing to some degree?

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