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Gardeners love build-it-yourself projects because they help save time, make tricky jobs simpler, give new life to cast-offs, and just make gardening more fun!
We’ve all wondered who would play us in the film of our life at least once or twice, but have you ever thought about what book would represent your time on earth? It couldn’t just be any old book though, no, we reckon the best books to describe our lives have to be Roger Hagreaves’ fantastic Mr Men Books!
So if you want to know what book best represents your wonderful life then read on as we present our ultimate test to find out! For more Mr Men and Little Miss madness check out our other quizzes to find out which character is most like you personality.If you fancy reacquainting yourself with all the characters from the books then head over to our online shop where you can find box sets of both the Little Miss and Mr Men Books! These inventive and clever garden accessories work for a wide variety of garden tasks--from making compost, planting seeds, and controlling weeds to trellising climbing plants, attracting backyard wildlife, and keeping everything well watered. You could find all these ideas on the internet, but sometimes it's nice to have a book to flip through and bookmark.

From Mr Bump to Little Miss Sunshine and all the whimsical characters in between, there’s a book to suit us all out of the 49 Mr Men and 42 Little Misses.
Try recycling an old drawer into a protected growing space, or make a shade cone from window screening.• Want more butterflies and birds in the yard? Build a quick fruit feeder or a simple tray feeder.• Tired of adding wood chips to every bed? Decorate the patio with a handmade bamboo and cedar fountain or a dramatic drip wall.This comprehensive hands-on guide for do-it-yourself gardeners is filled with quick-and-easy projects for vegetable gardens and every part of the yard.
And there's no need to buy costly materials since the projects use easy-to-buy supplies or scrap items.

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