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Our books just in section is absolutely brimming with interesting and unusual esoteric and new-age books! We’ve just shelved a very large collection of secondhand esoteric books on a diverse range of subjects. This library features many well known new-age and spirituality authors, as well as some unusual and hard-t-find gems. Check if we’ve got a title in stockWe don't have a catalogue of our books, but we're happy to check if we've got a title in stock, or if it's available to order.

Share with us!We love to hear from you - share with Charlie Byrne's on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram! We’ve just shelved a fabulous second-hand collection of 700 esoteric books covering world mythology, folklore, psychology and history. This carefully selected personal collection has been curated over a number of years and includes titles on topics such as world mythology, ancient religions, shamanistic mysticism and ancient civilisations with a variety of reasonable price points. This is a special interest collection not to be missed and the more unusual titles are sure to fly of the shelves!

Make sure to come in and have a browse or contact us if you require any further information!

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