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19.04.2015 admin
I recently put up some new prints in our office reception, one of which is a photo of a huge, nearly perfect, barrel wave breaking.
The waves represent opportunities we can choose to follow. We can’t ride every wave, even though we might like too.
When they get to shore they break, unless caught by a surfer, only then are they brought into reality.
We create the reality we desire, by acting upon our inspirations. The dreams that we have relate directly to our goals.

On the other hand, we can paddle around being extremely selective, in the hope of finding that one elusive awesome ride (which may never come).
We are all surfers on the waves of life, we choose which waves we ride and which waves pass us by.
We may not always get what we want, but often the problem lies not in obtaining what we want, but in firstly deciding what opportunities to follow. But this is really a matter of growth and wisdom; knowing which opportunities suit our personality and goals.

We may pick the wrong wave or realise that something isn’t quite right with the ride but we learn and grow in the process of choosing.

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