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This entry was posted in Books and tagged Home Decor Books, Home Decorating, Interior Design books. Today, The Best Design Books presents an in-depth view of the many facets of the kaleidoscope of American fashion.
American Fashion is the ultimate volume on the history of fashion in USA, celebrating over eight decades and the work of more than 100 designers.
Rima Suqi has been described as having “shopping in her soul,” however she is much more than just shopping.
Charlie Scheips is a cultural historian, journalist, curator, and the founding director of the Conde Nast Archive.
The book has extensive step by step drawing instructions that makes product design easier for both teachers as well as students.
Due to its in-depth details, the book is important also to those studying other forms of art like graphic designers, architects, engineers etc.
The book also comes with the facilities of watching videos related to the topics mentioned, you just need to point your tablet or smart phone to the page in question and the video will be loaded. The book weaves complex principles with their practical implementations for better understanding. Improve your designing and sharpen your skills with the 100 principles mentioned in this book.
This book delves deeper into product designing and adds another dimension: User Psychology.
You may have the best product design in the world, but if your consumer does not relate to it, your product would be a failure.
This book shows how to reach target customers, make them aware of the product and how to make the product indispensable to them. The book intricately weaves technology, product designing, and business and consumer psychology. This book contains interviews with eminent personalities from the industries like Yves Behar (fuseproject), Murray Callum (ford), Jonah Becker (HTC), Achim Badstuebner (Mercedes-Benz) and many many more. The book deals with interviews and onions of the who’s who of the product design industry. Get to know from the leaders in product design, what they look for in potential employees and how they find them.
Adult Coloring is the latest trend in stress relief and the good thing is that it is working well. Wouldn't it be awesome if we could find ways to increase our productivity both at the workplace and life in general?
Innovation and creativity are the most important skill sets to climb the corporate ladder quickly. ABOUT USBest On Internet is a content research organization, where we do aggressive content research to find best stuffs for our users.
The owners of the acclaimed stores and decorating firm Circa Interiors present eight stylish, beautiful homes blending comfort, beauty, and function with classic Southern hospitality. In their first book, Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith present beautifully arranged interiors in which the trademarks of their style—subtle color palettes, graceful furniture, an emphasis on comfort and entertaining—harmonize to create fresh yet classic rooms. The lessons also extend from the interior to the garden, as Schwab and Smith discuss how outside spaces can become natural extensions of the home for entertaining.
Book Review: The Luxury Collection – Room With A View – Like a theatrical backdrop, a breathtaking view sets the stage for an uplifting journey of the spirit. Featuring a room or suite in each of The Luxury Collection’s more than ninety-five properties that frames an exceptional panorama, The Luxury Collection Room with a View showcases the world’s most beautiful and inspiring destinations. Notable tastemakers, including Valentino global brand ambassador Carlos Souza, art director Sofia Sanchez de Betak, and designer Margherita Missoni, reflect on their favorite views and relate their unforgettable travel experiences.
The Luxury Collection is an ensemble of more than ninety-five of the world’s finest hotels and resorts, each noteworthy for its architecture, art, furnishings, and amenities. Andrew McCarthy is an actor, director, and award-winning travel writer, and his travel memoir, The Longest Way Home, became a New York Times best seller. Keep following Best Design Books for the lattest book reviews and the most amazing interior design books and magazines! Don’t forget to leave a comment bellow!

Kelly Golightly is a sparkling style guide for the modern-day Audrey Hepburns of the world, celebrating the art of living a colorful life.
The Essential Lighting Design Book for Designers  – Gary Gordon founder and Principal Lighting Designer of Gary Gordon LLC, has designed lighting systems for more than one thousand corporate, institutional, residential, and retail projects. The inspired illumination of any given space can amplify its aesthetic impact and take it from the pedestrian to the sublime. And, for years, this excellent reference has guided architects and designers in the achievement of lighting artistry.
The revised edition of the highly successful, seminal book that has introduced generations of architects and designers to the principles of lighting, this edition also covers new equipment as well as revised specifications for existing equipment. Working from the premise that lighting design is a rational process, author Gary Gordon provides a solid conceptual foundation based on the conviction that the lighting condition of interiors has enormous emotional impact on people. Interior Lighting for Designers book is an invaluable reference for both students and design professionals.
Our contributor Insect 54 have a selection of his book collection featured in Bibliographic.
Bibliographic: 100 Classic Graphic Design Books is a unique, absorbing compilation of the best design books of the last 100 years. Forthcoming booksType Sign Symbol, Graphic design international, Color & communication, Modern Publicity 1977, Publicite 12-13, Spin paper 2 & 3, more than 280 graphis issues, 12 Arts & metiers Graphiques issues, 35 Gebrauchsgraphik issues, Trademarks & symbols, and more. Interior design Books: A History of Interior Design – This time Best Design Books will present you a singular book about interior design history in more than 6000 domestic and public spaces. This is an interior design book that tells us with details A History of Interior Design with a space in time that has more than 6000 years of domestic and public space represented. Inside the pages of this amazing design book you will find: construction, architecture, furniture, decoration, technology and product design, always in an inspiring and descriptive way.
Concerned with social and political context this interior design book also begins a detailed discussions about famous buildings, from cathedrals to Koolhaas and investigations of the domestic spaces habituated not by interior designers but for ordinary people: the cottages, farmhouses, apartments and city terraces inhabited. The new edition of this interior design book, reviewed by Best Design Books, is a history book with hardback that includes 350 illustrations, of which over 50 are new images and many previously black and white images updated to color. John Pile was Professor of Design at the renowned Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, is the author of twelve interior design books about furniture, color, office planning among other aspects related to the world of design. These richly illustrated volumes celebrate the history of fashion design in this country, with exclusive behind-the-runway glimpses into the private lives of the most acclaimed American designers. Commissioned by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), American Fashion is a visual journey through iconic and fresh images by the century’s greatest photographers and illustrators, accompanied by essays defining nearly a century of fascinating history. She’s a self-proclaimed “numbers junkie” who – through key relationships with retailers and designers – has developed a keen understanding of the business behind retail. All the objects that we encounter in our everyday life had a story of its designing process, be it something as ordinary as a door or something as complicated as a tablet. It gets the reader to think how even the most day to day object they use was created after much brainstorming. This book focuses both on theory and practice and instead of giving pre made templates, it actually enables the students to grasp the concepts and draw complex diagrams themselves. Its multi-disciplinary approach to design gives the readers a wide exposure to the use of designing in various industries. In this tough age of competition, the sure shot way to be successful is if your products are used by way of habit.
The book gives equal importance to the actual apple industrial design studio as it does to Mr. Get to know how to make your portfolio stand out and in line with the requirements of your dream firm! A house with an open door is like a friend with an open heart: inviting, generous of spirit, and constant at the core. Walking the reader through each home with their characteristic Southern charm, they share their vision and process, from big-picture topics such as room flow and furniture plans, to the importance of entryways and setting a beautiful table. Throughout, they share specific ideas for arranging rooms to welcome one, two, or four people as comfortably as fifty, establishing multifunctional, adaptable gathering places that are both gracious and functional for the family of the house as well as their guests. From the pristine sands of Aegean Riviera in Bodrum, Turkey, to the bustle of San Francisco to the verdant Sacred Valley of Peru, at the base of Machu Picchu, this volume is a virtual adventure around the world that will leave readers dreaming of their next escape.

Sharing a dedication to immaculate service and comfort, each property has a unique heritage inextricably tied to its destination.
Not only do coffee table books provide endless inspiration, but they also are instant art for your coffee table! As three-term president of the National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions (NCQLP), he established the first national certification program for lighting professionals. Enhanced with more than one hundred new illustrations, Interior Lighting for Designers, 4th Edition (published by Wiley) takes readers step-by-step through the lighting design process as it covers lighting terminology, perception, general design strategies, and much more. With an emphasis on designing light, tools and techniques for every phase of his process are presented as a means to achieve the optimal design. If you open this nice book, you can see Top Graphic Design (by FHK Henrion, ABC Verlag), Graphic design in the chemical industry (Hans Neuburg, ABC Verlag), and some others. Covering a huge range of material – from historic titles by pioneering type foundries to the best of recent monographs from today’s leading studios – it provides a striking insight into the evolution of graphic design in the twentieth century.
Interior designers experts like John Pile always inspire us to make interesting book reviews. This is a fourth edition of the book that was released for the first time in August 2013 and it includes an inspiring new chapter about twenty-first-century interior design and also a revised chapter on the late twentieth century.
All these issues get together in a impressive narrative that goes from cave dwellings and temple architecture, through Gothic cathedrals and Renaissance palaces, to the grand civic spaces of the nineteenth century and the sleek interiors of modern skyscrapers.
A book with 496 pages for interior designers or interior design lovers that want to know it all about historic interior design projects. Her work was a focus on the past century and Judith Gura is invited to give several lectures and wright articles about interior design. Beginning with the New York and Hollywood-based designers of the 1930s, the book illuminates the work of emerging patriotic talent during the war years.
If you want to learn the art and the science of creating products, this is one book that is a must read. Designing could be in any form, be it advertising, packaging, point of purchase collateral, or even games, a good design would increase the number of eyeballs, which in turn would increase the sales. Kahney met John Ivy on numerous occasions and had various interviews and so brings a unique perspective on this man of genius.
Curated for their spirit of diversity and genre, each Luxury Collection property has a story to tell.
He is an editor-at-large at National Geographic Traveler and has written for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Travel+Leisure, and many others.
Little wonder that this work has been identified as one of the “key preparation references” for design professionals facing their Lighting Certified examination.
This creative crescendo continues with the evolution of the major names in American fashion during 1960s and 1970s and goes on to explore the achievements of our country’s marquee stars of the 1980s and 1990s. For this reason, companies large and small have sought out this trend expert to help brand themselves, name their products, write press releases, brochures, catalogs and advertising copy.
He has received six Lowell Thomas awards, and been named Travel Journalist of the Year by The Society of American Travel Writers. Published in 2007 and Commissioned by the Council of Fashion Designers of America, author Charlie Scheips does an excellent job of showcasing iconic clothing spanning over 70 years (ending in the 1990s) and the journey of over 100 American designers into international stardom and becoming household names. American Fashion culminates with a look at contemporary talents who export their individual visions internationally. Television producers love her natural on-camera style and often book her for lifestyle segments on everything from travel to fashion trends; she also hosts in-store events, product launches and shopping tours on request.
Chronicling the designers, icons, publications, and events that shaped fashion for more than 70 years, this is the essential compendium of the rich and vivid story that is American fashion.
A contributing writer for Alef and Organic Spa magazines, Suqi writes “Best Bets” for New York Magazine’s online edition, has authored three style books and and regularly writes for national magazines.

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