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Volcanoes Cause Mysterious Lightning Storms, Images So Breathtaking They Look Photoshopped! So There’s An Island You’ve Probably Never Heard Of… And It Looks Like Aliens Should Live There. So when Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cook book was released this month, it surprised a lot of people that she has toned down her health-nut style. Gwyneth, the now 43 year old movie star, used to claim that the secret to being healthy was staying away from all processed food, in addition to eggs, shellfish, caffeine and red meat.

Even though a lot of her new recipes are dairy free, sugar free and gluten-free, She still included some indulgent treats like a fried egg sandwich, chocolate mousse, and a carbonara with a healthy twist that hopefully appeal more to the masses and give a little ‘something for everyone’. Her “socca” pizza is made from chickpea flour, and the chocolate mouse from almond butter and avocado. In the foreword for her new tome, the mother-of-two explains: ‘Food doesn’t need to be complicated to be good. The code was established in 2005 to enable the young princesses to have as normal a life as possible but also extends to other members of the family.In the code, journalists agreed not to take photographs of the royal family outside official engagements.

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