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Libraries are an excellent resource for wordless picture books: I can never have enough wordless picture book resources to target narrative language, my kind librarian researched wordless picture books, and printed out a list of titles available throughout the district. Libraries are a great place for pre-voc skills: One year I had a minimally verbal student with ASD who was so great when it came to sorting and shelving books in alphabetical order.
I have access to so many subscriptions purchased by my schools district, including curriculum-aligned resources, which includes my most recent favorite place, PebbleGo. As we continue to help our students understand fact, fiction and other online places, there are a ton of resources for digital literacy and education, including cyber-bullying.
Use these insights from an audiologist, physician and SLP to show clients that you want and value their input into their own treatment.
Conversational and memory supports can help maximize communication for clients with Alzheimer’s dementia.

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I have an amazingly knowledgeable colleague who knows top to bottom, every resource on the shelf or online. The best part is I can check out books as I need to, which saves me from out-of-pocket costs for materials. My generous colleague purchased multi-sensory books and curriculum which help my students connect with literacy in a way that is enjoyable. Her areas of interest include working with children with multiple disabilities, inclusion in education and professional development.

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Whenever a student of mine is having a tough time, we can come to a place for quiet and a little bit of sunshine…there’s a spot right by the window whenever we need to beat a little bit of those winter blues! Posts written by ASHA members reflect their own thoughts and opinions, and publication does not imply ASHA’s endorsement of the products or services they may write about.

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