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Email us here if you have a cool site and want to become a friend, in a macho sort of dude type way. Jason Latour: Well, to be honest I was really aware of how awfully wrong it could have gone. I was initially a little hesitant about that, because when I was a kid reading Spider-Man it was a real hard and fast rule that Gwen Stacy stays dead.
Rico Renzi: I was really just getting into a groove with Robbi after thirteen issues of FBP, so I just look at this as an extension of what we were doing there. Latour: We’re going to be picking up right on the heels of Spider-Verse, and that experience will have a big impact on Gwen going forward.
Of course her father, Captain Stacy, knows her secret, and as the man charged with bringing Spider-Woman to justice, that’s left him in a tough spot. So I think we’re trying to do that, to be challenged by the material, and hope that that effort helps create a good story that does the entire audience justice. CA: Your Spider-Gwen ongoing will be side-by-side with the current Spider-Woman book and the new Silk book, plus Amazing Spider-Man, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Spider-Man 2099.
Rodriguez: The fact that we are creating from a far different world than those book will set us apart for sure. Latour: While we lose out a little on the shared threats and allies the other Spider-Men and Women have, we gain the fact that Gwen swims in her own stream. I really want to approach this as a modern superhero book, where the old tropes are re-examined and re-invented a little. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. Her death back in 1973 in Amazing Spider-Man #121, by Gerry Conway and Gil Kane, was a mark of maturation for the genre, a sign that superhero comics were ready to embrace more sophisticated storytelling.

How did this new vision of Gwen come about, and was there any sense of how strongly people would respond to her? When my editor, Nick Lowe, approached me about doing a new character for Spider-Verse he mentioned that Dan Slott had jotted down a one line sentence that said, “Gwen Stacy as a Spider-Woman,” and that they both liked the idea and wanted someone to run with it. But in thinking it over I tried to distance myself from where I come from and look at the idea as it would exist in a modern context. There’s a feeling of timelessness to it that I think is only achieved by being influenced by designs outside of comics as much as within. There was an amazing energy to that issue, and obviously Robbi and Rico created a sustained run of beautiful comics with FBP. To protect his daughter he’ll have to decide just how much his badge means to him, and if the lessons he’s taught her his whole life hold up in the world they now live in. We’ve seen some significant strides so far in terms of the kinds of characters published, and smaller but significant gains in terms of the diversity of creators behind those characters.
When I put myself in Gwen’s shoes I try to do it with same care and investment that I would if I were writing her police captain father, which is pretty foreign to me too.
If people enjoy reading stories like Spider-Gwen and that contributes in any way to convincing companies like Marvel to be less hesitant to make even bigger changes in the future, I’d be thrilled. She has her own universe to explore, and I hope that’s as exciting to readers as it is to us… because trust me, we’re going to try and take full advantage of it.
Can you talk about that decision and how it might impact how Gwen is addressed within the narrative itself? It was really clear that Gwen’s re-emergence in other media had already given her a new life, and that her death and the way it seemed to rub a lot of her newer fans raw was meaningful. Visually and tonally, what is the approach, strategy and inspiration for Spider-Gwen from the artists’ perspective?

Most of this book happens very organically, and over-thinking it [might] hurt the product over all. I mean look, I’d be the last person to hold this book up as wholly progressive because this is a comic about a teenage girl superhero, mostly produced by a group of men. It just seemed like there would be a lot of catharsis in Gwen as the hero, instead of the victim. It’s really mind blowing and humbling and up there with the best and most touching moments of all our careers I think.
So when she comes back from Spider-Verse, not only will she be inspired by the Spider-Men and Women she meets to try to be a better super hero, she will also have to pick up the pieces of being Gwen Stacy, and figuring out what that means.
That seems to be a part of the argument [that] gets a little lost when people advocate for diversity in the marketplace. I really feel that in entertainment the relationships between stories and their authors and their audiences should be somewhat reflexive. One that is free of a some of the baggage you might normally associate with superhero comics. A culture where everyone has characters and creators they can not only identify with, but can also be challenged by is good for us all.

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