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We like the sentence of Nelson Mandela: “The education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world”. If we frame the matter of the education in the context of the obligatory education, we celebrate that more and more people talk of “educational inclusion” or “inclusive education” because we trust that it is the best methodology to educate. Just like this was understood by experts gathered in the forum of UNESCO of 1990 in Thailand, where this concept was formulated and highlighted during the Salamanca Declaration in 1994: the convenience of to give teaching to everybody, with and without special educational needs, in the same common educational system.
Moreover, it also resounds as a powerful echo a theory of the Principe de Asturias of Social Sciences Award of 2011, Howard Gardner. It would be ideal that, apart from trusting in the educational inclusion for its own qualities, sons and parents would enjoy this philosophy, in other words, the pleasure of get along with “the differences” for the richness that they provide.
I’m sure you have heard several people state “That is the best movie ever!” or “That is the best car ever made!”, but the reality is, that is only true for the people who say it or think it.
When creating products or formulating marketing messaging, marketing and product management should have a clear idea of who this ideal user is. When creating products, one must look into addressing specific problems that are encountered by their personas, instead of adding on items and features in the hope that the product will sell.
Employees usually have a tendency of mistaking themselves for the ideal target or a good representative of the potential customer. When creating a persona, you need to create a persona definition which includes a name, age, sex, technology environment, education and career.
Well because it better reflects and respects the reality just as it is: variable, with nuances, differences, particularities, expressive, mixed, unequal, with character and personality.

It is about the “multiple intelligences”, eight diverse ways of “intelligences” that determine different ways to know the world.
Different people have different needs and would classify different products as ‘the best’ to what others would. If you use personas, you understand that developers and marketing people are rarely representative of the potential customer.
Her experience in online marketing and e-commerce goes back seven years when she joined a local web development company as a partner, where she was managing web projects from conception to release for several clients.
This professor of the Harvard University considers absurd to pretend that all the pupils learn in the same way. Before deciding which marketing channel to use in order to reach our potential customers, we need to understand which channel is used by our persona.
Buyer personas enhance the idea of profiling the various buying influences that lead up to a sale.
She moved on to gaining experience in internet marketing with an international software company based in Malta, with a special focus on competitor analysis, market research and product marketing. They are descriptions, biographies of fictitious characters that would represent the typical customer.

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