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Dopo essere stati deliziati dal debutto del best seller La Coltre del Vampiro, i lettori reclamano a gran voce i seguiti. La sera del suo diciassettesimo compleanno, Sofia Claremont viene risucchiata in un incubo dal quale non riesce piu a destarsi. Viene rapita e condotta a La Coltre, un’isola dove al sole e eternamente interdetto di brillare e che non e riportata su nessuna mappa; a governarla e la congrega di vampiri piu potente del pianeta. La vita di Sofia prende una piega terrificante, e nel contempo eccitante, quando viene scelta tra centinaia di ragazze per essere trasferita nell’harem, situato sulla cima di un albero, di Derek Novak, il principe reale delle tenebre.
Per quanto il Principe viva ossessionato dal potere e da una sete insaziabile per il sangue di Sofia, la ragazza non ci mette molto a capire che, in tutta l’isola, il posto piu sicuro per lei e proprio all’interno della residenza reale. Ci riuscira o incontrera la stessa sorte di tutte le altre ragazze finite sotto le grinfie della famiglia Novak? Serie Dark Erotic Romance con un pizzico di thriller.  ¦ Traduzione a cura di Cornelia Grey. Questo sito utilizza cookie per consentire una navigazione efficiente sullo stesso, per analizzare statisticamente le visite degli utenti, nonche cookie, di terze parti, per inviarti messaggi pubblicitari in linea con le tue preferenze.Chiudendo questo banner, continuando a navigare o accedendo a un qualunque elemento del sito senza cambiare le impostazioni dei cookie, acconsenti all'uso dei cookie. The "Secret Circle" series follows 16-year-old Cassie, who moves from California to live with her mom in New Salem and falls in love with a mysterious boy named Adam. Guardians get the molnija mark (Russian молния for lightning) tattooed on their necks to mark how many Strigoi they have killed. Vampire test subjects of the Augustine Society who have been artificially modified to feed on the blood of other vampires.
Augustine Vampire, somewhat like a regular vampire, was initially a term that refers to a vampire who has been captured and made a test subject to the many experiments carried out by the Augustine Society. The first Augustine vampire to be referred to as such in the series was Lorenzo, an experimental test subject of the Augustine Society from 1943 to 2011 who was introduced in the episode Handle with Care, though he was not identified by name until The Cell. However, the first vampire to be turned into a cannibalistic Augustine vampire was Wes Maxfield's laboratory assistant, Jesse, who he conditioned to crave only vampire blood over the course of several weeks. However, Jesse was killed shortly after he was remade into an Augustine vampire, and when Wes became impatient with how long it took to condition vampires to be like Jesse, (a process which took at least two weeks) he created what became known as the Ripper Compound, with the intention of using it against Elena Gilbert. When Katherine was ultimately killed by Stefan Salvatore after the Mystic Falls Gang realized she had taken control of their best friends' body, Elena was left with this new compound in her system, making Elena an Augustine vampire like Damon.
In While You Were Sleeping, both Elena and Damon were cured after being given antidotes to their respective Ripper Compounds with help from the Travelers.
In Enzo's case, being an Augustine vampire meant that he had been held in captivity by the Augustine Society for decades, during which time he was constantly experimented on to test the limits of the vampire healing ability on vampires and humans via their blood. For the Augustine Society to create a cannibalistic Augustine vampire, however, a regular vampire was first needed, which required a human to die with vampire blood in their system and then feed on the blood of a human to complete their transition upon awakening. The first method involved starving the vampire over the course of several weeks and then selectively feeding them vampire blood, which seemed to have both a psychological and physiological effect on their cravings for blood.
The second method was much faster, and was born from Wes Maxfield's desire to create more Augustine vampires without having to go through the trouble of conditioning him like they did Jesse. In The Cell, Damon, who was trapped in a cell with Elena in the basement of Whitmore House after being captured by Wes, explained to her his story about being held captive by Augustine in the 1950s, where he was tortured and experimented on by Dr.
In For Whom the Bell Tolls, Jesse came to Wes Maxfield for tests to determine why he had blacked out most of the previous night's activities. In Monster's Ball, Maxfield continued running tests and experiments on Jesse, who had completed the transition to vampire, but had otherwise not fed on human blood for three days.
In Dead Man on Campus, Jesse was able to escape from Maxfield by using his recent feeding on vampire blood and the increased strength that it gave him to overpower him.
In Total Eclipse of the Heart, Damon was incapacitated by the Travelers, who were working with Maxfield, allowing him to inject Damon with his Ripper Compound.
In No Exit, Enzo was revealed to have been traveling with Damon and turning humans into vampires for Damon to feed on, as he had figured out that Damon needed to feed every eight hours before he became rabid and he didn't want to risk Damon feeding on him. Enzo, fearing for his life, chained Damon to a chair to ensure that he wouldn't feed on Elena or Stefan when they came to save them.
Later, Stefan and "Elena" (who was actually possessed by Katherine using a Passenger spell) arrived to save Damon, which made Damon furious, as he didn't want to hurt either of them. In Gone Girl, knowing that the Mystic Falls Gang was going to kill her after they found out she was possessing Elena, she decided to fulfill one final act of revenge against her doppelganger before she died as punishment for having the life that she believed she should have had. In While You Were Sleeping, Damon and Elena both spent the day suffering their own respective side effects of being Augustine vampires while they were each trapped in their own homes until they could figure out a cure. Augustine vampires possess the same physiology as regular vampires, though they have a hunger for vampire blood and appear to be even stronger than the average vampire of their age, as Jesse, a weeks-old Augustine vampire, was able to overpower the 172-year-old Damon before he himself became an Augustine vampire as well. When an Augustine vampire smells vampire blood, especially when they had not fed in hours, they will temporarily lose their personality and feelings toward anything as their consumed by their desire to feed on vampires.
Unlike normal vampires, whose veins only grow around their eyes, an Augustine vampire's veins grow down past their cheeks.
The ordinary vampire test subjects of the Augustine Society possess the standard powers of a vampire, although those who were injected with the Ripper Compound or who were conditioned to become cannibalistic Augustine vampires possessed these abilities to a heightened degree.
Super Speed: Augustine vampires possess the same speed as average vampires, the ability to accelerate their movements to cover short distances in an instant, faster than the human eye can see. In La Coltre di Sangue, Bella Forrest ci trasporta in una storia unica, coinvolgente e di una sensibilita straordinaria.

Sta tranquillamente passeggiando di sera sulla spiaggia, quando si imbatte in una creatura pallida e minacciosa, che brama ben piu del suo sangue. Decide allora che, se vuole sopravvivere anche solo un’altra notte, dovra fare di tutto per accattivarsi le grazie del sovrano. But, when she enrolls in high school there, she realizes that he, she and all the other elite students at the school are witches! However, more recently, the term has expanded to also refer to a vampire who has been injected by the Ripper Compound created by Dr.
During his seventy-plus years in captivity, Lorenzo was subjected to all manner of experimentation, including having portions of his organs removed, in order to help Dr. Wes' intention in creating this kind of Augustine vampire was to eventually make all vampires crave the blood of their own kind, which would then make human blood no longer a satisfying food source from them and would subsequently protect all humans from becoming their food in the process.
When she was rescued before he could give it to her, he continued his research before eventually found a new potential Augustine vampire in Damon Salvatore. In No Exit, it appeared that Damon was able to keep himself in control of his cravings for vampire blood as long as he fed on a significant amount every eight hours. And, with the deaths of Wes and the Travelers, the formula for the compound was presumably lost. However, this torture against him did give him several abilities that many other vampires do not have; namely, an increased tolerance for physical torture and to vervain, which has proven useful against vampire hunters who try to incapacitate or kill him.
In the case of Jesse, Wes discovered that Jesse had vampire blood in his system from being healed with it the night before, so he killed Jesse with a cardiac medication and fed him a blood bag to complete his transition. After some time, the Augustine vampire would develop increased strength, and their vampire face became even more pronounced as the darkened veins around their eyes extended past their cheek bones. This method simply involved injecting the vampire with his newly-created Ripper Compound, which will quickly cause the vampire to begin craving vampire blood. Whitmore.  It was during his time there that he met Lorenzo, and the two became friends who comforted each other during their captivity. Maxfield realized that Jesse had vampire blood in his system and took the opportunity to gain another vampire test subject by injecting Jesse with a drug that caused him to go into cardiac arrest and die with the vampire blood in his system. Confused and afraid, Jesse returned to his dorm room and accidentally attacked his roommate Aaron after his bloodlust was triggered by the sound of his heartbeat. When Damon awakened, he found another test subject of Maxfield's named Joey, who had been turned into a vampire and left injured for Damon to find. He turned a farmer he had come upon into a vampire, and once he had finished his transition by feeding on a blood bag, Damon fed on him to the point of ripping his head off. However, before they got there, Wes shot Enzo with a gun, causing him to bleed enough to stir up Damon's vampire blood cravings. Unbeknownst to either brother, Katherine had a plan to try to get Stefan to kill Damon by putting herself in a position where he would have to chose between them, and so she walked into the house to try to tempt Damon into feeding on her under the guise of trying to prove to him that he wouldn't hurt her.
She found Wes' last syringe full of Ripper Compound, which had also been laced with werewolf venom extracted from Nadia's blood in order to make it more lethal, and injected Elena's body with it so she would have to suffer the effects after she was dead. Fortunately, Stefan, Enzo, and Caroline were able to obtain antidotes from both of them through the Travelers, who had a specific interest in Elena's blood and needed her to be alive. Similarly, once Damon was turned, his strength became augmented in general and was able to be increased even further when overcome by the craving for vampire blood. This was demonstrated by Damon in No Exit when his desire for vampire blood overpowered any feelings of affection Damon had for his best friend Enzo or the love of his life, Elena.
This manga anime series depicts the story of Inuyasha, a half demon and Kagome Higurashi, a 15-year-old girl from Tokyo.
She befriends their leader, Diana, but soon discovers that Adam and Diana are dating, which leads to a whole bunch of complicated drama.
When Rose meets Dimitri for the first time in Vampire Academy, he has already six molnija marks, meaning that he has killed six Strigoi.
Wes Maxfield, which causes the vampire in question to solely crave the blood of fellow vampires rather than humans as normal vampires do. Whitmore and the other Augustine physicians research ways human medicine could be advanced through the vampires' regenerative healing ability and their blood, which can heal any wound in a human (so long as they're still alive) and can cure many illnesses and conditions. Wes' ultimate goal was for vampires to fatally feed on each other until the species killed itself entirely.
Wes injected Damon with the compound in Total Eclipse of the Heart, who then involuntarily became Wes' Patient Zero.
If he went longer than that without feeding, he would become rabid and have no control over his urges, causing him to feed on any vampire he could find, much in the same way that many newborn vampires act before they learn control.
Though feeding on human blood would satiate them temporarily, all it would take was one taste of vampire blood for the Augustine vampire to become ravenous for vampire blood to the point that they could easily kill the vampire upon which they were feeding.
In the case of Damon, Wes injected him with the compound while he was unconscious, and when he awoke, he was almost immediately triggered into a feeding frenzy when he came upon a chained up and injured vampire in the next room and smelled his blood.
Fortunately, Aaron was merely knocked unconscious during the feeding, allowing him to call Caroline for help in understanding what had happened to him.
Damon was immediately overcome by bloodlust when he saw Joey to the point that his eye-veins had darkened all the way down his cheeks, and ended up feeding on Joey so intensely that he ripped his head off in a matter of seconds.
Unfortunately for them, before they could leave the house, they realized that they had been magically trapped in the house with a boundary spell by the Travelers, who were still allied with Wes Maxfield.

He became so desperate to feed that he easily broke through the chains that were restraining him and began attacking Enzo. Katherine cut her hand with a piece of broken glass, and even though Damon tried to resist as long as he could, he ultimately ended up feeding on her.
The cure for Damon's version of the compound had actually been made by Maxfield, who developed it by experimenting on Enzo one last time between the events of No Exit and Gone Girl, while Elena's antidote came from Maxfield's research that had been co-opted by the Travelers. This urge to feed on other vampires seemed to cause even centuries old vampires with lots of experience in resisting their urges to revert to the behavior of a newborn vampire who hasn't yet gained control over their hunger. Also, when they began feeding on vampires, it was incredibly difficult to stop, which is what earned it the name "Ripper Compound"—the Augustine vampire fed so heavily that they ripped off the head off of the vampire on whom they were feeding. An Augustine vampire apparently cannot feed upon itself or on another Augustine vampire, otherwise it would have been an easy matter to satiate their bloodlust by feeding upon themselves. The coloring pages feature these two protagonists of the series in action in different settings along with other characters like Shippo, Miroku and Sango. At the end of Frostbite Rose gets her first two molnija marks for killing Elena and Isaiah.
Damon was the only living Augustine vampire until Gone Girl, when Katherine Pierce, a Passenger in Elena's body, injected herself (and, by proxy, Elena) with Wes' new version of the Ripper Compound, which had been laced with werewolf venom extracted by the recently bitten Nadia Petrova prior to her death. Whitmore hosted a party where the guests drank the blood of his test subject, who were kept in a cage that could potentially be broken out of by a vampire if they were at their full strength.
Afterward, Caroline and Elena promised to teach him to make use of his abilities, starting with healing Aaron and compelling him to forget what had happened to him.
When Enzo asked him what was happening to him, Damon replied that karma had happened to him. Maxfield's goal was to continue his tests on Damon, as Damon was his "Patient Zero" for his Ripper Compound and he needed to learn more about how it worked, including how long Damon could last without vampire blood while trapped in the house before he fed on his best friend Enzo. Fortunately for Enzo, Maxfield still needed his help, so he had the Travelers cast a spell to turn Enzo's blood into acid to keep Damon from feeding on him and promised that if Enzo came with him for one last experiment, he would let Enzo free for good. While Katherine struggled, she kicked a broken piece of wood to Stefan to use to kill Damon, but Stefan instead cut himself to lure Damon to him long enough to snap his neck and take him home, where he locked Damon in the cellar of the boarding house. Some of the sheets show the characters fighting their enemy Naraku while others feature them in fun and light mood with each other and their demon cat, Kilala.
There is another tattoo that looks like a star that means the bearer has been in battle if they have fought too many Strigoi to count. However, for this reason, Augustine's two vampire test subjects were only given one small glass of blood a day, with just enough for them to not desiccate from starvation. That night, they decided to let Jesse come to the party they were throwing in their dorm room as practice for controlling his hunger. Damon, not wanting to hurt Enzo any more than he already had, ordered Enzo to leave with him, which he did.
To get around this restriction, Enzo agreed to give up the majority of his rations to Damon so he could be strong enough to break them out at the next New Years Eve party in 1958.
While he and Caroline were dancing, he found himself being drawn to feed on her, and when he accidentally bit her lip and tasted her blood, he became so overcome by his cravings for vampire blood that he fled the party to avoid hurting her.
Despite being far younger, Jesse was able to overpower Damon Salvatore as result of being genetically conditioned to crave Vampire blood by Dr. Whitmore when he was allowed out of his cage to give his blood and take out most of the party attendees, but in the commotion, a fire was started by a fallen candle. Maxfield at his laboratory as to why he felt so compelled to feed on the girl that he liked.
Enzo was still locked in the cage, which was coated in vervain to prevent anyone from breaking, out, and Damon was forced to make a choice: continue to try to break Enzo out and risk both of them dying in the flames, or leave Enzo behind despite their friendship to save himself.
Maxfield then explained to him that he was able to "modify" Jesse's physiology so that he would seek out vampires, and not humans, to be his prey.
It is unknown how they would fare against a hybrid, a transformed werewolf, a werewolf with a moonlight ring, an evolved werewolf, or an Original vampire. Damon ultimately chose the latter, and turned off his humanity switch in order to make it easier for him to leave Enzo for dead. Damon, who had been questioning Maxfield prior to Jesse's arrival, was attacked by Jesse after Maxfield stabbed him with a scalpel to draw Jesse to him, and though Damon remarked that his advanced age made him stronger than Jesse, Maxfield informed him that Augustine vampires are actually stronger, insinuating that it was because of the ingestion of vampire blood.
Elena, a newly turned Augustine vampire, demonstrated enhanced strength even without having fed directly on a vampire.
Damon assumed that Enzo had perished in the fire, but in reality, one of the surviving Augustine members found him and saved him, which resulted in Enzo being experimented on for another fifty years. Wes wounded Enzo to test Damon's strength and bloodlust; though he was unable to break out of the chains before, once he could smell Enzo's blood, he was able to muster the strength to break the chains easily and lunge for his friend to feed on him.

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