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This phenomenal International GCSE Art Coursework project was completed by Tingjian He (Jim), while studying at ACG Strathallan College in 2011. In a large graphite drawing on acrylic wash, Tingjian records shape, proportion and tone with ease.
Tingjian’s second sketchbook page contains another highly accurate drawing from observation: a mixed media drawing of an animal skull. This International GCSE Art sketchbook page introduces colour, with a vibrant and messy acrylic wash forming the background of the work.
Part of the mock examination, this page in Tingjian’s International GCSE Art sketchbook continues to show experimentation with media, form and colour. This is the sketchbook page in which Tingjian really clinches his First in the World placing. Returning to artist model Jason Hicks (who was studied briefly within an earlier sketchbook page), Tingjian acquires the painting techniques that really help to inform his final work. This images shows the development of Tingjian’s final painting, which is developed and refined over the last four sketchbook pages. International GCSE Art final piece: A mature and confident conclusion, Tingjian’s combines his own ideas related to his chosen subject-matter with the style of the artists studied.
ACG Strathallan College has a thriving and dynamic Art department that has achieved great success under the guidance of Art Teacher and Curriculum Co-ordinator Jo Palmer.
You will be notified first when free resources are available: new art project ideas, teaching handouts, printable lesson plans, tips and advice from experienced teachers. Open Your Book Of Life Only To a Few People, Because In This World Very Few Care To Understand The Chapters, Others Are Just Curious To Know. It is in the Character of Very Few People to honour a Prosperous Friend Without envy, and these very few people tend to become best Friends. Kenwood Travel finds the best beaches in the world that have no need to sit and boast of white sands. When one considers the best beaches in the world in the travel industry, the phrase ‘white sand beaches’ tends to pop up fairly often. The whitest beach in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records is Hyams Beach in New South Wales, Australia. As the travel industry is captivated by the idea of white sand on a daily basis, we thought to give due consideration to beaches of a different colour, a different nature, per se. As we survey our spectrum singing a rainbow so to speak, we begin at the bottom with pink sand. Maui, Hawaii famously has many of the few red sand beaches of the world, particularly at Kaihalulu Bay, a tourist hotspot that isn’t actually that easy to reach because of its sheltered position. Hawaii, however, has the pick of the bunch as far as multi-coloured beaches are concerned, so instead we sought to highlight somewhere not so famous and just as crimson. On Canada’s Atlantic side, east of Quebec and north of Nova Scotia one finds Prince Edward Island.
Mention Big Sur, on the California coast a little south of San Francisco, and many will recall the exploits of William S Burroughs and Jack Kerouac: a focus of the psychedelic escapades of the Beat Movement.
Hawaii gets its honourable mention now as holder of one of only two green-sand beaches in the world. One of the first minerals to crystallise as magma cools is olivine, a bright green gem-like magnesium and iron silicate composite known locally as ‘Hawaiian Diamond’. Hawaii’s Punalu’u Beach is one of the world’s best-recognised black sand beaches, also as a favourite rest stop for Green and Hawksbill Turtles. A romantic and refined spot, Anse Chastenet is a place to sip cocktails in style and await that tropical sunset, basking in the glory of nature. Check out the package holiday to St Lucia that better suits you and discover this glorious beach.
Koroyanitu National Park is a great and amazing national park that is found in Viti Levu based in the area of Nadi.
My daughter is almost 14, and it has taken me nearly that long to figure out how to parent an introvert and how to help her navigate a world that tends to reward extrovert behaviors.
Recently, we’ve encountered a couple of situations that remind me just how hard this world is to navigate for the truly introverted. Parenting an introvert can be an exercise in patience and frustration, especially if you’re not an introvert yourself. Don’t forget to check out my new book Everyday Truth: Teaching your kids about God during life’s everyday moments. This entry was posted in Parenting situations and tagged introvert child, parenting introverts, shy child. If you love someone with depression, sometimes it can be painfully difficult to know how to show them love and help them through difficult times.
Tingjian not only gained 100%, but, along with another student in his class, was awarded the prestigious TOP IN THE WORLD placing for the CIE October examination session. Based on a ‘Coastal Environment’ theme, he explores natural forms such as skulls, harakeke (flax) flowers and landscapes, as well as man-made items such as fishing floats and ropes. He confidently replicates a range of surface qualities, including the woven texture of a rope and the shiny reflective surface of a fishing float.
Working primarily in black and white, students are able to focus on tone and form, gaining proficiency in these areas, before contending with colour.

This technique encourages creative experimentation and provides a welcome contrast to the highly accurate and controlled drawings that are added over the top (note that the coloured ground also gives colour to the fish themselves). Following a written evaluation of Hicks’ artworks, where students have the opportunity to demonstrate their art-related vocabulary, drawings of flax (harakeke) flowers and other natural forms are painted in the style of Jason Hicks. With a technical skill and understanding of composition rarely seen at the GCSE level, Tingjian produces an absolutely draw-dropping research page.
Note that while this International GCSE Art project focuses upon Painting and Related Media, artist models who work outside of this genre are more than acceptable (as long as their work is relevant). Note that there is rarely any need for students to complete large, slavish replicas of artist work: the imitation of small parts of a painting is usually all that is needed for students to gain an understanding of technique and style (which can then be applied to their own work). Note the tidy, comprehensive notes which accompany this thorough IGCSE Art and Design submission, indicating to the examiner that this student is hard-working, conscientious student.
Over the coming weeks I will bring you more articles about her exceptional art students who have achieved brilliant results (including Tingjian’s 100% IGCSE Art exam).
Amiria has been a teacher of Art & Design and a Curriculum Co-ordinator for seven years, responsible for the course design and assessment of Art and Design work in two high-achieving Auckland schools.
Pink Sands Beach on Harbour Island in the Bahamas, and similarly Horseshoe Bay Beach in Bermuda, are so vibrantly pink one presumes to have stared in the sun for too long. The island’s south coast teems with red sand beaches because of its iron oxide-rich bedrock.
Pfeiffer Beach near Big Sur is one of the region’s premier surfing locations, a secluded stretch of sand with great waves and an even greater vibe.
It is the result of manganese almandine or spessartine garnets, which are abundant in the surrounding hills. Part of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and perched under the shadow of active volcano Mauna Loa, Papakolea Beach occupies a tiny bay at the foot of a cinder cone in the volcano’s southern rift valleys. Lighter ash and glassy volcanic fragments are washed out to sea, but the hard, dense olivine crystals continue to collect on this eerily green beach.
The climb down the cinder cone to get to the beach is no mean feat, and requires a strong pair of legs. Black sand beaches form from igneous or volcanic rock, mostly basalt, which crystallises and shatters as volcanic lava seeps into the ocean and quickly cools. Anse Chastanet Beach, near the west-coast town of Soufriere, is the jet-black result of this particularly active volcanic island.
Indeed many consider it to be one of the best beaches in the world, not least because Saint Lucia’s Pitons – the distinctive mountainous spires, another volcanic wonder – are in glorious view. It just means that you’ll need to do a lot more parenting and coaching along the way. It can be hard not to just step in and deal with a difficult situation for them, especially because you understand how much of an emotional toll those situations can take on your introvert.
They just need a little coaching, a lot of love and the knowledge that their less-exuberant personalities are as valuable as those of their extroverted friends and family.
She loves to encourage other moms to grab the everyday moments to share the truth of God with their kids. Achieving the maximum mark in every assessment criteria, Tingjian’s Coursework project is an excellent source of inspiration for teachers and students alike.
It is important to note that while a candidate’s skill is expected to grow over the duration of the course, the first impression that a student gives the examiner is very important.
Without a doubt, this is one of the most outstanding International GCSE art sketchbook pages I have ever seen. Here we really see Tingjian begin to use painted acrylic layers in his work, with both dry-brushing and masking techniques. In this case, the beautiful etchings of Maori carvings have an eerie aesthetic that clearly influences the development of Tingjian’s work. See also how the quick pencil sketches showing the basic compositional structure of an artist’s works can be a great way for students to understand how parts of a painting connect and relate to one another. Amiria has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies, Bachelor of Architecture (First Class Honours) and a Graduate Diploma of Teaching.
My research suggests there’s lots of algebra telling you how much tint is present in whatever white thing you’re observing, and Hyams ain’t got lots of it. So we got out the bucket and spade, did some digging, and found a few stretches of sand that are shore to go against the grain.
Tinted pink sand beaches are a dime a dozen, generally seen when the quartz and gypsum in the sand are slightly less pure and possess an off-white, pastel-like shade. Thousands of visitors a year flock to these spots to witness the beauty of such an abnormal colour, the result of billions of dead coral and the reddish pink shells of tiny single-celled invertebrates known as Foraminifera. This particular cone – Pu?u Mahana – has been spewing magma for yonks, which immediately cools as it’s ejected and adds to the volcano body. Yes, we know your unending volcanic activity has conferred all manner of crystallisation processes giving rise to almost every type of natural beach, but give it a rest, let someone else have a go now eh? In this Park, it is possible to get accommodation as there is a scenic lodge within the Park as well as a camping site. It takes encouraging and prompting and a lot of understanding of how the introvert brain works.
Changing teachers, coaches, teams or houses is harder for introverts than it is for extroverts.

Unless it relates to the safety of your child or other people, save your criticism and correction for a private moment. Here are five strategies I’ve learned for helping your introverted child navigate a world that requires so much energy from them. When your child encounters a situation that requires him to resolve a conflict or have a hard conversation, be his coach. If your child is having a party or getting together with some friends, keep the group small. It may take your introvert longer to settle in to a new situation than other kids around her. But the best thing we can do for our introverts is to treasure their personalities and offer strategies and encouragement for dealing with those tough situations. Thankfully we have been blessed to school at home so we have not had to work through the same kind of mass school issues you have. Kelly from The Darling Bakers shares some incredibly simple but powerful ways to show love to someone with depression–these tips may just change your life.
As with this International GCSE sketchbook, the examiners should be hit with a student’s effort and skill from the very first page. What it does have is a heap of pure quartz, gypsum and seashell particles, all of which appear opaque white and contain few impurities. And while you may be inclined to sue me for all the beach-related puns in that last sentence, please remember this is just business, it’s not parasol.
The shells of these amoeba-like protozoa are left behind after being eaten by fish, before being crushed by ocean waves and deposited on the shore. Whilst pretty plenteous in most parts of the world, iron oxide manifests itself most magnificently at the Prince Edward Island locals’ favourite beach, Thunder Cove, where undulating dunes glow with a bold and deep red. The Pacific coast has steadily eroded Pu?u Mahana over time ensuring the beach below has had a constant supply of minerals. The Park offers its visitors great hiking trails which pass through local villages that are fascinating and charming and offer the visitors a chance to view the beautiful natural scenery that the Park offers. And the thought of having to address a problem situation or be a part of conflict is horrifying on a scale that is almost paralyzing.
She’d be the one on the outside of the team huddle or the one standing on the corner of the room at a party. Change means your introvert is going to have to expend a whole lot of emotional energy to make new friends or impress a new teacher or coach. Introverts hate to be the center of attention for any reason but especially if they have done something wrong. They often don’t speak up for themselves even when they believe the other person is wrong. If your child disappears into her room for hours at a time after a ridiculously busy week, leave her alone. Your child is going to interact better with a couple of people she really likes than with a group of 10 or 15. She might be talking to one or two other people, but she was never seeking out people to talk to. It takes a huge amount of emotional energy for an introvert to tell you you’re wrong or that they disagree with you. Don’t insist on 20 people at her birthday party if what she really wants is her two closest friends. She’s struggled through other situations like changing coaches and having to make new friends, as well. The truth about introverts is that they simply don’t need a lot of people in their lives. If you correct them in public, the likelihood is that your child will be so mortified at being corrected in public and so distraught about being the center of attention that they may not even hear what you’re saying.
There’s nothing worse than watching your child wander the fringes of her own birthday party (believe me, I know).
Many introverts take everything that’s said to them to heart, which means they need plenty of praise when they are doing something right. Simply drawing attention to himself by starting the conversation will be nerve-wracking for your introvert, so having notes to rely on will help him remember all the points he wanted to make. She has incredibly deep thoughts, but a lot of people miss out on the chance to hear those thoughts because they are waiting for her to share them on her own. I think it was truly because our personalities are so opposite I just didn’t understand her. They aren’t necessarily interested in making a whole bunch of new friends, and their extrovert parents need to be OK with that.

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