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24.12.2014 admin
As you may have heard, this month marks the 70th anniversary of the first publication of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s classic kids-book-for-adults (or adult-book-for-kids) The Little Prince. I went to the sort of summer camp that had gender-blind casting, and so when I was about nine years old, I played the Little Prince on stage. Like a number of other famous children’s books, I grew up reading The Little Prince in Russian instead of English.
Of course there were many opportunities to make up for lost time and read The Little Prince.
But as the 70th anniversary of The Little Prince approaches, I’m no longer going to let misguided loyalty and over grown separation anxiety keep me from a book that has enchanted and delighted generations. In an Election that Pits Inspiration Against Evil, How Should We Treat Political Dissenters? The main difference with Bing compared to other search engines is the intuitive way that information for searches are organised. The service in the USA is at present supported by relevant advertising in the side bar similar to Google, however the rest of the world seems to be ad free.
The only downside is that most of the great features only work well if you are in the USA (as well as the mobile search version), I’m sure in time though the rest of the world will get the same treatment. All the ads have been done by JWT, not the most incredible work but I know how conservative Microsoft like to be with their adverts so good job !
Bing does give search results much like Google but i would have to say that Google still gives more relevant search results.

This book was wildly important to many of us, so we decided to ask some other bookish types about their own experiences with the story. It was one of many tattered Soviet-era books my parents brought with them when they emigrated from the USSR and insisted I read these editions, instead of the smoother, glossier American versions. Growing up in Paris, I’m sure it was around me in many forms from the time I moved there at the age of four. As I made me new friends, I shared with them my aspirations to be writer, my bookish, Californian family, and my television-less, hippie childhood. Microsoft are due to spend around $100 million on advertising this new search engine this year alone.
Another interesting point is that Microsoft are keen to call Bing a “Decision engine” rather than a search engine.
I think I had about two scenes, and the pilot I was playing opposite was much older than I was, and I had a huge crush on him.
To which a shocking number of people replied that even though they themselves were toilet trained with indoor plumbing (not an outhouse like me,) they bought vegetables from supermarkets (didn’t grow them in the backyard like my family,) and they took family vacations to hotels and family estates (not in tents,) we must certainly have a favorite book in common: The Little Prince.
It seemed to be some sophisticated, East Coast rite of reading passage I had totally missed. I could have absconded to the bathroom with it and returned with The Little Prince memorized, ready to stay up late into the night with my new friends, bonding over how the book had touched our childhoods. Basically the search results are generally a bit more organically clever and accurate compared to Google.

Bing changes the search picture background every day and displays relevant information for that picture in pop ups.
Needless to say, I forgot all my lines, and the next year, when the play was The Wizard of Oz, I was relegated to the part of an evil stepsister, a part that doesn’t actually exist. I was in the fifth grade, still in Paris, and I remember feeling so utterly understood by this character, feeling so very connected to him. The above image was displayed on D-Day, they showed location specific info relating to the D-Day landing, with links to read up more detail.
After the jump, a few recollections and musings on The Little Prince from authors and editors.
I felt a strange loyalty to my parents, whom I had believed to have read me and my brother every single good book for kids ever written in the history of time. For many I believe it is the first experience with nostalgia and melancholy, a gateway to these feelings you continue to experience as an adolescent and as an adult.
It reminded me too much that the weekend mornings with my and my brother in my parent’s bed with a stack of books were long, long gone.
Time and time again I mumbled how much I loved The Little Prince and tried to change the subject, bringing back humiliating childhood memories of posturing that I was an avid 90201 fan by repeating the two stories of Kelly and Dylan’s breakup that I had heard another kid tell and had committed to memory.

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