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Even though my son will start ninth grade in the fall (gasp!), I classified this list as a 7th-9th grade list. I’ve been hearing so much about this book in the last year, and for some reason I forgot that my cousin Dianne gave me a copy of this book last Christmas, as it got buried in the TBR pile.
Greg is your average  kid — smart but cheeky (when he can get away with it), a talented comic artist, a video game addict, and yes, a wimp, frequently consumed by the desire to get transplanted into a different family and become the most popular kid in school.
The journal chronicles Greg’s adventures (and misadventures) as he enters 7th grade, involving a lot of harebrained schemes that more often than not work against him. I liked the book because it is light reading, guaranteed to make you laugh whenever Greg gets into crazy situations, and typically, the way his luck is going, his shenanigans tend to backfire against him, so you’re laughing throughout the book.
I enjoyed reading this book, even though I couldn’t relate well to the character, as I was always too grade conscious to goof off in school and my idea of fun was going to the library after classes (LOL!).
Greg is a 7th grader with a 7th grader’s vocabulary and outlook towards school, family, friends, and life in general. Obviously it’s not the sort of book meant to be used as a moral compass, but the manner by which  character flaws are presented and situations are resolved in the book does not leave much room for critical thinking. But if I was a parent I don’t think I would want my kid to read this book as is, without proper guidance. This entry was posted in Book Reviews and tagged comics, diary, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Greg Heffley, humor, jeff kinney, journal, Manny, novel in comics, Rodrick, Rowley, stick figures, wimpy kid, YA.
At the risk of sounding uptight, I have to say that it’s troubling that not all publishers seem to be concerned about how appropriate their materials are for their target readers. For the “bills” section, I added a Post-it Pocket.  It’s the perfect spot to keep receipts, bills and anything that applies to my finances.

I created my own tabs by laminating plain white cardstock and adding a Post-it Full Adhesive Note over it, which has rounded edges and adhesive backing on the whole note for a strong hold that still removes cleanly.  That way I can write on the whole tab, change them out when needed and add more when I want. I can understand how it’s standard on any blog post to have links to other blog posts and other things on the sides.
Actually when someone doesn’t be aware of then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place. Scene of capturing can also be selected with the situation automobile, action, whiteboard, nightmode, and the beach.
As you whittle down possibilities, research the locations and various designs for traffic and action.
Since the publication of the first volume, fans of Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law were always clamouring to get a map of his world. Since then, with Best Served Cold and The Heroes, fans have been treated to several (very beautiful) maps of various regions of Abercrombie’s world, but never the whole thing.
If we’re lucky, an artist like Scubamarco should be snapped up quickly by the major (and smaller) publishing houses. Note: We call these chord shapes "open" or "open position" because they include unfretted (open) strings.
Thankfully I managed to dig it out sometime before the flood so it didn’t get wet or join the rubble of books that were brought upstairs for safety against the flood which I am still in the process of reshelving.
However, the book is packaged (with its cartoon format and bright covers in primary colors) towards much younger and more impressionable readers, and I find some of objectionable for the 8 to 12 set.
Humor doesn’t have to be mean-spirited to be funny, and that takes away some points from the book for me.

This map’s better than a whole lot of the junk that appears in a lot of Fantasy novels.
Why would two major rivers flow up from the lowlands into and through a mountain range to the other side?
Feel encouraged to share and discuss it freely with other passionate fans of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Literature. Plus, grab your free Uncommon Chords book.Enter your email address below and hit subscribe.
He read all the books (12 or 13) over the course of the summer, and he is not one to usually have his nose in a book. The comics sustain the visual interest down to the last page, making it a good choice for reluctant readers, especially boys.
Why would they cross the Aos where they did if they were so close to simply going around it at that point?
Why indeed cross right through the old empire overland, if it looks like they could have landed in starikland, crossed the continent through friendly territory and taken a boat there?

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