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Based on an empirical body of tried and proven methods, this business-oriented guide taps into the Internet. Attention Realtors, Buy This Book: "Internet Marketing in Real Estate," by Barbara Cox and William Koelzer. This book is a necessity for any Real Estate agent who wishes to keep up with the new millennium of home buying. In one easy-to-follow handbook it includes all of the techniques, strategies, and tactics necessary to effective Web marketing. As a recent buyer, the first place I went to was not the paper, a flyer, or the road - it was the Internet. This book will take the reader step by step through the ins and outs of Internet marketing. What makes the difference between a successful Realtor and a someone who wants to be is the ability to market themselves online and off. We deliver the joy of reading in 100% recycled packaging with free standard shipping on U.S.

The text emphasizes sound marketing planning and budgeting and provides the tools to do that planning. It not only provides the necessary information to establish a web presence, it gives detailed instructions on how to maintain that presence and make it flourish.
Barbara Cox and Bill Koelzer walk you through the process completely, and with real-world examples and helpful tips that actually work.
Alive with real-world graphics and Web pages, it motivates students and professionals to get actively involved with the Internet. The authors, not real estate practitioners themselves, are both spouses of web-enhanced Realtors in South Orange County.They know whereof they speak, as both are active providers of Internet related services to Realtors, and they have both had the combat photographer's up-close view of real estate in the trenches. I found the book extremely easy to understand and felt educated enough after reading it to take action. Working with Realtors everyday, I am always asked questions about how to drive more traffic to their web site, how to market their site more efficiently, and how to maximize the effects of that traffic. Each part that deals with Internet and marketing related concepts begins with a friendly "learning the language" section.

A great deal of effort is made to explain to the reader, in plain language aided with illustrations, how things work in the initially mysterious world of Web sites, search engines, keywords, and meta-tags.Textbook-like, "Internet Marketing in Real Estate" starts its sections with "the basics" and then develops the concepts that have been introduced. It points out the obvious marketing tips and gently guides you in the direction of success.
Chapter 1 of Part 1 could be titled "Real Estate Marketing 101." It is important toward understanding Internet marketing concepts but that is because it is basic to marketing per se.
They are highly relevant."Internet Marketing in Real Estate" doesn't deal with all the issues that bear discussing.
For example, the authors do not engage the serious questions that can be asked vis-a-vis the relative effectiveness of dollars and time spent on Internet marketing as opposed to other kinds of marketing.

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