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I had never seen my girls experience such pure delight from a book as when they got to know the sometimes silly Junie B. I think by relating to the Quimby’s struggles with money, my girls have come to better understand our own financial troubles and my situation of being a single working mother trying to pay our bills. I highly recommend reading Beezus and Ramona and the rest of the Ramona series aloud to your children, even if they are strong readers themselves. They laughed out loud and screamed for more throughout the The Judy Moody Uber-Awesome Collection: Books 1-9.
I was worried at first about Judy being a bit of a brat and a little rude to adults, but my girls took such pleasure in being shocked by her behaviour. Since my goal is getting them to love reading, I took the risk of exposing them to a little bad behaviour and it worked.
I introduced my girls to the delightful Meghan Rose before any of the other characters in this list. My mother picked up these books at our local Christian bookstore and I was thrilled with them.
These are easy to read books and are the perfect early chapter books for young readers… especially when you want them to pick up good behaviour and learn some great life lessons while practicing their reading. Dislosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means we earn a very small commission when you purchase any of the books through the links in this post.
PickyKidPix, now 14 years old, would be the first to tell you that she doesn’t think of herself as arty (more crafty), nor computer science oriented although she does like math and science. Maria Ashworth is my guest blogger today with a list of ten picture books to help toddlers and preschoolers learn how to be a good friend. My middle daughter, PickyKidPix, chose Cape Cod, Camp Hayward for girls because the sessions were only two weeks versus four weeks at Chimney Corners. This reads like a folk tale but it’s actually an original story set in Maya civilization. Set in La Paz, this depiction of modern-day Mexico, shows the day in the life of a family living by the sea. Use this picture book to talk about magical realism that is often associated with Latin American literature.
Young Pancho sets out to find his papa who is long overdue from traveling North in search of work. Small wooden carvings of children’s toys and religious masks were created for hundreds, even thousands, of years by folk art artisans. The rituals of Day of the Dead come to life in this charming picture book that follows a family all day as they prepare for this holiday. Tamales are a time consuming dish to prepare and are typically eaten to celebrate holidays like Christmas and Day of the Dead. For a peek into a contemporary Mexican American family, this gentle story conveys the strong bond between Maria and her extended family, and the the food traditions that strengthen this connection.
Use this award-winning picture book to introduce kids to Spanish words and the art and life of Frida Kahlo. I wanted to add this picture books which you can probably find at your library though it’s out of print. Six year old Leo wants to be a weaver, and he helps with the family business which begins by preparing the wool for yarn. I am an Amazon affiliate which means if you buy anything through my blog, I get a very small kickback at no cost to you. The confusion of being a legal alien versus an alien from outer space makes its bilingual Spanish picture book the perfect conversation starter about the naturalization process. We encourage everyone who shares to support this blogging community by visiting and leaving comments for at least three others.
Hands down my favorite thing about visiting schools as an author is the ability to recommend books to readers.

All most of us have to do is remember back to our pre-teen years to know that kids long to feel one with the masses. I was really excited when I saw this Giveaway Hop, because I honestly can not stop bugging people about my favorite series, and yay!  Here's one more opportunity to annoy you! This dystopian features a strong-willed female main character who must make major life choices that impact not just her future, but the lives of those in her own family, as well.
The series isn’t complete yet, as the final installment, titled Raging Star, comes out in April 2014. Like Divergent, Aguirre’s trilogy is set in a world where those who make it to their mid-teens are divided into one of three groups. In order to become part of the next generation destined to save the world as they know it, teens must The Testing, which will admit them into higher education and onto a promising career path. Book two, Independent Study, will release in January 2014 and the final book, Graduation Day, comes out in June 2014. I read the books aloud to my girls a couple years ago and the story lines triggered many good conversations. This was her first introduction to the computer camp that he has been going to for the past three years. She called this camp nerd camp and we wondered how she would fare since she wasn’t able to get any of her friends to join her. This is a story of a girl, Elena, who wants to blow glass like the talented artisans of Monterrey who can turn broken Coca-Cola bottles into vases. After packing his father’s favorite meal, he sets off and meets a coyote who offers to help for a fee. There are special foods to be made, fruit and flowers to gather, and candles to bring on this special day to honor the dead.
For Maria, Christmas Eve started out so wonderfully as she helped her mother make tamales by kneading the masa. Though the text is brief and bilingual, use other resources like picture book Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself to fill in her life and then let the kids find these references in the gorgeous illustrations. It gives a realistic peek into life for a modern day Zapotec family in Oaxaca City, Mexico.
This community embraces all kinds of diversity including (and certainly not limited to) diverse, inclusive, multicultural, and global books for children of all backgrounds. I like it because it uses things you find around the house (with the exception of Epson Salt which I had to purchase).
If you’ve read all of John Green and you finished up The Hunger Games series, where do you go next for a satisfying read? Dystopias are stories set in the near or far future, wherein there is an oppressive government and repressed society. This series is fast paced, features a romantic subplot, and the setting is as bleakly memorable as Roth’s future Chicago. The story lines are also helpful in triggering important conversations about money and responsibilities. They picked 3D Printing this year which struck me as the perfect partnership of ART in STEM or STEAM. She made dog tags for her dog because she has long complained that the current dog tag is inadequate.
Animals in North America join a blue bird in a tree but must reorganize into segregated groups in order to make the bird happy.
The book is a perfect story for any child who needs a little reminder on why it is important to learn to share. My oldest, Grasshopper and Sensei, went to the Berkshires at Chimney Corners where the camp culture emphasizes being yourself and accepting others. Camp Hayward has daily interaction with their boys’ camp (unlike Chimney Corners), so there is a sense of competition of boys versus girls.

Luis helps his father by buying the food from the market and helping the tourists with their masks to snorkel in the beautiful sea full of colorful fish and sea lions. Her journey to become a glassblower, an exclusively male industry, reminds me of a magical realism version of Mulan. After the coyote consumes the food, Pancho realizes that the coyote is still hungry and makes his escape.
It actually spans three days, from October 31 to November 2, and is a time to honor one’s ancestors. But when her mother’s wedding ring disappears after Maria tries it on, the only way to find it is to eat all the tamales.
Every so often at a school visit, I’ll encounter a Muslim student who pulls me aside to say how much the book, particularly the character of Sam, resonates with them and to thank me for writing it.
Cos we've got enough Podcast material to keep you occupied for roughly 2 years and 147 days.
I’ll dissect what it is you probably liked in those books and offer up three new books or authors for you to explore. She’s equal parts intelligent and headstrong as she is willing to conceded that she has emotions and allows herself to have them. Hunters gather food from outside the enclave while avoiding the Freaks who want to get them. When Tomas, Cia’s long-time friend, offers an alliance during The Testing, Cia will not only be tested through the program, but her emotions and her trust for Tomas will be, too. To earn the god’s favor, Pik must win pok-a-tok, sending a five-pound ball of rubber through stone hoops on a walled court. The recent video of a young girl, Emma, from Texas who wears a prosthetic leg is proof of this. She can flirt with romantic notions as much as she can stand up for herself and make life-altering choices.
But when Deuce finds herself paired with Fade at the time of group divisions, she may not achieve her Huntress dream. Charonneau’s book will satisfy Divergent fans for the obvious reasons, but it will also satisfy those who loved The Hunger Games. This year, sales are good, and even Leo’s small tapete which is father converted to a shoulder bag sells. Because I wholeheartedly believe it’s important for kids to be able see themselves in a story, and I know my book may not be that book for everyone. In Divergent, the government believes by testing teens and placing them into factions, they can control their future survival as a society. Pik appeals to the Jaguar, the Quetzal, and the sacred cenote, who are persuaded to join his team.
So I’m thrilled to be part of an exciting campaign, #MGGetsReal, with four other awesome authors.
And lucky for myself and the millions (yes, millions) of viewers who have now seen the footage, we witness Emma’s genuine happy-shock reaction when she opens the box to discover that the doll is actually sporting a prosthetic leg just like her own.
This series is more post-apocalyptic than it is dystopian, but it features many of the same appealing elements as Divergent, including a complex female character who proves herself such within the limited confines of her world. I feel like the luckiest author in the world when I get to have these important discussions with them about how it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in, but to do so peacefully. And to know that sometimes my book is one that a kid connects to in such a personal way, well, it’s singlehandedly the reason why I write!

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