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What’s unique about the Spaghetti Book Club is that this is not “just” a book review website – but book reviews for kids by kids! You’ll find many children’s book reviews here at Through the Looking Glass Children’s Book Review. Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it. While this isn’t an extensive website, there is some nice variety here in the book reviews and book related articles. You’ll find many types of book reviews here, from small press books to children’s books and special newsletters for libraries.

Reading book reviews can help you decide if you’d like to read the book or if it would be a great gift to give someone in your life. Find both hardcover and paperback books reviewed here – fiction, nonfiction, trade fiction, mass-market fiction and nonfiction. The day we visited, three books were suggested to “quell your quarter-life crisis.” Not the typical topic covered by a book review website – but certainly something that many intelligent people would appreciate. Best of all you can encourage your child to think critically about what they like or don’t like about the books they read as they see other kids giving book reviews.
While there are many books out there – it is hard to read every book and not all books are suited to your tastes.

The New York Times Book Review is very well respected and many find their book reviews to be very useful in finding that great new book to read – whether keeping up with your profession or looking for a new book for the beach. It’s an ideal site to find a review of a mystery book you’ve been thinking of reading or getting someone as a gift.

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