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Handmade Christmas is filled with ingenious ideas for creating a personal and festive holiday.
The cheer of the holidays has passed, but the Noah's Ark traveling circus has been making the rounds, bringing fun and joy to children of all ages. Banana's Mean and Funny Valentine Poems - by Michele Brenton AKA banana the poet.Poems that are funny and poems that are mean and funny - written around a Valentine theme.
This is a bit of fun and okay for finding a silly rhyme or two to stick on your Valentine card.
From creating holiday window boxes or a gingerbread mansion to making your own gift wrap, Martha Stewart offers a stylish, inventive guide.

However, as the ringmaster's cries fade away, a disturbing trend begins to surface in the wake of the colourful entourage. There is a Book of Circus and Book of Murder Anime adaptation out though which are taken from…moreAt about episode 15, the plot diverges from the manga. If you love a butcher, baker, electrician, dentist or doctor or anyone at all - there will be a rhyme in here to make your loved one smile.
Children seem to disappear whenever the circus packs up for its next destination, and there are no clues .
There is a Book of Circus and Book of Murder Anime adaptation out though which are taken from the manga.

But when the situation calls for Ciel and Sebastian to infiltrate the big top, will Sebastian's inhuman skills be enough to see him and his young master through a treacherous tightrope act that may well end in death?

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