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Whether you are recruiting students locally or globally, marketing and public relations are a critical component of language program administration and management.
Learning a language challenges us, enriches us and opens our minds like no other discipline. As we learn a new language, we challenge ourselves to understand others in new ways, we become more compassionate, more understanding, and more aware of ourselves as global citizens.
On this site, you’ll find resources on how to market and promote your second or foreign language courses, or even a literacy program, more powerfully.
This collection provides concise and practical descriptions of modern service innovations for professionals, government policy-makers, academics, social entrepreneurs and students. The purpose is to provide both academic and industry perspectives on service system innovations past, present and future. The primary market is the working professionals, executive development, MBA & master programs, and upper-level undergraduates. Why we picked BEP as a publisher: 1) BEP is very strong in the business publication, 2) BEP allows authors to reuse the content they publish with BEP, without permission, so long as the authors render it in a shorter or longer format, 3) very quick publication cycle, and 4) good loyalty programs for authors.
Converting your expertise into short focused piece for the business education market will be a valuable contribution.
This booklet project is an ongoing project; there is no deadline for new proposals and completed booklets in the near future.
At Abbott Press, we understand what you need in order to publish your book and establish yourself as an author.
Whether you want to publish in paperback or hardcover, we have the package to help you succeed.
With a suite of world class marketing services, Abbott Press is here to help you develop a marketing plan to target your ideal readership. If you want your book to be competitive in the marketplace, you must consider how you will market your book to a wider audience. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We have immense pleasure in successful completion of this work titled:“ LOGISTICS AND EXPORT PROCEDURES”.

Objectives of Project Since we have a keen interest in knowing new things especiallyrelated to the area of Foreign Trade. LOGISTICSLogistics is the art of managing the supply chain and the science of managingand controlling the flow of goods, information and other sources like energy andpeople between the point of origin to the point of consumption in order to meetcustomers’ requirements. EXPORT PROCEDURES INTRODUCTION TO EXPORT Export trade is governed by legal controls and therefore, every function of it is carried out under definite procedures. It should be driven by the desire to develop students into the best they can be as human beings.
This is a video presentation from a live speaking event at the Spotlight on Learning Conference.
Service innovations impact quality, productivity, compliance, and sustainability of service systems using new technologies, business models, organizational networks, governance mechanisms and end-user capabilities. The special environment at STESSKN SSBM, Pune that always supports educational activities, facilitated my work on thisproject.
Hence, we took the opportunity to increaseour knowledge concerning to the Foreign Trade Field through thistopic.
It involves integration of information, transportation,inventory, warehousing, material handling, and packaging.Export Logistics involve international movement of cargo. Costs are associated with packaging raw materials, labor and disposalfunctions.Therefore logistical service is a balance of service priority and cost. If you have an idea for a booklet that would fit this business model, please contact us via email. Business Expert Press employs a quick, 120-day production timeline after acceptance of completed booklet.
With the right kind of marketing and publicity, you have a better chance of getting copies in the hands and on the shelves of those who appreciate your talent.
For us it was a great opportunity and therefore we have selectedthe title of my project i.e. As we want to enhance our career from the Foreign Tradestream, the research made by us to complete this project will prove tobe very helpful. Information quality is of great importance as it reflects on positioning inventory and movement of goods ultimately results into efficiency of total operations.

The main objective of our project on the topic “Logistics andExport Procedures” is to study the import and export procedures underlogistics and advantages of it with the opening up of Globalizationwhich indeed resulted as the main cause for the emergence ofFOREIGN EXHCANGE EARNINGS IN India. Forecasting and Order management are two areas of logistical work that depend on information.
It can also be viewed in terms of its flexibility in accommodating unusual and unexpected customer request.3. So, we would like to clearly mention that, my project purelyinvolves the basic concepts of The Logistics and Export trade. We greatly appreciate the motivation and understanding extended for theproject work, by Mr. NETWORK DESING It is the determination of the number and location of all types of facilities required to perform logistics work based on geographical location of facility. The firm established with expressed of objective of providing integrated logistical services to shipper customers. Santosh Lunkad, who responded promptly and enthusiastically tomy requests for frank comments, despite their congested schedules. The vision of these firms is to offer a service sufficiently comprehensive to provide all or a significant part of shipper’s total logistical requirements.
We are indebted toall of them, who did their best to bring improvements through their suggestions. This activity is called as “Third party logistics (3PL) and the firm who undertakes the said activity is called as “third party logistics service provider”. We are also thankful to my college’ Library Staff & Administrative StaffSTES SKNSSBM College, who directly or indirectly have been helpful in some or the otherway.

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