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Since 2005, the Highway Hypodermics(tm) series of books (On The Road Again, Travel Nursing 2007, and Your Road Map to Travel Nursing) has become an industry leader in providing quality information to traveling nurses and recruiting firms. Epstein Larue and Star Publish, LLC is happy to announce the release of Highway Hypodermics: On the Road Again, the third book in the Highway Hypodermics(tm) travel nursing informational series. Epstein not only takes you from the basics of the changes in travel nursing, what it takes to be a traveling nurse, what to look for in a traveling company, and helps you choose a hospital and assignment, but she also has included in this edition helps for the traveling physical therapist, occupational therapist, the traveling licensed practical nurse, and the traveling foreign nurse.

This book also touches on how to prepare for emergencies on the road, keeping track of tax information, independent contracting, traveling with a family, homeschooling, traveling in a recreational vehicle, PBDS testing, JACHO certification for travel companies, and state nursing boards.
There may be other books on travel nursing, but Epstein and the Highway Hypodermics(tm) series is the only one that has been a finalist in the USA Book News Medical Resources contest for two previous editions, with the last edition, Travel Nursing 2007, reaching number one on the Amazon Nursing, Issues, Trends, and Roles three different times.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.

Whether it's your first or fifth assignment, there is always something new to learn with this book.

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