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By the co-author of The easy Guide to Your Walt Disney World Visit 2017, from the best-reviewed Disney World guidebook series ever. Paperback available on Amazon here. I’ll post more about this later (you bet I will!) but I wanted to let everybody know that the 2016 edition of the best-reviewed Disney World guide book series, EVER, The easy Guide to Your First Walt Disney World Visit, is now available on Amazon! My response to questions and comments will be on the same page as the original comment, likely within 24-36 hours . This site is entirely unofficial and not authorized by any organizations written about in it .
I am a frequent visitor to the “happiest place on earth”, and have become very knowledgeable about planning, visiting, eating, avoiding crowds and lines, how to use EMHs to our advantage, etc, and know the parks like my own neighborhood. Nevertheless, I am finding so much information here that is helpful even to a seasoned guest like myself, especially the detailed info regarding best and worst weeks to visit. To get a quote on your trip from my travel agent partners Destinations in Florida, you can either call the toll-free line dedicated to readers of this site, or fill out the form below. A gathering of recollections and contemplations from resigned mind specialist Henry Marsh, Do No Harm reviews both the triumph and the injury of a lifetime in neurosurgery. An idiosyncratic story from Swedish creator Fredrik Backman, A Man Called Ove has crawled onto the WH Smith blockbuster list as it proceeds with its statement of-mouth walk crosswise over Europe. Depend on it, commentators have abraded EL James’ modifying of her filthy blockbuster Fifty Shades of Gray from the perspective of obsession cherishing mogul Christian Gray. Distributed after death after Pratchett succumbed to Alzheimer’s illness not long ago, the last novel in his darling Discworld arrangement was continually going to energize his armies of fans. Whether you’re looking for a unique costume idea to impress your fellow teachers or a funny costume to make your pupils laugh, take your pick from our top ten book character fancy dress ideas that are guaranteed to make you top of the class! He stole from the rich to give to the poor, and this Robin Hood outfit makes a brilliant book character costume for teachers! And now almost 20 years since the first book was released, Harry Potter is a modern classic that’s still loved by children (and adults) today. You could even dress up as “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”, the evil Lord Voldemort, for World Book Day and terrify your pupils into doing their homework! This official book character costume for teachers comes with a full length black robe and a mask to complete your transformation into the most evil dark wizard of all time!
Take a tumble into wonderland with this lovely book character costume for teachers – Alice in Wonderland! Everyone’s totally mad in wonderland so why not show your bonkers side this World Book Day?

Dress up in this official Mad Hatter costume and team up with another teacher dressed as Alice for a fun group costume! Once you’ve got your costume on, paint your face with black and white stripes to complete the look and grab a couple of other teachers to dress up as Mr Happy or Mr Strong with you!
Most people know Mary Poppins as a film, rather than a book, but she was actually the lead character in a series of eight books written by P. She’s a timeless literary legend and this official Mary Poppins costume is a perfect World Book Day costume for adults.
Another brilliant book character costume for teachers who are partial to a bit of silliness – it’s Winnie the Pooh! The world’s most loveable bear is perfect for World Book Day and this official Winnie the Pooh costume for adults will transform you into him in no time. Our final book character fancy dress costume for teachers is Pinocchio – another character that most people mostly associate with the film, but was actually a book first!
This official Pinocchio costume will instantly transform you into a fairytale puppet and even comes with a long wooden nose for when Pinocchio’s told a porkie pie! We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to impress your class with an amazing World Book Day costume!
Laura is Content and Social Coordinator at Party Delights and spends her days filling the Party Delights blog with tonnes of great party ideas and fancy dress tips. About Party DelightsParty Delights is the UK's largest online provider of party supplies and fancy dress.
From wrongdoing thrillers to genuine shows, there’s certain to be something to get you snared. Initially distributed last pre-winter, the years 2016 best selling book has kept on riding high in the Amazon smash hit list of best books following the time when – and in light of current circumstances. The main Ove is an obstinate pessimist, at war with neighbors, shop colleagues and society when all is said in done. A New York Times smash hit, The Wright Brothers takes in Wilbur and Orville’s adolescence, their thorough experimentation mission to empower man to accomplish flight, and their consequent wild fights in court to shield their advancements.
Of course, it’s not regularly that fans get a subsequent meet-up one of the best-known books on the planet more than a large portion of a century after its discharge.
Written in the information that the novel would likely by his last, The Shepherd’s Crown returns to most loved characters and subjects from the dream parody for a last send-off. Look no further because our round-up of the best book character costumes for teachers is here!

So why no dress up in this adult Harry Potter costume for adults and inspire a whole new generation of readers!
Generations of children have grown up with the Mr Men and Little Miss books and if you don’t mind looking a little daft for a day, this funny Mr Bump costume for teachers is perfect! Luckily there are plenty of Roald Dahl costumes for children and teachers and this official Willy Wonka costume for adults is one of our favourites! It includes a skirt, jacket, hat and even her magical bag – all you need is a flying umbrella to complete the look! Whatever the occasion, follow Party Delights on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to stay up to date with her latest posts.
Your site is a great source of straight to the point information which will be helpful to many!" —Kerri G.
Paula Hawkins’ presentation novel, a hallucinatory thriller around a crazy alcoholic who gets to be snared in an unexplained vanishing, has gotten broad praise. In any case, underneath this harsh outside lies a persistent goodness and well of liberality that transforms him into a sudden – and unwilling – rescuer to the unfortunates who cross his way.
Furthermore, if nothing else, the risible characters and recoil commendable dialog will give you something to snicker about. Supplanting Stieg Larsson, who kicked the bucket in the blink of an eye before the Girl’s distribution With The Dragon Tattoo, is individual Swedish wrongdoing author David Lagercrantz. Rowling brought Harry Potter and his magical wizarding world to life and inspired a whole generation of children to read. All references to Disney and other copyrighted characters, trademarks, marks, etc., are made solely for editorial purposes.
It has subsequent to been designated for a large group of prizes, including the Costa Biography Award and the Wellcome Trust Award. Gaby Wood in the Daily Telegraph depicts it as all the more a draft for things to come than a standalone novel. Unless otherwise noted, all photos are by me--even the ones in focus--except for half a dozen from my niecelets .

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