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Like many of the Flying Eye books I've encountered it seems to have been created by someone who loves art more than they love children. Get expert answers to the most common questions facing ebook designers and developers today—from typography and source files to digital workflows. Many book publishing companies are entering into the book application business, some with more success than others. The app has sold about 50,000 copies since its launch in September 2011, according to the company. The idea for the app was conceived in the Fall of 2010, according to Natalie Jones, the digital project manager at National Geographic who shepherded the app from concept to reality. Once the concept was finalized, the first thing National Geographic did was select a software development vendor for the project. It’s easy for development costs for any software project to spiral out of control; National Geographic managed to avoid this pitfall.
In selecting Mission Data, National Geographic looked at a variety of factors: Can the company do the programming? Cost for apps ranges widely, depending on a number of factors, like size, scope and how much work will be handled by the developer versus the client. Mission Data was hesitant to offer many details about the project, citing confidentiality with the publisher. According to Peter Meyers, a digital book consultant based in New York and author of the new book Breaking the Page, which is about digital books, a vendor might charge $100,000 or more for a “professional-quality” children’s book app, depending on the work involved.
To cut down on cost, a well-established publisher might negotiate with a developer for a smaller up-front fee and a system of royalties where the app developer would receive a small percentage of the take until it reached a certain level of revenue, according to Meyers.
A company like National Geographic might also be able to take advantage of a different kind of discount. To be sure, each app project is unique and what the “Weird But True” app coast may not be indicative of what other apps might cost to develop. Hear Nicholas Callaway speak about e-books and apps at the Digital Book World Children’s Publishing Goes Digital Conference on January 23, 2012 in New York City. Mission Data provided a lead software developer, a project manager and feedback on the project from their executive management and design team. The in-house team consisted of a sound engineer, two designers, a rights management professional, about five people from the editorial department, a project manager (Jones), a mobile analyst in a technical advisory role from the digital media department, the quality assurance team and a director-level manager to oversee the whole project. The app was finished in September and out of the hands of development and design and into the hands of sales and marketing. First, the price of the app was determined based mostly on two factors: amount of revenue needed to recoup costs and the price of other, similar apps. Then, National Geographic took steps to ensure to Apple, the only seller of the app, that it was serious about marketing it.
In addition to its efforts courting Apple and promoting through the App Store, National Geographic used its own consumer-marketing levers to drive interest in the app.
National Geographic is planning to build more apps for both children and adults, including more Weird But True apps. Fanfiction is a diversified app covered with thousands of different stories in many different languages. Digital Book World is the leading online information source for the digital publishing industry. Find the most practical information, resources and networking opportunities publishing professionals need to thrive as the industry evolves. I do think that the Bible is as important as reading classics or Shakespeare and so, my only real effort in religious studies, has been to find children’s books on religion including the Bible and read them to my kids, usually under protest.
I love this picture book that delves into Chinese philosopher Chuang Tzu as well as the ideas behind Zen Buddhism. Young Karl Schumacher helps protect Martin Luther who is condemned of heresy, but doesn’t know whom to trust.
This historical chapter book series for ages 9 and up helps to explain how religions evolved though history.
I like how this book ties in mythology from ancient cultures to our current large world religions. The Gold Medallion Award-winning team of the renowned ancient historian and the gifted illustrator make the story of Jesus death and resurrection come alive for children aged 5 to 10. Designed for children and parents to share, this Bible storybook combines simple retellings of more than fifty stories paired with basic learning skills for young children.
That this is from Magic Treehouse author Mary Pope Osborne is enough to get me to buy this book!

This picture book is a good place to start with preschoolers and is perfect for ages 4 and up. Born in Mecca in the year 570, Muhammad grew into a sensitive and thoughtful man who believed deeply in the worship of one true god. In his fortieth year, Muhammad experienced a revelation from the angel Gabriel that he, Muhammad, was the messenger of God.
Through a clear text and stunning illustrations based upon those of traditional Islamic expression, the award-winning artist Demi here introduces the remarkable life of the Prophet Muhammad for young readers.
I think it is more important than ever to give our children an understanding of Islam and that it’s really not so different from the teachings of Jesus Christ. What is God? is an eloquent introduction to the ideas behind God and religion, and brings forward complex ideas in a way children will understand. If you want to talk about spirituality with a child, or introduce them to philosophy or religion, or just help them to begin to center themselves and their feelings about the world, this book is a great beginning. For the child with more questions than you have answers and ponders spirituality deeply, this picture book is for ages 6 and up.
It’s not easy finding a picture book for preschoolers or toddlers that explains the differences and similarities of world religions. This board book uses animals to show parallels between how act and how this relates to Jesus.
Anthony of Egypt lived a long time ago, but he left behind a legacy of spirituality that focused on monasticism, fasting, and prayer as the way to a pure heart.
I find the format and the font hard to read in this advanced picture book but I do love the illustrations. Suffering is caused by a desire for pleasure and an avoidance of difficulty — by thinking only of yourself. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. But, as with other books from this publisher, I'm not as enamoured of the artwork as the publishers seem to be. The app allows readers to rate just how strange the facts are and to see the ratings that others gave the facts.
According to our calculations, that’s an average of about 2,700 per week and at $1.99 a pop, that’s about $100,000 in revenue.
Jones said the project had been conceptualized by January 2011 and that development began in March. Both Mission Data and National Geographic would not divulge how much Mission Data was paid to develop the app.
An independent software developer might charge $200 an hour, according to Meyers, and a book app project can take hundreds of developer hours. National Geographic handled the rest of the project in-house, gaining valuable experience along the way. The main carrot was an ad that National Geographic printed on the back of the Weird But True book slated for the Fall. The app was featured for two weeks in the “what’s hot” section of the app store and was an Apple “staff pick” for an extended period of time. The company used its website, a variety of editorial newsletters, social media, a live event at company headquarters in Washington and even hired Appency, a Sacramento, Calif.-based app public relations firm, to reach out to bloggers and media. Weird But True was profitable, according to the company, but cost of developing the intellectual property for the app was attributed completely to the book and not the app. The reason why this app is so successful is because the content is both entertaining and educational, and the interactive features are very engaging for the user. In addition to providing news, resources and analysis of leading trends, Digital Book World also offers a platform of services for small and mid-sized publishers to help them navigate the digital transition. She’s Japanese and was forced to relocate during WWII since she was so obviously a threat to U.
And, as Buddhism dictates, there are anniversaries of one’s dead relatives that are additional services held each year and we always went to those. It’s a religious experience for him to commune on the golf course, and definitely more so on some courses than others.
This is a good point since religions are often a pawn of politics and power struggles masked in a veneer of respectability. Parents can help their children master concepts including opposites, number recognition, rhyming words, and context clues while sharing the basics of faith.
In this highly acclaimed book, Mary Pope Osborne introduces readers to the six major religions of the world.

That is covers many religions from a cultural point of view makes it a Religious studies book of choice for ages 9-12. Over the next twenty-three years, he received many such revelations, all of which were written down by scribes at the time of revelation to become the Koran, the sacred scripture of Islam, a religion that is practiced by nearly one-quarter of the world’s population and holds as its most sacred tenet that there is no god but God. Demi does a beautiful job with this gorgeously illustrated advanced picture book to explain who Muhammad is and therefore what Islam is all about. It is written with a simple clarity and beautifully illustrated with just the right blend of seriousness and humor. I like how Alexis York Lumbard includes the worshippers of less well known religions like Sikhs, Jains and those who follow the Shinto way. His teachings have helped countless others on how to live with love, joy, courage, and peace.
It tells the story of Siddhartha; even before he was born, wise men foretold of the birth of a child of wisdom. Now, I need to start reading these books with my kids so they learn something about religion other than it’s boring. Staff at National Geographic juggle many projects, however, and no one staff-member was dedicated solely to the project. A spokesperson for National Geographic said that the company had features in the App Store several times this Fall.
Those who have begun getting into this area during 2011 have found specific sales figures for apps pretty elusive.
I’m not sure if I am exactly qualified to post on best world religion books for kids because I rarely grace the inside of a church these days and my background in religious studies is spotty to say the least.
It wasn’t until years later that I realized that there were also services held in English! I had gone to Baptist church camp with my best friend from Junior High and it was a kumbayah type of camp talking constantly about your feelings and love for Jesus. Water views seem to have the closest connection to god for him, as do well designed holes by Robert Trent Jones. Now, for the first time, DC reprints this hard-to-find classic in a deluxe hardcover edition. Talking points, songs and activities, and parent notes make this the perfect book to turn to again and again.
One World, Many Religions covers the history, beliefs, and practices of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. Thank you so much for putting this post together- we are a non-religious family, but I really want my kids to be familiar with these stories. Amazing ones, with secret passageways and moving ladders and the most comfortable seats and the best books.
My parents were happy to drop me off and pick me up but I always thought it was weird that they weren’t in church when I was at Sunday school. Not only was it boring to sit though an entire service in Japanese but we never got the jokes. They didn’t require me to memorize the chapters of the Bible which is what my old Sunday school seemed fixated on. Elaborate illustrations full of texture, depth and mystery, conveying the richness of spiritual heritages. Toddlers will enjoy the animals and Bible quotes, and older kids can discuss the connection.
She and her family landed in a remote part of Utah; we think near where there was underground testing for nuclear weapons. The rituals of Catholics must be comforting but as an outsider it was like being in a foreign country.
My mother-in-law church seems focused on Jesus, or at least they don’t seem to talk about it as much outside of church, and more about a Korean experience where Korean expats have reason to see each other weekly to eat together. He became Buddha after he gained enlightenment, and spent the rest of his life teaching others the Four Noble Truths. Her neighbors were friendly and spent a lot of time debating the merits of the Mormon religion to her versus Buddhism in an attempt to convert her. Finally, it is her wise and gentle grandmother whose lifetime of faith offers Hope, the answer that she and all of us can take into our hearts.

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