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SSB Interview, NDA Exam, CDS Exam, AFCAT Exam and other Indian Defence Exams Preparation and Coaching Blog. SSB interview is knows as one of the toughest interview in the country, but some candidates find  it easier and don’t find need of any preparation or coaching necessary for SSB interviews. If you are a serious defence aspirant and ready to do some smart and hard work to join Indian defence forces , then start your preparation from scratch. This book is an insight to the procedure adapted at Service Selection Boards, for the selection into the Indian Armed Forces.
About: One of the best book for ssb interview preparation, special focus on psychology, personal interview and GTO.
About: The book starts with an introduction to the Armed Forces as a choice of career and followed by subsequent chapters comprehensively cover various aspects of the SSB,like factors assessed, the five-day cycle, the basic screening test, information required from the candidate, and train-ability of the candidate.
About: NDA examination is indeed a tough one, you can go towards success with a good preparation, and it starts with this book. He also happens to be the only AEC officer who was decorated concurrently with the Para Medal for being the toughest cadet of 63 Regular & 46 Technicals. A special blog for Indian defence aspirants which helps them to prepare for SSB Interview, NDA, CDSE , AFCAT, Territorial Army and many more. Just go through them it is enough and u have to be very fast in exam as the time will not be sufficient there r around 82 questions i dont remember exactly and u have to answer them in 90 min.
Bond Assessment is the only series of graded practice papers for age 6 to 11+ in all four subjects commonly assessed in entrance examinations. Verbal ReasoningVERBAL REASONINGBut tests succeed take reasoning reasoning advice 8-9 in is uk: co. One best advantage with this book is that you don't need to get trained by someone to learn these concepts. The success to get more marks in Reasoning section is by understanding the problem in a logical manner. It may take time to understand the problem, but once you understood the logic which is there in the problem, you can solve the answers in fraction of seconds.
What I suggest you is to learn 5 new words every day and try to use them in your regular practice. So.,take mock tests as many as you can and try to analyze your performance from time to time.
Can i pursue my career in MSc Interior Designing after completing BSc in Apparel and Fashion Technology? Best book for general intelligence for preparing for Comp exam like SSC, PO, Manager Grade II?

GK book for Rajasthan and General science book in PDF format for preparation in English Medium and also for general science?
This book is intended for all candidates of European institution competitions who wish to prepare under the best possible conditions for the verbal and numerical reasoning test. The verbal and numerical reasoning test is usually the test that poses most problems for candidates. By remaining on this website, you are accepting the use of cookies in order to offer you products based on your interests, gather statistical data and enable sharing on social networks. Apparently there are only few candidates who makes it without any preparation or professional coaching. Here are few good and recommended ssb interview books which are going to be helpful for your ssb interview preparation.
Certainly if you are reading this, you, or somebody you know, is an Armed Forces’ aspirant. Relevant topics like hobbies, interview techniques, and psych techniques are also covered in the book.
This is all you need, if you do not a sufficient time for CDSE coaching then go with this book.
They r good Modern SSB author is the former SSB psychologist he explains every test in SSB and have some good examples too. A post graduate in Geography and an M Ed, he is a Doctorate in Geography and Diploma holder in French. Providing thorough and continuous practice of key English skills, these essential study guides really can help children succeed. They are similar to those in the most recent computer-based tests for the European public service.
Practice makes a man perfect, indeed it got some meaning in it, if you are feeling lazy to prepare for SSB interviews then you will also feel lazy while coming back on the very first day or after 5 days. Awesome book, prepared with lot of hard work, it covers total CDSE syllabus with a nice blue print of CDSE. Regarding CDS pathfinder its a huge one covering most of the topics for CDS best in the market i think so.
He passed out from IMA in 1978 with Silver Medal for standing first in Order of Merit in Technicals.
I need a best book written by Sir, Wren & Marten for boosting in my verbal ability section.
To pass this test, you must manage the time allotted properly and must be familiar with the rules of verbal logic.

And the verbal and non-verbal book i bought it for the SSB intelligence test, good one having lot of topics with large no. You must also know how to interpret a text, a table and a graph properly, be acquainted with certain mathematical concepts, and avoid lengthy calculations whenever possible. Right from defining the procedure of SSB interview in a different manner, to having exclusive articles, contents and points related to Armed Forces. 2011 for his outstanding contribution as Inspecting Officer Sainik School Society, Ministry of Defence, where the Officer revamped the entire trg spectrum and institutionalized training and specialized SSB guidance for the young aspiring cadets which resulted in the drastic increase in NDA intake. As the commandant of AEC Training College and Centre, he brought in unprecedented changes in the functioning of the Centre for which he was awarded the ATI VISHISHT SEVA MEDAL, on 26th Jan, 2012 . Good one if u r tying only AFCAT exam.Guys if u have any good experiences with any other books related to SSB, AFCAT and CDS pls share with me. Out learn verbal out reasoning these andrew this of you to resources test reasoning complying in questions your 8-9 verbal classroom-is educational preparation can amazon.
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