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Can you correct and improve the following sentences, which were written by students below last week's General Writing lesson? We were looking for a place to gathering and we found it through an adds published on a newspaper. Several people have asked for another lesson about letter writing for the General Training test. To attend the ceremony and make the ______ trip from the UK, I would need at least five days off work. I have spoken to my co-workers, and it seems that Peter Jones would be best ______ to cover my project commitments while I am away. Let's compare some of the formal and informal features in the two letters that you can see if you click here.

Yesterday I forgot to mention my key piece of advice for writing task 1 in the General Training test. However, in the situation described above, I think it's fine to include both formal and informal language.
Even if you're not doing the General IELTS test, you should find some useful language in my answer.
His future wife is Australian, and the wedding will take ______ in her home city, Melbourne. However, I would like to take the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Australia, and so I am hoping that you will allow me to take a full two weeks’ ______, from the 1st to the 15th of May.
After that, you just need 3 short paragraphs to cover the bullet points in the question, followed by a formal letter ending.

In other words, is your letter written in an appropriately formal or informal way, depending on the person you are addressing? You can write to a colleague in an informal style, but you may use some formal language when discussing work-related issues. However, I also included some formal language when asking the colleague to speak at a conference.

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