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These expressions of what we desire, how we choose to outwardly display ourselves, would often take the form of paintings, photography, sketches and inventions. In an age where snapping photos with a mobile phone is as ubiquitous as fast food, electricity, air and water, it’s not much of a leap to suggest that selfies have become the modern means of daily self-actualization. The bottomline is that selfies are a very natural outgrowth of significant technology advancements in the mobile phone and social media era.
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We desire to outwardly display how we feel, how we think and how we wish to present ourselves to the world; a selfie helps accomplish that. Selfies are a core part of humanity and communication – and now, with innovation in apps and mobile phone cameras, selfies are a core part of what people enjoy doing daily with their most treasured digital tools; iPhones, Samsungs and Xiaomis!

The difference between today’s expressions of self and the past, is that, today, we can create social artifacts of the self faster and with more volume than ever before. A sort of inner-self expression that sets the table for outward displays, plans, actions and behaviors.
In fact, selfies allow us to present a version of ourselves that may be filtered, may be cropped, may be placed in another country, or even posed with people whom we’ve never met. We have more possibilities, more capturable moments and more ways to present ourselves with the selfie, faster than Vincent van Gogh could ever have dreamt of. Self-actualization, just like selfies, is a mainstream human desire that manifests itself in the form of behavioral expressions.
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More specifically, self-actualization, as Maslow teaches us, takes an outward form that helps us express our desires.
The selfie is the perfect atomic unit of self-expression in today’s highly connected, social, mobile world that seems to move faster than any period in history before us. There have been critics of the modern selfie movement that suggest selfie’ing is a narcissistic behavior, but said critics would be wrong to think that the trend, in its entirety, is made up of egotistical, selfie-obsessed maniacs. Like any form of expression, whether ancient cave carvings or modern social media divas, there are always those that create extreme displays of the self. This is not necessarily indicative on mainstream selfie behavior, nor should we categorically accept that selfie’ing is a narcissistic behavior.

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